My next computer will be a Chromebook

And here is why:

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Hi Torsten,

do you want it as a second (non-)computer? What else can you use it for other than surfing and storing stuff on the webbed net?

I just see this cute little web-in-the-box as a gimmick.

I have to admit, I don’t like the idea of Cloud computing much. You are always depended on the Internet and a connection. If there is no connection, or the connection is down for some reason (which happens often where I live), you can’t access your files. 3G and Wifi are extra contracts and cost extra money.

Only 2 gigs of ram and 16 gigs of space … ? As a second computer, or non-computer, as it is not a computer, or so it claims, it might be a nice toy to try out. If you have a great laptop and know how to operate it, I’d stick with it.

My two cents,


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Hi Claudia,

It’s a question of time until the majority of all Internet users will switch to cloud computing. The Chromebook you can see now is only the beginning of the beginning of that trend. For example, where do most people store their emails? On their hard drives? No. They use web based services. With Gmail you can create, manage and store almost all of your office documents.

As for Internet access, in a few years LTE will be available throughout Germany and the rest of Europe so you will be constantly connected just as you already are with your cell phone.

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No doubt Cloud computing will be common technology and standard everywhere, but we are not there yet, and until then, Chromebook is best being used only as a secondary device. It is too thin on features to be able to replace a computer.


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The video says, “It’s kind of a new thought,” but companies were pushing the idea almost 20 years ago, and people didn’t accept it.

Many people have confidential data on their computers that they don’t want stored on cloud services.

Even the best services will have a server failure from time to time, even if they back up. This will mean people can’t access their data, and large numbers of businesses will be crippled until the system comes back up.

The services are getting more reliable, but cloud services are best used judiciously.

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Cloud computing is already a reality and it’s a fact that more and more individuals and companies will be using it in the years to come no matter how much some people complain about possible risks. When a new technology is introduced the vast majority always see the disadvantages and risks before they recognize its benefits.

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If large companies go with cloud computing, it will be done under contract and under strict confidentiality agreements on more or less their own terms. Individuals won’t have the luxury of negotiating the terms.

In any case, companies have had the equivalent of cloud computing for decades, but the data is simply on their own servers, rather than those of a separate company.

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A real cloud computing requires a vast amount of local Internets and complete other systems of administration and organisation. Our today’s computer net goes from top to down, from the world to the costumer. But another structure is needed from down to top like any other network in our society. A city is responsible for streets and the car traffic, not an anonymous money raping firm anywhere that told you how to drive. Local Universities and local software firms should be responsible and first of all tangible for system administration and development. When I buy a car then I don’t have to take car about a car worm or so. I can go to a local specialist. In this manner cloud computing and IP6 is a great chance.

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Individuals started using cloud computing long ago: Free web based emails services like Yahoo Mail or Hotmail are just that, cloud computing. The vast majority of all individuals worldwide use a free web based email service so there are actually more individual cloud computing users than there are corporate ones. Facebook is another free cloud computing service used by millions of individuals from around the world.

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Many individuals also route the free web-based e-mail into their e-mail client programs so that they can archive their mail locally.

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Even in that case it’s still stored on your provider’s servers. Also, most Facebook users don’t store all the stuff they post on Facebook on their local machines. How much information can you store on an iPhone?

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I have less trust to google and facebook. They act like a spy. I would like to manage my documents myself. I decide who shares my information. After a while I have to pay for the internet-space, like I have to pay for my own harddrive. Who knows, what will be in 10 years? Will we have a democracy? Or will we have systems like russia or China. best regards, Winston

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The question is how I can order a Chromebook with an English keyboard and the English version of the OS in Germany.

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Just to quick note to let you know I’ve been using my new Chromebook for 3 days now and I have very happy with the experience. So much better than any Windows machine.

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I’m glad you’ve found something that works well for you.

It’s not for me - I won’t be making the switch.

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What holds you back?

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I love my MS Surface.
I love my bespoke-build desktop machine with 2 inbuilt SSDs and 2 hot-swappable SSD caddies.
I think Google is becoming increasingly invasive (though it has a long way to go to catch FB).
For work, I need to use programs that are not available or not proven on a Chromebook.
I often have to work without an Internet connection, but I don’t need Chrome to work on the Cloud.

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I’d rather bite an 'Apple, the computer of Earth.

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Oh, I donhav onetho. Poor me.

Most computers gone gay when I torture them. Especially when I jam them on Etn tests for 8 to 10 hrs non- stop. Hmm…