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Oh, <u>aren't</u> you Mike Fuller? A good friend of <u>my</u> gave <u>me</u> your number. 1 January 16, 2020
The <u>four</u> areas that will <u>definitely</u> benefit from blockchain include <u>education</u>, healthcare, finance and <u>governmental</u>. 1 January 16, 2020
<u>As</u> it was a very serious <u>occasion</u> and it involved an interview for his first <u>proper</u> job, he decided to buy himself a new <u>suite</u>. 1 January 15, 2020
Who is Arun Ghosh? 1 January 15, 2020
According to research, which technology will blockchain partner with to manage climate change? 1 January 15, 2020
A _________________ is a very small piece of silicon containing a set of electronic parts which is used in computers and other machines. 1 January 15, 2020
<u>City</u> and other <u>municipalities</u> will be <u>able</u> to operate more <u>efficiently</u> with 5G. 1 January 15, 2020
We walked <u>for</u> miles and miles that day in fact we even <u>managed</u> to get <u>till</u> the river before it got dark. 1 January 15, 2020
Are you <u>in on</u> the latest developments? 1 January 15, 2020
He also managed to <u>live off</u> his pay without any problems. 1 January 15, 2020
Are you aware of our online voice recorder? 196 January 15, 2020
The industry today encompasses cultural and heritage specialists, who are an important resource for the travel and tourism industry in providing these customers with accurate, ..... interpretation of local assets. 1 January 15, 2020
There <u>is</u> 10 people <u>in</u> our office &#151; 7 financial advisors, <u>a</u> customer relations manager, a training officer and our area manager. 1 January 15, 2020
His problem really was that he had tried very hard to be as successful as the rest of the people in his street by trying <u>to keep up with the Joneses</u>. 1 January 15, 2020
Why, what <u>is happening</u> if I <u>do</u> decide to smoke <u>after all</u><u>?</u> 1 January 15, 2020
The computer system we use at work has a <u>glitch</u> in it so we couldn't do any of our work today. The technician will be in tomorrow to fix it for us. 1 January 15, 2020
5G can <u>run</u> on any frequency, <u>resulting</u> in <u>threes</u> different types of <u>experiences</u> such as low, medium and high. 1 January 15, 2020
It was quite <u>straightforward</u> really. The police <u>caught</u> the man with the dagger in his hand and charged him <u>of</u> murder on the spot. 1 January 15, 2020
However, when I asked him about his situation he told me not to worry because <u>he has a card up his sleeve</u>. 1 January 15, 2020
We don't have a regular <u>timetable</u>, we simply meet <u>periodic</u> if and when <u>there appear</u> to be enough items <u>to justify</u> drawing up an agenda. 1 January 15, 2020
Lithium polymer <u>batteries</u> used in drones are <u>extreme</u> sensitive to moisture and flying is <u>strictly</u> prohibited on <u>rainy</u> days. 1 January 15, 2020
<u>Google</u>, Uber, Tesla, Honda and other <u>automakers</u>, researchers and technology <u>companies</u> have <u>development</u> numerous self-driving technologies. 1 January 15, 2020
Charity <u>made a scene</u> at the club when she saw her boyfriend dancing with another girl. 1 January 15, 2020
Passengers in self-driving cars do not need to <u>worry</u> about being <u>distract</u> by <u>other</u> people or music, but they can actually <u>enjoy</u> them. 1 January 15, 2020
Robots <u>perform</u> repetitive <u>task</u> that allow <u>people</u> to do more <u>skilled</u> work. 1 January 14, 2020
He told him to invest it wisely, which Alex did. He bought a ticket for the lottery and <u>his ship came home</u> because he won the jackpot. 1 January 14, 2020
Q. All right <u>we'll</u> come to the matter of money in a minute but <u>first</u> I can say we are very <u>expressed</u> by the number of posts you have held. 1 January 14, 2020
Tom told Andrea that giant turtles had escaped from the city zoo and were eating only left-handed people. It wasn't until she saw the smirk on his face that Andrea noticed he was just <u>pulling her leg</u>. 1 January 14, 2020
The <u>risk</u> of <u>losing</u> privacy <u>increases</u> with all of the IoT data being <u>transmits</u>. 1 January 14, 2020
I must not forget either all those very important people, without whom none of us could operate, who work <u>behind the scenes</u>. 1 January 14, 2020