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About the English as a Second Language category 1 June 12, 2018
"Hi, Gabrielle, it's Marcie. I just wanted to say thanks for helping Jim out with his work. You didn't need to; it's not even in your field. In my ....., that is the kind of behavior that deserves a reward. I am nominating you for the awards package." 1 April 22, 2019
You moved all of the boxes out of the moving truck by yourself? You ..... be exhausted! 1 April 22, 2019
Their objective is to give investors and other stakeholders a reliable and as accurate as possible picture of the financial situation of the economic entity (group); the guiding principle is '.....'. 1 April 22, 2019
Can anyone give me ......... please because I have just fallen over? 1 April 22, 2019
Defending a rules-based system on a daily basis has been greatly assisted by the fact that the system gave ..... to the markets rather than the governments in deciding economic outcomes. 1 April 22, 2019
A person who works for a company is called an ...... 1 April 22, 2019
It should be decided _______ on one’s professional opinion not personal preference. 1 April 22, 2019
Dorothy carefully ..... all of the Christmas gifts, and then she filled all of the stockings with small gifts and goodies. 1 April 22, 2019
Now remember don't be late with your thesis and don't forget the ..... is Tuesday week. 1 April 22, 2019
As I was a stranger in that country I was not ..... with some of their customs and didn't understand why people were laughing at me. 1 April 22, 2019
People who receive a ..... amount of money per year, instead of being paid by the hour, are known as salaried employees. 1 April 22, 2019
In some 19th century novels you see the very poor conditions people lived in that can only be described as ..... misery. 1 April 22, 2019
A bachelor's degree is also called an ..... degree in North America. This type of degree is awarded for completing a number of credits within a major field of study and typically takes three, four or five years to complete. 1 April 22, 2019
I use a textbook ..... conjunction with the tapes that came with it. I'm really learning a lot of the Spanish language this way. 1 April 22, 2019
So, when you say: I've got a date with my boss, it means you ......... see your boss privately. 1 April 22, 2019
In other words I help people with ......... their money. 1 April 22, 2019
Yes, that's right. It was all about the job I do every day. I expect you recall that I work for a financial company ......... a financial advisor. 1 April 22, 2019
"I always like to see Kyle but he has been here too long. He is starting to wear out his ..... by asking for too many favors. I want to see him get back on his feet but I am starting to get annoyed with him," Paul told Chris. 1 April 22, 2019
Based on the law of demand, quantity demanded is inversely ..... to price. 1 April 22, 2019
The Israelis and the Palestinians are at last negotiating. Talking is the first step to resolution, but both groups are still sitting on a(n) ..... keg. Until they come to a lasting agreement, war is still only one step away. 1 April 22, 2019
Topic: Cultural activities 4 April 20, 2019
Mike is a ...... He works in a school and cleans up after the students. He makes sure that all of the classrooms, hallways and desks are clean for the students and teachers each day. Sometimes, he is also called a custodian. 1 April 22, 2019
IELTS Writing task 1: Line- 2 April 21, 2019
The older boy took the ..... for the broken window. The man just assumed that he was to blame because he is older than the rest of us. I was too scared to say it wasn't so. 1 April 22, 2019
IELTS Writing task 1: Bar -The latest actual test 2 April 21, 2019
"Steve is not all ..... - if you ask me. He talks to himself endlessly and spends hours sweeping his sidewalk, long after it is spotless," Nate told his friends. 1 April 22, 2019
Sorry if I bother you, I forgot that I have one more writing that need condensing, Please help me! thank you 2 April 21, 2019
Hernandez finally ..... and allowed Underhill to return to the United States where he instituted an action to recover for his detention in Venezuela. 1 April 22, 2019
Shared service centres (SSCs) are not a new phenomenon within the financial services industry; indeed they have become an established part of the business process ..... for many large multinationals, says Hugh Davies of Citi. 1 April 22, 2019