English as a Second Language

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About the English as a Second Language category 1 June 12, 2018
A ..... is a man who performs some kind of act that requires courage and who is admired for that quality. 1 June 20, 2019
Paul is completely ..... of control these days. He is cutting classes, sneaking out, drinking, and stealing. I don't know what's got into him. 1 June 20, 2019
Tolerance towards intolerance. Is this the fall of tolerance? 6 June 20, 2019
When people have a stuffy nose, this means that their ......... passages are clogged and there is a lot more pressure in the nose and head. 1 June 20, 2019
Hotel Clerk: Yes, it does. Please make sure that all of your computer's firewalls are turned ..... while trying to access the Internet. You can turn those programs back on once you access the server. 1 June 20, 2019
..... are what we sit on when we are riding in a car. Sometimes, there are two of these in the front and a longer bench-type in the back. 1 June 20, 2019
With ..... lease, you identify the asset (and negotiate the price) and arrange for the leasing company to buy it from the manufacturer (if new) or the previous owner (if used) to rent it to you. 1 June 20, 2019
"Jim, I don't have an extra alternator for your car at the moment, but I'm going to the junk yard today. I'll ..... around for one for you while I'm there," Alex said over the phone. 1 June 20, 2019
A regulation professional baseball game lasts for nine ...... 1 June 20, 2019
"I am going to put in my resume for the new accounting position that just opened up. I think I have a ..... at it. I have the experience and the education to do well at the job," Kara told Roxanne. 1 June 20, 2019
"I took some of the soup I made last night with me to work and it really hit the spot. A good, warm, ..... soup in the winter can sure help fight off the cold," Mark told his wife. 1 June 20, 2019
"I am so glad we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I had the time of my ...... I don't think I have ever seen any place as beautiful," Amber told Darren. 1 June 20, 2019
"Don't let the ..... grow around your feet. You have the time to clean your room, clean it up!" His mom said. 1 June 20, 2019
Business relationships need to be _______. 1 June 20, 2019
A review of judicial and administrative rulings will help determine if contractual provisions may have been modified or even ..... by the courts or the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 1 June 20, 2019
Look both ways before you ..... the street. 1 June 19, 2019
With a heavy ....., he brought his guitar into the pawn shop. It was the last thing of value he owned but he needed money for rent. The guitar was a present from his parents when he was 16 years-old and he loved to play it. 1 June 19, 2019
They spent a huge amount of time and money to deal with that small problem and it's like taking a sledgehammer to crack a ...... 1 June 19, 2019
"You know that I'd come and work for you anytime you needed me. Just say the ....., and I'll quit my job and help you," Jimmy assured his dad. 1 June 19, 2019
Shank and Fisher present a case study that demonstrates the relevance of target-costing techniques for a process-industry plant built in the 1890s that had been making ..... the same products for fifty years. 1 June 19, 2019
..... are common utensils in Asia. People use two of these utensils at one time, and they are usually made of wood or metal. 1 June 19, 2019
The company is looking to hire employees who are ________ to work in Australia. 1 June 19, 2019
The source of the relatively low level of nominal rates is still a matter of ..... debate. 1 June 19, 2019
"We are taking care of Wes's dog on the ..... at the moment until he gets back from his business trip. We are not allowed to have a dog in this apartment complex but we agreed to watch the dog for a week since it is unlikely we will be caught in that amount of time," Rex told Pat. 1 June 19, 2019
He talked me into ..... his car. It is a sweet ride. 1 June 19, 2019
I called for an ambulance 5 June 19, 2019
As a result, loan sales are now more attractive than the traditional solution of ..... loan workouts; rather than incur the expense and management distraction of sticking with problem assets, it now makes more sense to sell and put the problems behind. 1 June 19, 2019
"My boss is such a slave .....; he's always trying to get more work out of us. Some of us are skipping our breaks and lunch just to get our work done," Ben complained. 1 June 19, 2019
When you finance or lease a vehicle, your creditor or lessor holds important rights on the vehicle until you've made the last loan payment or fully paid off your leasing obligation; if your payments are late or you default on your contract in any way, your creditor or lessor may have the right to ..... your car. 1 June 19, 2019