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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion 2 February 17, 2020
Blockchain and tokenization to fight inequality 19 February 17, 2020
Due to the <u>increase</u> in cyberattacks, more <u>businesses</u> are changing their <u>operations</u> and taking cybersecurity into <u>accounts</u>. 1 February 17, 2020
Shall I omit the word 'very' or not? 2 February 17, 2020
Surpassed anything 3 February 17, 2020
Writing Task 2 - Education - Higher Education - Both Views 3 February 17, 2020
Content plan January -- February 2020 194 February 16, 2020
"I am surprised that Shelly was willing to compromise. She usually doesn't give any ..... unless she is forced to by the boss," Mike said to Marcie. 1 February 16, 2020
This technology <u>has</u> the potential to change the <u>lives</u> of people, because it offers <u>knew</u> opportunities and <u>possibilities</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Really, then it's about time you tried it 1 April 10, 2019
The number of <u>programmers</u> will increase as more <u>people</u> have access to the tools <u>needed</u> to create simple <u>game</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Is the comma after 'theatre' optional? 2 February 16, 2020
Английский для победителей 1 February 13, 2020
English for Winners 1 February 12, 2020
He asked me to dinner on Friday. I am so happy! I am on cloud .....! 1 February 16, 2020
<u>Democratization</u> of technology <u>enable</u> everyone to have easy <u>access</u> to technology, <u>regardless</u> of their occupation and location. 1 February 16, 2020
<u>Cybercriminals</u> will <u>escalate</u> attacks this year and it is necessary to <u>brushed</u> up on cybersecurity <u>protocols</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Karen <u>ditched</u> her little sister so we could go to the year-end party. 1 February 16, 2020
He'll never go for that. It's too expensive and he's so <u>chintzy</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Having a ..... chest of $11.2 billion gives Google freedom to make strategic acquisitions, even overpaying if necessary, and to take a longer-term view with its products and acquisitions, enabling it to push new services out the door now and figure out how to make money off them later. 1 February 16, 2020
<u>Training</u> current employees or <u>recruiting</u> experts to <u>handle</u> big data will significantly <u>increases</u> a company's costs. 1 February 16, 2020
"He acts like he is doing well, financially, by spending a lot of money in public but I think he is just putting up a good ...... His wife told me that they are two months behind on their mortgage payments and I know that he has a lot of credit card debt," Chris told Linda as they were discussing their friend Stan. 1 February 16, 2020
"I'm working for a local auto dealer now. My hot rod business ..... after the price of gasoline shot up," Kevin explained. 1 February 16, 2020
Big <u>data</u> is used extensively <u>four</u> predicting future <u>trends</u>, identifying <u>patterns</u> and drawing new conclusions. 1 February 16, 2020
Big data is <u>use</u> in the education <u>sector</u> to handle data <u>relating</u> to the students of an education <u>institution</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Bigger cybersecurity <u>budget</u> are being <u>allocated</u> to CISOs to <u>tackle</u> the constant changing <u>security</u> threats. 1 February 16, 2020
<u>Organization</u> are now using <u>data</u> management technology to improve all <u>aspects</u> of their business <u>models</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
Organizations will be <u>face</u> with tighter <u>regulations</u> imposed by <u>governments</u> and regulatory <u>agencies</u>. 1 February 16, 2020
"I would trust him with my life. He's got a sterling ..... and has never let me down," Bill said about Robert. 1 February 16, 2020
From the time men were capable of gliding over the water, some form of lighthouses were constructed to warn sailors of ..... danger. At first, huge bonfires were built to guide the ships, later man-made structures were erected. 1 February 16, 2020