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OnlineEnglish ( onlineenglish.eu ) is a TOEIC Test Preparation website operated by an Official TOEIC Test Center. Students worldwide can join our TOEIC preparation training course at any time they wish for complete TOEIC Test Preparation Training.

Additional for 2010 … Italy : France : Germany : Spain : Do you plan to sit the TOEIC test and live in one of these countries? Combine your TOEIC test preparation with a test sitting. Hamburg-English, Official TOEIC Test Center now offers students the chance for Online TOEIC test Preparation together with arranging a test sitting for just one price. We will organize your test sitting at a TOEIC test center in your area and will combine this with a membership to our TOEIC Test Preparation website so you can study up to the day of your test sitting.

Contact us directly at mytoeictest@hamburg-english.de for more information.

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You can find English courses for TOEIC and Toefl at the following address : TOEIC® Étoile - Prépa TOEIC® depuis 1989 | Eligible CPF (preparation-toeic.org)

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