Where are you from?


Hello Cervie, Yesterday evening I couldn’t remember the name of our destination. This morning flashed on my brain Arapia camping-site was.It is at south of Burgas. This sea shore didn’t change anything in the last centuries.This is a romantic landscape. Except that some shanties where you can eat or where is the reception. Perhaps today I can’t recognise this beautiful, natural,left as “God created” place.

I couldn’t send some pictures, but if I will have found them I will send you.



Hellow!everyone.I’m dilany,from srilanka.I’m very happy to be here.It’s fancy to see you all.I’m not fluent in English but, i wanna improve more.So i hope you friends help me.I love to learn English .I’d like to speak like native speakers.i really wanna improve. myself ,If anyone able to contact me,My e-mail Id is Dilstefny10@gmail.com. Hope you all help.Thank you.



Hi everyone! Are you also in the beautiful weather in the morning? I hope that spring at last came! Although it allowed my email is open to all willing people to conversations!
blok.antoni.aga at gmail.com any form of contact in English helps! :slight_smile: Best wishes for all


Nice to meet you Diolany,

I don’t know that you are speaking fluently or not bit your spelling and your grammar seem to be very good.

Try to download JAVA and you can read out your letters. If you have some difficulty with you pronunciation it is a very good practice.

One of the teachers, Kytos has a thread which begins there isn’t excuse not to record your/our voice.



Hello Mr. Tolek

Nice to meet you. Yes in Hungary also we can feel the approach of the spring. We say January, February and the summer will arrive. (saying)
I see you are from Nottingham, so you don’t have problems with your pronunciation.
I remember Sherwood Forest, in Nottinghamshire,from Robin Hood films.

When I used to be a child we watched the film where Robin Hood was played by Errol Flynn.
Due to the movie’s popularity, Errol Flynn’s name and image became inextricably linked with that of Robin Hood in the public eye.

Did you see this variation of Robin Hood?



Hello Cervie,

If once you visited this thread I hope you will like my photos about your country.

campsite at the Black sea

Rila from the outside

Rila cloister from inside

we found a similer flint on the seeshore of Varna

Burgas seaside

Burgas the little town



Nesebar with my daughter and my son

Nesebar and my daughter

Our children enjoy the sable on the seashore

Nesebar - tourist office

At the seaside at right my daughter and her friend at left

This is me at the harbour of Burgas and my son (he hid in a hole)


I am form India. Nice to see you all :slight_smile:


Hello Mr. Tolek,

Today I received a notification from this thread I had read your letter earlier but only now I noticed that you came from Wroclaw. I don’t know how I didn’t notice at first sight.

I know Wroclaw that one of the biggest towns in Poland. I know some about its history. Its very sad history. The WWII demanded lots of innocent victims. Wroclaw had Polish, German and Jewish victims. I know only ‘a nightmare life and death of one family’. How many similar tragedy could happen there?

This family was Jewish. The parents could have a presentiment what would happen with Jewish so they sent their son in Palestina in 1938 . It was always incomprehensible for me how they could have a presentiment of the danger of death in 1938 as the German overran Poland on 1st September 1939. Little later they sent their daughter in a convent of Holland. The parents stayed there in Wroclaw then it was called Breslau. They deposited their money in a Swiss bank.

The cloister - where their daughter lived -a bomber scored a direct hit on it. Their daughter died. The parents had been transported to Auschwitz they never came back.

This young boy who was 18 in 1938 remained alive.He lives till today, he is 93 year-old. He lives in Israel. He was working very hard in his whole life they were not reach, they lived as a workman lives in Israel. They had a little flat with three children.This man knew that their parents put their money in a Swiss bank. But he couldn’t have the credentials of the deposit of money. He could prove that he is the single survival of his family but the Swiss banks didn’t give the money for those who didn’t have the credentials. Of course he wasn’t the single Jewish who couldn’t give back his legal heritage. Only when he was about 80, when the whole world fought for that the Swiss banks should give back the money for the legal heirs, he received his legal inheritance.

He was about 80 when he could buy a bigger flat because he also than every Jewish received back the money which had been depositing in a Swiss banks by his parents.

You came from a Polish town which had had a very sad history. I think you know better than me.



Hello Nikita,

Nice to meet you. I hope you find your place here on the english-test.net. We call it with an abbriviation: ETN. If you need some help and if I know I help you with pleasure.



Thank you Kati , that is so nice of you. :slight_smile:
Have you ever been to India?


Hello Nikita,

I 've never been unfortunately to India. But here on ETN I got to know some Indian friends and they are very nice people.

When I used to be young the people told me that you look like as an Indian girl. You can’t see in this photo, but really. Till now I’ve had a photo of me which was taken in nowadays, and I don’t know why I changed it for a young one. Now I am over 71. Once I put back my other photos.

Buy: Kati


Hello Kati,
Your pictures are awesome. You look so beautiful and I am sure you look beautiful now too. Do share your current pictures , I would love to see them and do visit India you would like it. :slight_smile:


Hello Nikita,

I would like to send you pic of me, but I don’t want to stuff this page with my pics. So I send you a link I sent to the other people who asked me to send pics of Budapest.


So if you open it you can see our capital Budapest and on the last, but one you can see me and my husband and on the last one me and my youngest grandchild.

Can I be curious? In which town do you live? What do you do? How old are you? Write me about yourself, PLEASE.

Bye: Kati


Hello Kati Svaby

How are you today? In response to your post …
I suggested to look at the following films:


The Polish History is a sad and bloody. Architecture that was after the war is amazing.
Polish big cities are … beautiful historical places with a multitude of monuments.
The present Wroclaw has completely changed. This is a different city than 30 years ago,
when being born. A few websites about Wroclaw:

airport.wroclaw.pl/en/passager/i … r-silesia/

boogiehostel.com/en/article/112/ … lawia.html

Am greeting you warmly. I wish you a great week.

Mr Tolek


Hi Kati

You wrote about this version? imdb.com/title/tt0029843/ I’m sorry but
I have not seen it yet. I liked the this version and of course the unforgettable music.

Clannad - Legend (Robin Of Sherwood Soundtrack)

Nottingham beautiful peaceful town. Perfect for me :slight_smile:

Mr Tolek


Hello Mr. Tolek,

Many thanks for your letter. It is interesting that sometimes I read about its shocking history of Wroclaw, but I didn’t imagine that I know a lot of things what it is mentioned in his brief history. I knew that it received its name about a Polish people. I knew that it was part of Bohemia, after Austria Empire. I wrote with Hungary, but it was mistake because Hungary was also a colony of Austria Empire only after the revolution of 1848 -in which lot of Polish participated - in 1867 was the Compromise and became Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

This Austrian Empire was terribly big, they tried to unify the different nations here in Center-Europe. For example, Lemberg/Lviv in Western Ukraine(now) used to be a Polish town after it belonged to the Austra Empire, after Soviet Union and at last it became a town of the independent Ukraine. The history of Center Europe is very complicated . It is interesting that the Mongol Invasion was ( we say Tartar devastation was in the same year/in 1241 in Hungary also. In the English Wikipedia there is a paragraph about “Invasion of the Kingdom of Hungary” here they reduces ashes the villages and towns and killed so many people that hardly any people left alive.

I saw these films except In the Darkness. I have to confess that when I was younger I could watch these films in spite of the fact (that), I was crying but today I can’t because I became upset for several days.

Chiefly my husband’s family was suffering very lot. Till my poor mother-in-law lived she had a eternel remorse that he couldn’t save her brothers and their wifes and their children. 6 people disappeared that nobody knows in which camp. We know only that one wife of them died in the wagon here in Hungary and she had been buried here but we never find her tomb.

Hungary was the last who was loyal to Hitler even he has lived in his bunker.

Now in 2013 there is again antisemitism in Hungary and our government doesn’t punish
because they don’t want to lose these voters. The Sun had a series of reports about the Hungarian situation. I don’t know they write about this or they finished. But there are more serious than the Guardian, The Economist, the Time etc who write from time to time about the situation in Hungary. And lot of Geman newspapers also but I don’t speak in German.

Lately I put a picture on one thread. It was very interesting because a German translator told that they have remorse for the crime of their father and grandfather. He was very personal, and he spoke about himself and his remorse. Can you see this pages ?

I am greeting you wamly. Have a good weekend.


P.S. In the evening I corrected the first letter.


Hello Mr. Tolek,

Yes, I wrote about this version imdb.com/title/tt0029843/ .

It is good to hear that you like Nottingham, that it is perfect for you :slight_smile:

Kati Svaby


Hello, I’m Juan and I’m from Chile, I cannot participate every day because I’m very busy, but I tray to do it. Chile is country in south-america and is front the Occean Pacific. Is very large and narrow, and has different climate (desert, mediterranean and cold). Here is spoke the Spanish.

Who wish to be my friend, I don’t have problem.


Hello Kati,
I live in the central part of India.There is a small city called Bhopal, it is my native place too .
I am 19. I am doing bachelors in law. It is my first year in the college. My grandma is over 70 too. :slight_smile:


Hello Nikita,

Nice to meet you. When I saw the name of your town BHOPAL that gave me a jump and I had to see when the bigest industrial catastrophe happened in your town. In 1984. I has been relieved .You are only 19. So you hasn’t been born when this unforgettable tragedy happened. But you probably heard about it lot.

Sorry, but that it was a so terrible tragedy that if I see your town’s name the after-images came into my mind.

I hope that you understand nobody who lived in 1984 will never forget it.

It is good that since a new generation grew up. And you are doing bachelors in law.Your college is Bhopal also?

My granddaughter will begin her bachelor, she didn’t choose department. If I understood well now she wil began a general training after she will choose a department. She wanted to choose law, she also, but she became uncertain. She was for example very good at maths and in the high school, in the US, she was the “president” of a maths workshop and they went to maths competitions but she liked the maths but she doesn’t want to choose maths departement. She doesn’t know what to choose.

We have lot of common; my granddaughter is in your age and i am in your grandma’s age.

I hope we could say to each other lot. Give my greetings to your grandma.

Thanks. Have a good weekend.