Concubine? Female or male?

Is a concubine only meant for females?


The word concubine can refer to a woman or a man who live outside of marriage in a relationship with another man or woman. It is not gender-specific.

Hope this helps.


I’ve only heard it in reference to females.


Hi Arinker,

I know, but my dictionary says it can also be used for males, but that it is less frequent. By the way, I heard it in a television series, look:

Hamilton Stone: ‘Sable are you developing a certain attraction for Mr. Dexter?’
Sable: ‘Oh, no and sleeping with my cousin Alexis’s concubine? Never!’.

However, eventually, Sable does sleep with Mr. Dexter. I think it is rather a rarity. Perhaps, it’s the dialogue writers.

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