English as a Second Language

Pimsleur Method Pimsleur audio courses are based on language learning through listening. In this forum you can ask questions about the Pimsleur method and share experiences with other language learners. New ESL Forum Member? Here you can introduce yourself to the other members on the forum. Let’s get to know each other! Playground This is space is reserved for all those posts and ideas that don’t fit into any other forum section. MCAT PCAT Prep Forum Are you preparing for the MCAT/PCAT - The Medical/Pharmacy College Admission Test? Here is the place to exchange ideas and techniques. English Teacher Explanations (ESL Tests) As you have taken a test on our site, you may well have a question as to why a particular answer is correct. Preparation forum for the TOEIC® Test Are you preparing for the TOEIC® - the Test Of English for International Communication™? Here is the place to share experiences and get advice. Preparation forum for the SAT® Test Are you preparing to take the SAT® - the Scholastic Assessment Test™? In this forum you can ask vocabulary questions and share learning methods. Preparation forum for the GMAT® Test and MBA Commu Are you preparing for the GMAT®? Do you want to obtain an MBA? Would you like to exchange experiences with people who have taken the GMAT®? Join us here. English for Beginners Here you can learn or review your English step by step… Preparation forum for the GRE® Test Are you preparing for the GRE® - the Graduate Record Examination™? Here is the place to share experiences, exchange information on test prep techniques and make new friends. Feedback, Comments and Suggestions Let us know what you think about this website to make it even better. Here is also the place to ask any questions on how to use the forum. Many thanks. Translations, Übersetzungen, Traduzioni, In this forum we discuss translations from any language into English or Russian or vice versa. In diesem Forum bekommen Sie Hilfe und Unterstützung bei Ihren Übersetzungsprojekten. Wir helfen Ihnen Ihre Texte aus dem Deutschen ins Englische oder Russische und aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche oder Russische zu übersetzen. Listening, speaking, pronunciation and accent In this forum you can practise your listening and speaking skills, improve your pronunciation and learn how to make a speech. You can record online voice messages and get feedback on your pronunciation, intonation and accent. In addition, you can discuss any questions or topics related to phonology, speech perception and psycholinguistics. Single question discussions Here you can ask any question you might have regarding our exercise, quizzes and tests. English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms Here you can ask any grammar or vocabulary questions. Learn the correct use of prepositions, idioms, phrasal verbs and a lot more. Preparation for and help with the TOEFL® Test and Are you preparing for the TOEFL® - the Test Of English as a Foreign Language™? Here is the place to share experiences and get advice, help and support. What do you want to talk about? Here you can ask us any questions regarding the English language or discuss any topic of interest in English.
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