Alan Townend has died

Dear friends, let’s celebrate and remember the life of a remarkable individual, Alan Townend. Alan was more than just a person; he was an outstanding teacher, a prolific writer, a captivating entertainer, and above all, a cherished friend to many. His legacy extends far beyond this website, touching the lives of tens of thousands of learners from around the world who will continue to benefit from the materials he created during his lifetime.

As an educator, Alan possessed a unique gift for imparting knowledge and making learning an enjoyable experience. His dedication to his craft was evident in the quality and impact of the materials he produced. The grammar stories he crafted were not just lessons; they were narratives filled with his characteristic twist of humor, making the intricacies of language not only understandable but also entertaining.

In the early days, Alan played a pivotal role in establishing the foundations of the educational platform we all hold dear. His enthusiasm and passion for his work were infectious, creating an atmosphere where creativity flourished, and learning became an adventure. Setting up the original site was more than a task for him; it was a labor of love.

One could always count on Alan to inject a dose of humor into the most mundane subjects, leaving a lasting impression on all who had the privilege of working with him. His unique ability to blend education with entertainment made the learning process not just effective but also enjoyable.

But Alan wasn’t just a distant figure behind the scenes; he relished the opportunity to be in direct contact with the students. Whether he was assisting them in their learning journey or receiving their heartfelt thanks, he found joy in the personal connections forged through education. His impact extended beyond the virtual realm into the lives of those he touched.

The newsletters, a canvas for his thoughts and insights, were a testament to his passion for communication and community building. Alan found joy in crafting these missives, ensuring that they were not only informative but also a source of enjoyment for all who read them.

As we bid farewell to Alan Townend, let us carry forward the legacy he leaves behind. Let us continue to learn, to laugh, and to appreciate the power of education in transforming lives. Alan’s spirit lives on in the words he wrote, the lessons he shared, and the lives he touched. Though he may no longer be with us in person, his influence endures, a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

May you rest in peace, dear Alan. You will be fondly remembered, deeply missed, and forever celebrated.


This is such sad news that I don’t even know what to say. But I know one thing for sure. I still remember reading Alan’s answers to my questions and to the questions of other forum members.

Alan’s legacy will live on forever.


This really is very shocking news. I’ll always remember him as thé BEST teacher and English language coach on this forum. I will certainly miss him. May Flights of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest, Alan.

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Dear Torsten

I am exceedingly anguished by the news. Literally, it’s a bolt from the blue! And shocking!

We know that Alan had been ill for some time and been appearing rarely on the forum. When did the tragedy occur? It was premature! :sob:

You have paid a befitting verbal homage to Alan. And I am in full accord with each word you have spoken about him.

He was a real educator! He was an unparalleled author of study materials meant for the learners of English. He was a great humourist, too!

I was mentioning his name at an online session recently. I recall his calling me a stickler when I persisted in my argument against the structure of a sentence he had used inadvertently. At last, he realized the insignificant error and profusely appreciated me. It was Alan Townend who corrected me when I ignorantly used the phrase ‘According to me’. His commending words ‘You are spot on, Lawrence’ to my explanations on the forum made me proud. He was a good friend of mine. He gave me his residential details when I communicated with him via email about the possibility of my visiting the UK last year. Unfortunately, I had to call off that plan for a trip to the US to be with my son. A few months ago, I messaged him asking after his wellness. He replied with thanks. I gratefully remember you both having decided to send me the educational material free.

I feel like having lost my oft-quoted professor-mentor for ever!

Yes, Alan leaves behind a legacy for us to continue with. But I’m afraid the vacuum created by his passing from our midst can never ever be filled!

I take this opportunity to pay my last tribute to Alan Townend by way of a tearful salute!

Let’s pray for the unblemished soul of this impeccable intellectual to lie in perpetual peace and tranquility! :pray:


I’m sorry to have come upon this thread so late. I have been absent from this forum for a long time, but I do wish to mourn Alan’s passing and acknowledge his many accomplishments in the world of English language forums. Requiescit in pace.