New TOEFL vocabulary tests


Hi Germanyxia.
well, mate if you dont want to take the toefl test, the only opportunity for you to be granted this reward is to get an antiaircraft or even an antitank gun will do, and go to uni asking very politely if they could do this favour for you. this way seems actually easier than spending a couple of weeks working on toefl.
good luck! )


Hi Rpd.

Thanks for your attention,and thank for your answer!
I’m Chinese,english is my second language,so I think I need to get a nice toefl scores and make the professor trust my english ability. I just think the EST make the test difficult。



no problem man, you are always welcome.hope my advise helps you somehow )
To be serious with you,it doesnt really matter how difficult and unfair the test seems to us, if youre going to their country youve got to obey their rules and fulfil their requirements, its not like your are being constrained to take the test, is it? There is the UK with its IELTS,which seems to me more impartial, etc.
From my point of view,and ive taken the test twice, it does not only evaluate your english as a second language,but it does demand some sort of knack and intelligence to get a good score,thats required by decent universities, for some obvious reasons - they are prone to skim off the smart people only,and hicks are meant to be left wherever they are:)


Hi Rpd.

I’m very glad to see you reply my answer so rapidly. Your suggestion is very helpful to me.

I know the toefl test is fair to everybody,I also really know I need to work hard,do my best in order to get a nice score,and finally become to the people like you–make the dream come true!


Hi! Lanchi.
Yes, I know a same like you. TOEFL is a crucial english language. I know many universities except this TOEFL, not only in the US but some Asia countries aswell. For example, my english class use all TOEFL’s books. These are Listening&Speaking book, Writing book and Reading book. I find it hard in TOEFL reading book, because there are too difficult vocabularies…

I like to ask to everybody opinion, how to improve fast and much english vocabularies?

Now, How Lanchi opinion? Thanks you…


I would like to improve my English so pleas tell how you improve your vocabulary skills then i can follow that same way.



Hi Lanchi,

Many Universities in Us accept TOEFL and GRE because the best way for evaluating English for foreign students are TOEFL and GRE.




I hope it could help me out for TOEFL.


hi every body
i hope all you are will
i want to emprove my language i realy love englishe language and i wonder how can i emprfove my grammer , writing and speeking as soon as posible
what is the eassier way


i dont know may be its me who doesnt know but i need to see what i deed wrong on my test but i cant its only the pecentege
i am seeng and then when ever i write i seem to have the same points i think its because i am not doing my corrections


thank u very much for creating such a web site, its really very useful, but actually i have a problem . the first day i have added 2 eesays at the same time, then i got a message that can post only once, so in order to get any kind of evaluation o have to delete one of them, i did… But till now didnt got any comment or smth like that, i would like to know what is the problem, if i have done anything worng???


Hello Argine,

The best thing to do is to repost it as a new topic again. Don’t take it personally - I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong. Sometimes things get missed because it is a very busy forum, especially if someone else replies in ‘your’ thread. It’s not intentional, it is just impossible to check every new post made sometimes.


thank u very much for your reply.



dear Mo7aisen
i can not pm you as i am a new user. it would be wonderful if you mail the file to
i got 113 in IBT two years back. taking toefl again as it has expired. just need to polish up the things i had. i would love to check your stock.
thank you in advance


hello sir, please i will like to know the easy means of scoring high in the TOEFL exam. i need to score more than the required score for me to secure a place in my


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