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Hey, guys. I am Roy from Malaysia. I wish to enhance my English oral speaking but I did not find any suitable website or place for me to learn and speak. So I have one idea which is to find any English spoken partner to speak and learn each other?

AND I am very excited to learn English.
I found a lot of people who really willing to help each other. I hope I will be advised by yours who are excellent in English.



Hi Roy, welcome to our forum. If you want to practice your speaking skills and share your results you should check this out:


You’re most welcome to this fraternity of English learners, Kchuen!


Hello Roy, I live in Malaysia as well but I’m not Malaysian, I came here to learn English at BigBen Academy, I’ve learnt so many things so far, my English is not bad now, I mean comparing to the very first days i was not even able to speak a word. I’m not sure if enrolling in classes is your case but I would suggest that you also consult with them, although right now because of pandemic they are doing online classes only but one thing i like about them is that they use native speakers to teach you English, Why don’t you give it a try I say. I’ll drop the link down below for you to check it out.