English as a Second Language

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About the English as a Second Language category 1 June 12, 2018
Products that come in from other countries are often subjected to ..... taxes. 1 October 17, 2019
Some churches believe that people can become possessed by demons who will harm them. These churches believe that the possessed people cannot become whole again until the demons are cast ..... by members of the church or by God. 1 October 16, 2019
"I think that it would be good to hire Joe in that he brings a lot to the ...... He has a lot of experience in sales and has an extensive list of contacts that he could make use of on our behalf," Craig told the manager. 1 October 16, 2019
Often forgotten is the necessity to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy; this control helps the company check how it is performing in practice and also helps to ..... its future strategy. 1 October 16, 2019
..... are located in front of the teeth and this part of the face is often a slightly different color than the rest of the face. Women often wear gloss on these in order to accentuate them. 1 October 16, 2019
Until you’ve created a business model that proves to be replicable, it should not be turned into a franchise. 1 October 16, 2019
A good way to gain a lot of income with minimal volatility is with a ..... rate fund invested in bank loans; banks make these loans to companies as part of leveraged buyout deals and then sell them to mutual funds and other institutional investors. 1 October 16, 2019
A ..... recommendation is a good way to gain a broad view, but it doesn't necessarily offer the best solution for the investor; the criteria used by each analyst may vary, so it should be considered only as an indicator. 1 October 16, 2019
It is important to be aware of the fact that the world is so technologically complex and fast changing that it is difficult to identify the current level of global marketing changes facing ..... economies. 1 October 16, 2019
"We didn't mean to break the window, Mom. We were just ..... around and we started to play keep away' from Derrick. I threw the ball as he tackled me and it broke the window," Jimmy said. 1 October 16, 2019
Shanghai to become first railway station with 5G 7 October 16, 2019
An opportunity for collaboration was put in ________ to forge new ideas. 1 October 16, 2019
Or tread the mazy round his followers trod, 3 October 16, 2019
Wife: Exactly! Our current location is central and close to shopping, but it's more of an adult community. If we're going to ..... a family, we want to be around other young families. 1 October 16, 2019
He knew that he should quit his job and try another field. His ..... just wasn't in it anymore. The customers needed someone who would do more than just go through the motions. 1 October 16, 2019
The rookie is quite ..... so don't give him too many difficult tasks this week. He'll get more experience in time so you will have to carry most of the workload until he does. 1 October 16, 2019
"She tore my idea to bits in front of the boss instead of talking to me first and embarrassed me in front of everyone. She'll regret that. She'll rue the ..... she crossed me," Bill told Ellis. 1 October 16, 2019
I thought Lisa was my friend but I found out that she has been trying to sabotage my relationship with my husband. She is so ..... with envy and it's skewing her judgment. 1 October 16, 2019
California burning 4 October 16, 2019
I think I am going to join the ..... when I get out of high school. I have always loved ships and I think that I would have a great time sailing around the world. 1 October 16, 2019
..... fire is a term that is used to describe weapons that are fired and used by one's own side or ally. This takes place when a military unit wants to practice firing various weapons. 1 October 16, 2019
It is alright that you did it this way. However, ..... the future, we will need you to document the case history in your report instead of referring the reader to the case history forms. 1 October 16, 2019
Is "camp" a transitive verb? 2 October 16, 2019
A ..... is a large, luxurious house/building where royalty or high public officials reside. These are usually much bigger than regular one or two family homes. 1 October 16, 2019
Friend: They share the same area. The restaurant is in a brown ..... with white trim. You'll see several large, white flower boxes outside. I hope this helps! 1 October 16, 2019
Sleep for England - - sleep forever? 4 October 16, 2019
In basketball, ......... is another way to say bouncing the ball. 1 October 16, 2019
Bang' ......... with sang,' doesn't it? 1 October 16, 2019
In the Dark Ages, some areas of Europe were ..... by plagues. 1 October 16, 2019