Rebuilding from scratch

I just wanted to let you know that we have finally found a web development team that we are very happy to work with. Together with them, we have begun to rethink and rebuild the website from the ground up. I will be updating this post regularly over the next two weeks: …

Please let us know how we can make the site better for YOU, our users. Let’s build a community of like-minded people who support each other. We can all achieve our goals only if we build strong connections with others and that’s what is all about.


I wish you and the web development team good luck, sir.


Among others, the new version of will have he following features:

  • more modern and user interface, better navigation, clearer structure, more pleasant colour scheme and fonts

  • more functionality inside the personal accounts

  • more interactivity

  • better integration between forum and site

  • leader boards and ranking

  • pages will load faster

  • site will be working more stable

  • integration of various projects such as this one and this one.

Here is example of the new UI:

We have been working towards this goal for about two years now:


You are an excellent leader, Sir Torsten Daerr.

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Let’s go ahead, Torsten, with a strong sense of confidence and success!

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Here are some more impressions from the new version…

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Here is an update on the new version.

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