Lenovo Thinkpad X131e now as Chromebook

A year ago I got a new T420s Thinkpad as a present and I’ve been very happy with it, especially the keyboard and monitor. Now, there is a Thinkpad X131e version that runs on Chrome OS:

That’s absolutely exciting! I’m sure that in a few years Chromebooks will be much more successful than Windows laptops.

I have this Acer Chromebook for just over a month. I’m slowing testing it now to see if it can completely replace my MacBook Air when I buy another computer. I have my own small IT consulting firm, just a few employees. I work from home and travel often.
My initial thoughts are that a Chromebook can do 99% of what I need. Unfortunately, the 1% is critical to my workflow.

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Thanks for this interesting information!

My current machine is an Acer Chromebook 314. What is yours?

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