Trying to get help from you with my school assignment

Hello everyone,

I am from Holland and I am studying to become an English teacher. It is my first year so my English is still far from perfect.

I had to write something on an English forum as a school assignment. That’s why I am writing this right now. I am going to try to help you all with improving your English by giving you a few tips. I am not sure if it is going to help. You don’t have to reply because I probably won’t read it.

If you want to learn English you have to make sure that you have English around you all the time. Put on English music, English television series or just the English news. Try to watch movies or soaps without subtitles in your own language, put them in English or don’t use them at all.
When you do this you will slowly start to learn and understand more and more vocabulary while listening.

You could also look up different internet sites just type down “learning English” in Google and I guarantee that you will find a lot of sites which can help you with working on your vocabulary, writing, reading etc.

I already found one by doing that, it’s a website from a teacher in Belgium:

Of course it is nice to have a great British or American accent but that isn’t the important part of the language. The important part is that you understand what people are saying and that you can respond to that in a way that they will understand you too. There is nothing more important than a good communication between people.

Also try to avoid the abbreviations. That everyone is typing “C U” instead of “see you” doesn’t mean that this is correct English writing.

If you don’t want to do it all alone you could always ask for tutoring at a local school or other home-school teachers.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities to learn English but you’ve got to put some effort in it, it won’t go by itself.

I know I didn’t do much but still I hope I could help a few of you.

Greetings from Holland,


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