How to write an argumentative essay?


Hi everybody, can you help me please.
Next week I will have an argumentative essay writing test. Unfortunately, I still have no experience how to write argumentative essay.
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These pages might help you: … -essay.htm

Here is an outline from this site: … ument.html


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The art of argumentation is not an easy skill to acquire. Writers of argumentation often forget that their primary purpose in an argument is to “win” it–to sway the reader to accept their point of view.

In writing and argumentative essay first thing you would do is: what do you write about? Pick a well-defined, controversial issue. The issue must be arguable. Clear position taken by the writer. In your thesis sentence, state what your position is. A convincing argument. which presents an argument, and that argument must be backed up by data that persuades readers that the opinion is valid. A reasonable tone. Assume that your reader will disagree with you or be skeptical. It is important, therefore, that your tone be reasonable, professional, and trustworthy.

Few tips in writing and argumentative essay. Hope its help.


Thank a million, Jamie for your tips.
I do hope that I can pass the test.

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Thank a million for your tips, Aishia22.
I do hope that by implementing your tips I can pass the exam.

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really too much informative this content. it is helpful to the pass exam. with the also tips students can write better essay . we want share some suggestion through.


Writing essays doesn’t make much sense if you can’t string a sentence together without a bunch of basic mistakes. Who do you think is going to read something like this and why?