Where are you from?


I’m Hoa.
I’m from Viet Nam.
I’m new to et. Hope to make friend with all of you.
Our country is very beautiful with friendly people.
It costs u only little to have a trip to Viet Nam.
If u come to my country, i am happy to take you to my home town.my email:hoanguyen.tatm@gmail.com


Dear Elham,

How are you? You write very well about your country? Every country has its past. The difference - that most countries as Iran, Greece, Great-Britain,Peru, Mexico almost every European country and Asian country - that in Hungary was the march across of the different nations. It was a province of the later Roman empire, the Celt also traversed our country and they used to have localities here. When the Hungary arrived here the Slav people lived here. Those Slav and the Hungarian people lived together and slowly those Slav melted with the Hungarian,
The Hungarian arrived here in the tenth century. Till now the Hungarian were a nomadic people and pagan. When they arrived here in the Carpathian basin our first king Stephen king settled them here and they took Christian faith. Since went away only and other 1000 years and Hungary became a very modern, beautiful country.
I live in the capital in Budapest. Its site is beautiful.The Danube river divides the capital two parts Buda and Pest. Buda hilly and Pest is plain they were two towns till the firs bridge Chain bridge had been built. After it received its name Budapest.

These photos of Budapest were taken by my youngest grandchild, Peti he is 15.
This the Chain Bridge

This is the building of the Parliament

this is the river Danube

This was the Royal Palace when there was kingdom in Hungary


We live in the part of Pest.

This is our street

These pics are almost in our street

With my grandson who has taken these pics expect this one which has been taken by my husband.

That pic what you saw previously (me and my husband) has been taken at the gate of our house.

Today and yesterday I was a little bit unwell because I am tired of lying in the bed. I count the days, 12 days went away, and I have to lie in my bed still 16 days. After I’ll give another plaster with I can walk.

I am a retired teacher. I used to teach mentally disabled children.
My husband is an artist-painter.

I have a son (45) and a daughter who lives in the US she is (49)
I have 4 beautiful, clever, very nice, lovable grandchildren : One granddaughter (19) three grandsons (18,17, 15)

This is a sketch of everything I hope we continue to write to each other and we will
write in greater detail.

Have a good day: Kati


Hi kati
How are you?I hope these days pass quickly,and you can walk again.I can imagine how difficult it is.spending all day in the bed is boring especially for you that are such a active woman.I pray you get well soon.My grandma passed away two years ago.I loved her.When I speak with you I feel I’m speaking with her.you are very kind like my grandma.
Your country is so beautiful.I like those cities that are beside rivers.It looks there are a lot of place to visit.By the way give my regards to your grand son ,and thank him for taking such a beautiful photos.In your photo you look a very kind grandmother.
you said you were a teacher that teach to mental disable children.I know your job was very very difficult.you must have loved your job that choose this job.One of our relative has a mental disable son they have a lot of problem with him
I’m sure you are a patient teacher,and it’s my pleasure to write to you.certainly I can learn a lot from you.


Hi Elham,

Many thanks for your question I am better. I count the days I have to be in bed only for 11 days. I try to take advantage of the situation, and I read out those texts that I was ashamed to read out.Slowly I realized if I read everything to myself and never read them out my pronunciation never will improve. I am over 71, and I know and have a laugh at myself that this isn’t the age when somebody has to learn the correct pronunciation.LOL! In this way isn’t boring to lie in bed because I couldn’t do it if I would be healthy.

We arranged the domestic chores. The lunch is delivered. I called back my old cleaning woman who clean the flat once a week. As my husband is in a worse state than me the shopping is the single problem. He went to the pharmacy and when he returned he was suffocating and moaning very loudly. It is terrible to hear, and you never know what will happen in the next moment.

So shopping also is settled because my daughter-in-law do a big shopping for a week and the cleaning woman also helps in the shopping if something isn’t at home.

You are very pleasant when you say when you speak to me similar when you could speak to your granny. I am very sorry for her that she passed away. How did she pass away? Was she ill or she had a sudden death. The death is very bad for those who stay here and know that they never could speak to their beloved person.

Dear Elham, ask me anything I try to tell you my opinion. I know that nobody could replace totally our beloved persons who passed away, but a little bit you try to share with me if you have problems or joys. Both is very good to share with somebody.

I share with you a thread where I wrote to somebody yesterday because I caught him that he is a haughty American. As my daughter lives there I realized that there are more swollen-headed persons in America than in other countries.

After reading it - I will tell you some stories what happened to my daughter in the US. I believe that not every Amerian is an idiot, but there are lot, in my daughter’s family also. UNFORTUNATELY.

I answered OTS letters.
it begins at 80# permalink.

I am looking forward your answer.

Take care:


Hello M. Durdock. I’m from Rio and I’m leaning English by myself using this web site.

Torsten, many thanks for your feedback about capital letter for English!

Talk to you soon,


Hello kati
How are you today?

I’m so so so sorry for such a long delay.This week I was really busy.As you know I’m a student and I have to attend to the classes 4 days in a week in addition I have another class out of university 2 days in a week.This week was the first week after holiday and I had a lot of homework to do also I promised my cousins to go out with them.We went to Naghshe-Jahan square.Our city (Isfahan) is so beautiful in March and April so most of Isfahanians go out to walk by the river (Zayande Rood).

You asked about my granny she passed away because of heart attack.After two years I can’t believe she is not with us any more.

When do you change your plaster?and has your pronunciation improved by reading out?
I have a question. Is English your second language or your foreign language?
Can you tell me the equivalence of “Hello” and “How are you” in Hungarian?

You told me you were a teacher,I want to be an English teacher I think you can help me learn some techniques to manage the class and to absorb the students to listen to me.would you please share your experience with me.

Sorry again for delay


Hi Elham,

How am I doing today? Tell the truth I am fed up my broken leg and the bed-ridden state.

And you? How are you? Your letter was very descriptive. I could imagine that your city is more beautiful in the spring, and the people enjoy the budding trees and bushes and the flowers.

Dear Elham you don’t be sorry if you can’t answer immediately because I understand that you are very busy.

I am very sorry for your granny that this is the life. Yesterday I read this page:
and this proverb surprised me -it doesn’t say anything new, only the truth.

“As soon as man is born he begins to die”

My plaster will be changed on 18 Mars.-I am looking forward to this day.
No English isn’t my second language I began to learn for 18 years ago when My daughter got married to an American and they didn’t teach my grandchildren in Hungarian.

Hello in Hungarian szia you pronounce as sɪa] How are you? = hogy vagy? you pronounce: hodj vadj dj has a similar pronunciation than in adieu
[UK: əˈdjuː]

Mentally disable children are very great burden to the parents. I felt very sorry for them because they asked me what will happen to their children when they die. And I can’t say anything good because these children go to school until 18 year-old and after they go in an institute where there are together from 18 year-old to 80 old. It is a very sad place. I told the parents that the government will solve this situation. Unfortunately, I hadn’t be right, now not only for the mentally disabled children’situation is difficult but almost every children.

I used to teach normal children also, but it was most difficult than to teach mentally disable children. It is easier to discipline them.

I became very sleepy so I say to you good night you are sleeping now because in Iran - if I know well - 3 hours the difference so there it’s 3 o’clock am, here in Hungary it’s midnight.

Sweet dreams:


I know its been 5 years since you posted.. Id have so many questions for you… I know its still war into your country. I like your region because its always summer :). I love summer. And really, I did`nt know that you have internet acces, tv and you wearregullary clothes, just like we do.

King greetings!


I know its been 5 years since you posted.. Id have so many questions for you… I know its still war into your country. I like your region because its always summer :). I love summer. And really, I did`nt know that you have internet acces, tv and you wearregullary clothes, just like we do.

King greetings!


I know its been 5 years since you posted.. Id have so many questions for you… I know its still war into your country. I like your region because its always summer :). I love summer. And really, I did`nt know that you have internet acces, tv and you wearregullary clothes, just like we do.

King greetings!


Hello, I`m Lorena from Bucharest, Romania. I am so happy to meet so many people here and improve my english language. In Roania we have 4 seasons. The summer is always too short for all my plans :). I love the beach, bike-ridding, playing basket and voleyballl, strollings and swimming. Romania people is very nice. We have acces to mountains, Black Sea, Delta Dunarii, caves and a beatiful construction: Palatul Parlamentului. It is worts to visit Romania. Most of the people speaks english and we are very hospitables.

See you,


Hi all,

I’m from Brazil, but currently I live in India past 3 years…


Hello everyone,
My name is Funmi. I am from Nigeria. I have lived in Nigeria all my life, though I have visited some other countries on vacation.
I am a born again Christian and love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole heart. For me, everything starts and ends with Jesus.


Hello everyone,
Im Resul from Albania, 20 years old. I joined in this forum because in 5 days im taking the toefl so im practicing more than 10 hours these 5 days and English-Test is helping me a lot especialy in Writing and Listening section.

Bye and wish me luck with 27 April.


Szia Kati
How are you?I missed you.How is your ankle?Can you walk again?
Today is Mother’s day in Iran.I like to congratulate you.Happy mother’s day honey.
I have a new news.I have started teaching kids recently.Teaching kids is very difficult but it’s good for start.My employer says to me teaching kids make you a professional teacher.I hope so
I’m looking for any news from you.


Hello Elham,

I am very sorry that I didn’t ask you how you say in Persian Hello and How are you. I would like to greet you -as you did - in your mother tongue.

The plaster was taken off on Friday. Yesterday I had to go to physiotherapy and I have been there for all morning from 8-13 and nothing happened only I was waiting with a lot of people and today I have to go again but now it is better because I received appointments.

Many thanks for your congratulations on Mother’s day. I was very jolly from it.

What do you teach for kids? English? Because if you teach English it is really a difficult thing. I think that you have to say everything in English for them not only the lesson. For example:You have to learn how to say the instructions. for exp:"Wash your hands!"etc

To teach them stories, role-plays, pictures, dialogues about themes, songs , rhymes, dances, games.

You find lot of things on You Tube . As my grandchildren are American I learned with them the most popular children-songs, if you want I send to you the most popular ones.

But really I don’t know that you will teach English or another subject.

Write me, I am very curious.



hello dear,
Its morning and rainy here. I am thankful for your kindness that you dont leave us alone. I am thankful for your teaching that you gain ground our learning in some materials, specially in our life and love. I am thankful for everything. I am from Iran.


Dear Kati,
I’m so happy to hear your plaster was taken off.How are you getting along with physiotherapy?
you asked me about greeting in Persian we say "salam "instead of hello and “haleton che tore?” instead of how are you?
As I said I teach English to kids.They are 5 year old.I try to teach them by playing,sometimes I make situation for them and teach them the point in that situation,also I use picture, but sometimes I have to speak in Persian.
you said you have lots of songs.would you please send them to me.I can write my email adress if necessary.
I’ll be happy if you give me any comments.
As you know It’s my first teaching experience.Because your grandchildren are American I think you know some methods for teaching them.please share me any useful ways you know.
Thank you


Salam Elham,

"Haleton che tore?" Many thanks for your question, slowly I am getting better, but the physiotherapy isn’t easy and very time-consuming, exhausting when I get home I am good for nothing.

I try to write to you some very important songs but really it would be better if you send me your email address because if I began to write here the children songs they appear on this thread and I think that Torsten wouldn’t be happy if we transform his thread.

google.hu/#hl=hu&sclient=ps … 66&bih=653

You write on the Google: You Tube: Sing Along With Lauren.

Her song all very good and you cab see her teaching method with children. If I were you I would begin with Clap your hands! because it is full of instructions what you can use during teaching.

I will write more in email.

Your welcome:


Dear Kati,
I’m fine, and thank you for greeting in Persian.
My email address is " elhamamini26@yahoo.com "
would you please attach the songs if you have them.
you do me a favor.