Some questions need help with

Please i am struggling to find the correct answers
i would appreciate your help.
if it is a lot let me know i can post another topic, i am new here.Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 12.51.45 PM-converted.pdf (641.8 KB)

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Can you please post your questions in text format so we can read them here?

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it is a lot as you can see, do you find any problems with the file?
thanks a lot!

On our site you can find tens of thousands of neatly formatted questions and exercises. Please use them first. Here a few examples:

I thought you can answer the questions :slight_smile: what happened?

You can use our materials and resources for free and you can even answer us questions. However, in this post here you have not asked us any questions but uploaded a badly formatted file instead.

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