New TOEFL vocabulary tests


I had same problems with you. But find out it depends on our internet. If your internet speed is okey, Listening items will okey. I think You should fix your internet.



Hi, everybody
From my perspective TOEFL is quite difficult for us as ESL (English as a Second Language), especially when we have a subject about something that we are not familiar with such as Archeology, Geology, Biology or Astronomy and so on. I mean a subject that you did not study it in English. The difficulty will be in the new vocabulary that we may read or listen. So, we need to increase or vocabulary bank. This is what I believe and I wish a good luck for everybody.


I strongly agree with you. It is too difficult to understand when I read about biology or chemical topics. I think this kind of topics are requiring widespread knowledge from us. For example, a month ago I read about Cellular Slime Mold. Oooh. that was awkward. (is it suitable using word “AWKWARD” for this sentence. Please tell me. Because sometimes I make a mistake using words properly.)
Maybe We have to study about certain topics which probably will come in TOEFL test. Such as Biology, history and archeology etc.


I think you probably mean ‘difficult’ but ‘awkward’ works quite well there too.


Hi Tuulai0903,

‘Awkward’ is a good adjective to use and I congratulate you on using it. It really describes something that is difficult to manage either literally or figuratively. For example if you have a very large case, you will find it awkward to take it on to the train because there isn’t much room. Alternatively you may find yourself in an awkward situation because you find yourself talking to someone you don’t remember but they say they know you very well.



Hi, everybody
Thank you Tuulai for citing my post and I found out this problem when I experienced to those subjects that you mentioned. However, how can we overcome this difficulty (I mean people who are using English as a Second Language) by writing down the new words that we find, understand their meaning very well and try to utilize them when we write or speak, like the word (awkward) when you used it in your writing (I like this attitude). In addition, making sure that we know the pronunciation, sometimes we find new word in reading comprehension and we know what does it mean but when we have it in listening, we do not recognize it because we do not know the correct pronunciation of that word.
(Please if there is any mistake in my writing correct me)
Many thanks


Hello everybody,

I have an experience in learning a new language which I want share with you. My main language is Turkish(Azerbaijan) and I’m living in Iran. I learned Persian language as an Iran’s official language. I and other people like me learned this new language so deeply, as no one can distinguish me from some one whose main language is Persian. I think following three parameters helped me learning the new language at the level of a native.

1- Reading texts and writing them regularly.
2- writing essays. In my own opinion writing your idea will improve your ability as much as possible for you.
3- listening. As you can, buy or download documentary films in your own interesting field and watch(listen!) times and times.
4- speaking with native people(if you have any around). Of course I had not any Persian native as a friend or any other one around me up to end of high school.

I think above mentioned parameters helped me more, and now I do such with both English and French languages which I’m interested.

If someone be persistent on learning English and practices it everyday regularly, certainly he will speak, read and write like an English native one.

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Hi Bee

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Thank you Alan. Sometimes I confuse in usage of words because I did not use this words in speaking or writing before. I will still make mistake if you guys did not tell me. I really appreciated. I love this forum.

For forum administrations: Good luck for your job.



Hello teacher
Iam newer here but i will want to learn with you English. How can i do?


Hello teacher
In my work on friady at 3:30 will finish job until at 7:30 on mondy. Because we don´t work on saturday and sunday then in my home haven´t the internet. But i think that few things caugth in this site since yesterday until now. Altough, i feel that need moreover if can be possible you give a lot of exercice for because i want to improve my English until December…
Who can give security to learn this important language for my future.


Hello teacher
How are you? I´m ok.
I will want to apply different kind of exercice, for exemple writting, intrepretation test and other types of exercice to improve my English.


TOEIC listening, photographs: A one horse carriage[YSaerTTEW443543]


Dear sir…
sory sir i just want to say i not understand what i can do the fist time if i want to start learn my inglish. can you help me please. i word so i just can study on night.


I just found out that if someone is not able to download the TOEFL practice tests from the official website, then you can download from ETS official partner’s website -


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Everything in this site is very very helpful and important.
Thanks for your help.


i downloaded whole barrons CD with 7 full-lenth tests on it from a website, could give u a link if you wish,but you gona have to need a programm called utorrent


i don’t know why american university need the toefl scores,and ETS make the test more difficult than before.
how can i go to university and get the reward?