Where are you from?


Hello Juan,

Nice to meet you. I am from Hungary. I heard lot about your country because one of my best colleuges was a Chilian woman, she arrived in Hungary with her sisters ad brothers in the 70-s. Her mother and father remained in Chile, and I remember her first visit to Chile when she could see again her parents. It seems that she will be a Hungarian because she got married to a Hungarian and she has two children. Her mother was here lately and Margharita (her name) put on the Facebook their pics of her ang her mother together. She was very happy that her mother was here for about half-year.

Thanks for your letter.



Hi my name is Elham and I live in Iran.Iran is a four season country.I think it is a beautiful country.In city where I live,there are a lot of historical building.All tourists come here to visit them.I have a comfortable life here.I invite all of you to visit my country I’m sure you’ll have a nice time here.


Hi.I 'Majlinda (Or Linda as short name).I’m from Albania.As you are a journalist I think that to be in touch with you is a oportunity to improve the communication in english and in the other hand to have further information about your country and my country and not only.I have always in contact with the news about Iraq, but only from the TV.Thanks in advance if you are disponible to be in touch with me.Will be a pleasure.


Hi Elham, I believe that your country can be beautiful. You are lucky that you live in a town where there are historical buildings. I don’t believe that I can accept your invitation if we were younger we can go with pleasure. Please tell me something about your town, what it is its name, and if you can take photos about your historical buildings it would be very good but if you can’t take photos please to narrate about them.

Buy: Kati


Hi Linda,

It is good to know that you are from Albania. Albania for me very familiar because my friend and her family lived in Albania for two years. They wrote us about you beautiful country. They lived there in the 60-s years because her father was an X-ray doctor and he was invited to hand over his knowledge to the doctors. It was a long time ago. I am not a journalist I am a retired teacher. I began to learn English because my grandchildren doesn’t speak in Hungarian and meantime it became addicted to learning English.

Write about your country, about yourself. How old are you? What do you do? Which town do you live? etc everything is interesting.


PS: I don’t know disponible word in English only in French. Did you think disposable?


Hey, My name is Niaz I am from Pakistan, I love music, nonfiction books, and making friends is one of my favorite hobby. I would love to know about different culture, traditions, peoples and their living style. I want to improve my written English I need it for my career.


Dear kati
I’m so sorry for such a long delay
These days I’m so busy because next Wednesday it’s new year in my country.our new year is on the first day of spring.you asked me about my city.I don’t know how I can describe it.there is a river that pass from the middle of the city.we have a lot of delicious local food,also there are a lot of handicraft that most of tourist like them.
My city name is Isfahan.you can search it in the Internet for more information.
best regards,


I am from Egypt but living in Saudi Arabia


Hello everybody.

I’m from Spain but I have been living in the south of France
since 1991. So my mother tongue is Spanish but I also speak
French fluently. In addition to that, when I was young, I spent
7 years working in Switzerland, that’s why I also speak Italian.

In fact I have spent most of my life living abroad and for that
reason I have been interested in learning English since I was
young. But now I’m preparing to take a TOEIC exam. I think
this website is really helpful for that purpose and I’m glad to
be part of it.

Best regards.


Hello Mr. Tolek,

How are you? Sorry, I wanted to read out my letter, but I found in it so many mistakes that I tried to correct them, but I couldn’t send the corrected one, the Forum didn’t allow me. That’s why I copied again, YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS SAME THAN THE PREVIOUS WAS.

Regards: Kati

Hello Mr. Tolek,

Many thanks for your letter. It is interesting that sometimes I read about its shocking history of Wroclaw, but I didn’t imagine that I know a lot of things what it is mentioned in your brief history. I knew that it received its name about a Polish person. I knew that it was part of Bohemia, after it belonged to Austria Empire. I wrote with Hungary, but it was mistake of me because Hungary in that time was still a colony of Austria Empire. Only after the revolution of 1848 -in which lot of Polish soldiers participated - in 1867 was the Compromise with Austria and after this Austro-Hungarian monarchy came into being.

This Austrian Empire was terribly big, they tried to unify the different nations here in Center-Europe. For example, Lemberg/Lviv in Western Ukraine (now) used to be a Polish town, after it belonged to the Austra Empire, after Soviet Union and at last it became a town of the independent Ukraine. The history of Center Europe is very complicated . It is interesting that the Mongol Invasion was ( we say Tartar devastation was in the same year/in 1241 in Hungary than in Poland. In the English Wikipedia there is a paragraph about “Invasion of the Kingdom of Hungary” here I’ve read, and knew also “they reduces ashes the villages and towns and killed so many people that hardly any people left alive.”

I saw these films except In the Darkness. I have to confess that when I was younger I could watch these films in spite of the fact (that), I was crying, but today I can’t because I became upset for several days.

Chiefly my husband’s family was suffering very lot. Till my poor mother-in-law lived, she had an eternal remorse that she couldn’t save her brothers and their wives and their children. 6 people disappeared that nobody knows in which camp. We know only that one wife of them died in the wagon here in Hungary, and she had been buried here, but we never find her tomb.

Hungary was the last who was loyal to Hitler even he had lived in his bunker.

Now in 2013 there is again antisemitism in Hungary and our government doesn’t punish it because they don’t want to lose their voters. The Sun, English paper had a series of reports about the Hungarian situation. I don’t know they are writing about this or they finished. But there are more serious papers than the Guardian, The Economist, the Time etc who wrote and write from time to time about the situation in Hungary. And lot of Geman, Austrian newspapers also, but I don’t speak in German so I can’t read these ones.

Lately, I put a picture on one thread. It was very interesting because a German translator (now 70 year-old) told that they have remorse till today for the crime of their father and grandfather. He was very personal, and he spoke about himself and his remorse. Can you see this pages ?

I am greeting you warmly. Have a good weekend.


P.S. In the evening I corrected the first letter.


Dear Nikita,

I am sorry that I couldn’t answer earlier, but I had an accident I broke my ankle in two places so I have to lie in my bed and if I get up I have to use a walker-frame to jump because I can’t step on my right leg.

Dear Nikita you wrote so interesting things that I don’t know which one I mention first.

Of course, I know your natal town it is an unforgettable industrial tragedy happened there and that time the TV every day spoke about the consequences of this tragedy.

Besides I have a very nice friend in Bhopal. So your grandma is younger than me I will be 72 in September. Your grandma surely told you about this catastrophe which interweaves with your town’s name.

My granddaughter who lives in the US is admitted in a college in New York, but she begins the college in September. She was 18 year-old in July she lost a year. She wanted to choose law than you for her major, but she was very good at maths also, and at the end she couldn’t choose her major so she goes in a college where she receives a general education and after three years she will choose a major.

I look for a photo for you.

Warm welcomes to you and to your grandmother.


Me and my husband


Dear Elham,

I’m so sorry for such a long delay. When I received your letter I looked for immediately the town where you live. I prepared to write a letter but - "Man proposes, God disposes "-as the saying says- I couldn’t answer because I had an unlucky accident I broke my ankle in two places. I will be in plaster for 6 weeks but after 3 weeks I will receive a plaster which one I can walk.

Your town could be really beautiful. اصفهان It is the most populous metropolitan in Iran.I read also that it was the largest city in the world from the beginning of 1000 years till the XVIII century. You really have plenty of monuments .“The Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan is one of the largest city squares in the world and an outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. It has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.” I can imagine something about your town.

Can ask you what you do in life? How old are you? I have a few Iranian friends, and I can say that they are very nice people. Do you have a family?

I have two children and 4 grand-children.

I am very curious of your Iranian life because I have to admit that I know little about Iran. One of my friends lives in Yazd, but we write to each other about our familiar life. He has 4 children so we spoke about our children.

Take care:


Hello Jbpercas,

Nice to meet you. Of course, I know where is your county and I have to say to you that one of my best friends is a Chilean woman, who came here to Hungary in the period of 1973 when Pinochet overthrew Chilean President Salvador Allende and instituted the long military dictatorship, my friend then came to Hungary. Her name: Margarita Cancino.
she got married to a Hungarian man and they remained here in Hungary. But Margarita adores Chile, and she was telling me a lot about your beautiful country. I know - Thanks God - that life is very good again in Chile.

This is a very good course. When you see an interesting letter answer it and you will find lot of friends.

Kati Svaby


Hi Kati,
How are you?I got upset when I heard you had an accident.hoping you a speedy recovery.
sorry for such a long delay.
it’s New Year holiday in Iran and I was in travel.I’m 28 years old and I study English teaching.I live with my parents.I have 4 brother.three of them are married.I also have 1 nephew and 4 nice.I surprised when I read you have grand-children because ,you look so young in your photo.I got happy when I saw you know my country and my city.These days our city is very crowded as I said it’s new year in Iran and most of Iranian are on a trip and our city is the first choose for most people for traveling.
if you have any questions about my city,don’t hesitant to ask
best regards,


Hello Elham,

Many thanks for your letter. This picture is from my young age. It used to be a pic there from my real age but once I changed. You know that more people remember my face of my young age . If you go backwards 1or two pages you see me and my husband because an Indian girl asked me to send a pic of lately portray of me-this is the last photo of us.

I was surprised that New Year is now in your country. Which year comes now in Iran? I have to read why. I wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year :



Hi Kati
I saw your picture.you’re so beautiful.
it’s 1392 in Iran.Our New Year is in the first day of spring when all trees blossom .I think spring is a nice season for new year,isn’t it?We celebrate it for 13 days.also we have interesting custom for new year for example before new year we clean our houses and make them ready for guests,in addition we set a table and use seven things that start with “s” in Persian like sib(apple), seke(money), sabze(flower),and etc that all of them are symbols of things.in 13th days all people go on a picnic and they spend this day in nature.During these days we visit our family,relatives and friends we get gift or money from them.
I don’t know if I could explain new year in Iran clearly or not!
Thank you for reading my letters


Dear Elham,

It was a very good surprise this morning that I found your letter. I like very much how you wrote about your New Year. I’ve read about it, and I knew that it is on the day of on the vernal equinox/spring equinox and its name also Nowruz/Norooz but it is spelled in several ways.
I liked this sculpted relief, it is so beautiful.

Your letter made me that I could imagine Iran of today. I knew more about the old Persia because as my husband is an artist painter we were almost in every big Museum in Europe. (Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London, Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg)- in every museum there are full of beautiful Persian works of art. It isn’t the same than to see its architecture then and there.

Besides I saw so beautiful monuments in Persepolis. I have to say that I never heard about this old Persian town.

I was very happy that you could make me imagine your celebration of 13 days. I like to hear the families in Iran are together in these days. Unfortunately, in Hungary this is a very rare occasion that families should be together. It is a new custom because when I used to be child more generations lived together.

The other custom that you clean the houses to make them ready for guests. (There is a similar custom in Hungary for Easter (Christian festival) that everybody cleans his house;my grand-mother whitewashed it for every Easter.

Easter is a moveable feast. The date of Easter - as the first Sunday after the full moon following the March equinox, as equinox occurs, astronomically speaking, on 20 March in most years, and the “Full Moon” is not necessarily the astronomically correct date. The date of Easter therefore varies between 22 March and 25 April.

Many thanks for the Persian words start with “s” sib (alma) seke (pénz) sobze (virág)
I put Hungarian equivalents in parenthesis. You told me so well this celebration as I see as I would be there.

My letter had been long, it is due that I have to be in bed even for 3 weeks, and I had lot of time to speak to you.

Have a very Happy NEW YEAR’S being together with your beloved ones:



Hi Kati
I’m so happy to hear you are eager to know about Iran.I think you are interested in history,am I right?َAbout Perspolis I should say it’s historical name is Parsa (Persian people) but GreeKs and Europeans call it Perspolis. It took 120 years to build this city.All buildings had made with stones without any cement or other mortar.when you visit this city you surprise how these hug stones was put on each other by humen without any device and technology.it’s very very interesting. Hakhamaneshian kings lived there.the city was burnt by Eskandar Maghdoni(Greek king).ُsome people used to tell Hakhamaneshian kings forced people to build the city but it was proved by some inscriptions that had been buried in the city that kings pay salary to every body who worked there.I don’t know I could describe Parsa well or not.I’m sorry if my English is not so strong.Can you tell me about yourself and your country.which city do you live?Is it a historical city?


I took this photos in Perspolis one week ago.


Dear Elham,

Many thanks for your photo you are so beautiful! It is very good to see your face from now if I write to you I will see your face also. Today I wanted to write you about Hungary, but I have had a helter-skelter day I couldn’t collect my thoughts. Your letter took a fancy to read on Internet those places where I was and I saw this kind of architecture where the stones are posed one on the other without any mortar and you can’t introduce a blade between two stones. They could play with these gigantic stones than the children play with the building blocks. I found a video where the Incas built a miracle. I have never seen it if you saw, it worth to see it again. I finish to write about the archeology, but you see if I could be born again I would be an archeologist.