Where are you from?

Hallo everybody,

Sometimes I am a little bit sad that I can not notice where you are from.

I think it would be easier to explain some things like the question where to learn English or where to find some more information about studying abroad.

And the most exciting point for me is that it is very interesting to see where the other people live. Don’t get me wrong, please. But I think for a better understanding sometimes it could be better to know where you live.

For example:
I live in Bonn, Germany, and I think my life is much different from the life people in Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Switzerland, Brazil, Mozambique, Canada, Peru, Poland, Zimbabwe, Lithuania, Kongo, USA, Italy or somewhere else live. And sometimes I want to ask how you see your live in your country, but I cannot ask you if I do not know where you live.

Please, do not get me wrong. For me it is very interesting to hear where and how you live.

I wish all of you a nice Christmastime and enjoy this time with all its tiny lights and sweets.

Best regards

Hello Teufelchen53. It is very interesting!


I found the site by chance and I’m really happy for that :slight_smile:
I have been learning English for ages but I’m not fluent to that extent I want >>>
so I need your help in practicing the language and to learn whatever I can learn…

and I’ll be happy to have new friends too :smiley:

Hey Alshimaa Helmy,
What country are you from? I am a new comer to this forum.
I also feel the same as you feel.
I have been learning english for long time. But I am not so sure to my english ability.
Please contact me. Lets study english by internet. You can email me to this address: Jerry01wilson@yahoo.co.uk

I’m from Mexico. I’d like to go to your country (Alemania in Spanish).

I’m with you, Teufelchen. I am also interested in knowing all the places people are from.

In addition to that, sometimes it is much easier for me to answer someone’s grammar or vocabulary question if I know his or her native language. If he speaks a language I know something about, I can sometimes provide him with just the right trick to help him solve his English problem.

You are so kind. I am from China.

Hi every one! I’m Oleg. I live in West Galilee, Israel. There are wonderful nature. My son is pupil. He learnt in sixth class. My daughter is finished at school one year ago. On time she worked in Peterborough, England. She is selling die sea products. My mother tongue is Russian, my second language is Hebrew.

I’m from Indonesia
It is an archipelago country.
There are many beautiful places to go, but we have so much troubles now

hi all,

its True that we all need to know more about each others we need to comunicated to be freinds that will be good for our groob here and for me iam not looking for knowing english langudge only No iam also looking to educated about the english way of thinking and their culture aculture for all nations that speak english as amother tuonge langudge so to well educated about that u need to have freinds from all english speaking country and by the way how many are they?.
know let me tell u where icame frome, ok iam from SUDAN, Sudan is agreatest country on Africa greatest imean the big one its almost 1 milion mayele squaier more than 65% of this areia is green and more than 35% is a forest, the total of our population is aproxmatly 40 millions 90% of them were muslims and our main langudge is Arabic, we have been under the England clonical since 1898 tell 1956. the main source of income on my country was to be agricultueral crops such as coton,sesem, but now days and since 1999 oil will be one of the main component of our export commodiate and since 2005 petrol oil became 80% of our total exportations value. but still most of the populations on my country live under the poverty line 90% of them. for me ithink our first economic and social problem is on the encome destributions policy on my country ther rish get ritshers and the poore get poorest.

ok may be next time icould tell more


I’m from Russia. I love my country

It’s a great thing to know people from different countries and regions. As says many of here I am also interested to know their cultures and lifestyle. About me I am from India and currently living in the Middle East as part of my occupation. I will tell you more about me in the coming days. I really like this forum and appreaciate all the people behind it, especially a big thanks to Mr. Torsten.

Thank and Hi to every one , I am here my sorce is total orange , and view well . The sky being to rain again .
Here I am my quiet dear Torsten lestining to you and others useful English programs , also I find more butiful English programs in :www. Art-en.com the site of the literature studient of Syrian country , I find them quiet easy and wellcome, but your site still the first one in my heart … good evening or afternoon , my dear … MMA. 15/ 9/ 2008- 20 minute past ten . monday

hello everyone,
It is a nice idea to get to know each other, not only to know in which country our friends in the forums live, but also to know the life and the traditions of every country and to practice the lovely English language.
I would like to tell you that I’m from Iraq, and I think the world heared about my country because of the US led invasion in 2003. But as a fact people think that we are underdeveloped country, we live in tents, we don’t have TV’s, Internet, Computers, mobiles and we don’t wear only the old tradition clothes.
But the truth is we are like you, we know how to use comuter and internet, most of the Iraqis in my age, 20’s speaks english or another language like me, I speak Arabic, which is my mother tangue and speak English and French, I work as a journalist in one of the world biggest news agenys.
but in the other hand we have poor people who still live in a bad way all of because the war that took place, the occupation and the terror.

thank you for being patient to read my words and I’m ready to answer all your questions If you have one’s.


Good evening every learner. It is something good to know each other . this lead to communicate with each other without shy . About me , I am from Saudi Arabia . I am about 25 years old . My native language is Arabic. I learnt English from books, net, classromm, CNN, BBC and T.V. I want from each reader to contact with me to learn or to ask any Question . I want to thank a lot our friend “Teufelchen” from germany the original power of the world . He clrearified his idea . I mean , He requested from the learners to cmmunicate with each other regularly. O learners , we must to know each other , this will lead to near our ideas, relationship and friendship . To make our countries safe by this froum , just we have to contact with each other . Imagine , What will happen if we become brothers in soul ? Why not visit each other ? Believe me , we will biuld a strong , a clear and a huge nations without war , poor , thirsty or terrorisom. Why not . Allah Said in Qurran " WE made you different nations, people , and tribes to know each other" " وجعلنا كم شعوبا وقبائل لتتعارفوا" this Verse (Iaah ) in our Holy Quraan . So , let us know each other more .

With my thanks : Shin

Hi my friend from China , First I have hop to visit your country . The country of beautiful . I alawys watch CCt.v channal . Second , really China has done good in Olympics. I encouraged it team , So cagratualtion. The third things , you look kind , generous and bretty girl . My friend let know mor about you ( city ) one day you may teach me the (KONGVOO ) Kratea.

thanks : shin

  1. Hi,
    My name is Khalipha SOGODOGO. I am Malian. I live in Bamako, the capital city. Mali is in West Africa. It shares borders with Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire. So, you can easily imagine how big is my country.
    I’m a teacher teaching English in secondary school. I like English a lot. I was dreaming of a PhD in English to teach English at the young university of my country, but I was limited by the means.
    So, your site appears as a bonanza to me. It gets me in touch with you, kind of you, and many others. The teaching materials are so valuable!
    I am fond of communicating with others,culture cross.
    I aready to correspond with anyone who is willing.
    Pleasure to talk to you
    Atke care.

hi. every one
i’m from syria

Hi :slight_smile:
I am from Lebanon .

My name is Veselina and I am from Bulgaria. I live in Plovdiv -that is the second largest city in my country.
I am an English teacher in secondary school. English lessons are very useful for me and my students. If there are my colleaques , please reply to me . Let’s share some
ideas about our work, or just write something which you think is important for you.
Meanwhile , it is the first school day in my country. So, I have a feast day now.