Playing around with the Pixel 4 audio recorder

I’ve just found out that you can record yourself with the audio recording app that comes with Google Pixel 4. The app creates automatically creates a transcript of your recording so you can check and improve your pronunciation with it.

This is the transcript created by the app:

Okay, so this is just a sample recording to see how exactly the software works and how I can beg up my recordings to the cloud.

Beg up vs. back up

Transcript created by Google:

Now what’s interesting is that Google analyzed my recording. Almost immediately created a transcript and instead of back up back up yeah. Google thought that I said beg up which is interesting so apparently I have to work on my pronunciation and instead of saying back up. I need to say back up.

Very interesting.


Speak you can speak. So this is your transcript.

That’s it. So it’s it’s an amazing tool because what it does is it gives you access to a speech trainer and also a pronunciation an accent trainer. For free. Who is available non-stop unlimited and it gives you an amazing amount of confidence because you can assume that if the machine understands you people also will.

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