Need help with this interview

My dear friends, I need your help. Michelle did an interview with Ryan who works for the Social Security Administration in Tampa. Now, since this information is very useful for many people, it would be great if you could help me create the transcript of the interview. If you would like to do this task, please email me so I can give you access to our blog since we want to publish the transcript there rather than here on the forum where it will get buried soon.

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Hi Torsten, do you still need the transcript for this interview? (I’m thinking that maybe someone has emailed you their transcription in the meanwhile but you haven’t gotten around to posting it on your blog yet?)

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Hi Cristina, so far nobody has emailed me anything and as soon as I receive the transcript, I post it on the blog and notify everyone here on the forum to avoid having somebody do this job twice. So, if you are still interested in helping us with this, please go ahead :wink: Many thanks in advance. Torsten

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Alright then, I’ll get cracking right now! :slight_smile:

That’s great. I really appreciate it.

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I’ve just emailed you the transcript at td at

(I’ve edited that sentence that I mentioned I was having trouble with. So there is just the word “webmark” to figure out now.)

Many thanks for this, Cristina. I’ve posted a link to the interview here.

Just one favour I’d like to ask you: Please post my email address without the @ sign so email address robots can not pick it up.

You’re welcome, Torsten.

I’m really sorry, I did not know that!

(And thanks a lot for explaining the email! :-))

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It’s me who has to thank you for your support, Cristina.

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Hi Torsten and Cristina,

The audio transcript of the interview that Michelle did with Ryan is really very good.

I just got a doubt the extent to which Ryan speaks of his main duties. At 00:01:05 to 00:01:06 Ryan talks about “they want a long account?” Is that right?

Best regards,

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The sentence is “if it went to the wrong account”.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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This is Michelle. I want to verify that Ryan did say “wet mark”. He means that they only accept original documents with original ink signatures and stamps. I hope this information helps you :slight_smile:


Yes it does. Many thanks, Michelle.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Why would anyone use your speech-to-text converter when they can use Google?

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