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A rate of ..... is a percentage of money that is made or lost in an investment situation and is dependant on the amount of money invested and the interest rate that was specified. 1 January 20, 2020
The account manager is the ..... of the wheel - someone who organises the agency team of account managers, planners and creatives. 1 January 20, 2020
A car ..... is a rechargeable-type device that delivers the electrical energy needed to start and operate most vehicles. You can't start your car or truck without this device. 1 January 20, 2020
"Did you have to cut that Limburger cheese right before our guests arrived? Way to ..... up the place!" Paul said to Heather. 1 January 20, 2020
Bob's mom <u>jumped down his throat</u> when she saw his report card from school. 1 January 20, 2020
The opposition party dismissed the government's proposal <u>out of hand</u>. 1 January 20, 2020
We don't have enough money for a car so we <u>make do with</u> bicycles. 1 January 20, 2020
IoT is <u>proving</u> to be very helpful to people in their daily <u>activities</u> by making the devices <u>communication</u> effectively with each other, thus saving <u>energy</u> and costs. 1 January 20, 2020
Blockchain and tokenization to fight inequality 4 January 19, 2020
Kathy bought a beautiful ..... to go with her gorgeous wedding dress. 1 January 19, 2020
What has Akon previously worked on in Africa? 1 January 19, 2020
"Don't let my grandson fool you. I am perfectly capable of raking my own yard. I am not over the ..... yet," Walter told the church. 1 January 19, 2020
There were two _______: one for desktop and one for laptop. 1 January 19, 2020
Content plan January 2020 99 January 19, 2020
Essay about GRE Arguments practice 1 January 19, 2020
The <u>latency</u> of 5G will be ten <u>times</u> less than in 4G, allowing <u>remotes</u> actions to be <u>carried</u> out in real time. 1 January 19, 2020
Word of the day 4 January 19, 2020
My transcription attempt [British English] help me, please? 10 January 19, 2020
Toefl-independent task of writing- Nowadays, many movies or films are based on books. Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie, other prefer to watch the movie before reading the book. Which one do you prefer? 5 January 18, 2020
Just one more <u>thing</u>, waiter, do I have to pay <u>with</u> cash or do you <u>accept</u> credit cards? 1 January 18, 2020
Why Google will soon be able to translate mosts texts flawlessly 1 January 18, 2020
How to measure an employee's English language skills? 1 January 18, 2020
Where is the annual World Economic Forum held? 2 January 17, 2020
This is what Prague looked like in January 2016 3 January 18, 2020
Is “get a hearing" a fixed expression? 10 January 18, 2020
What is SAPCO? 1 January 17, 2020
Good friends provide many benefits in life. They provide a support network, a source of advice and knowledge and fun times. They are there to enjoy the good parts of your life along with you and help you through the difficult parts. It is often well worth the time and effort it takes to make and keep a friend. This paragraph is about: ..... 1 January 18, 2020
Girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, ...... 1 January 18, 2020
They <u>can</u> take aerial <u>photographs</u> and videos of high <u>quality</u>, and collect vast amounts of image <u>datas</u>. 1 January 18, 2020
They are <u>operates</u> either <u>by</u> a ground <u>controller</u> or an onboard <u>computer</u>. 1 January 18, 2020