New TOEFL vocabulary tests

As of now you can improve your TOEFL vocabulary by taking these tests:

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the TOEFL test.


TOEFL listening discussions: Why does the student visit the professor?

This vocabulary is so difficult :? I am not sure that half of the English speaking society knows these words.

Hi April, you probably mean these words?

I meant “these”, of course. Thank you, Andreana.
I corrected it.

I am loving these prep tests!

I considered myself to be pretty good at English, but some of the questions leave me stumped.

Usually, getting between 8 and 9 out of 10 on those.

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Is anybody aware of I have heard about some ets approved products by these ppl. Can somebody tell whther I should go in gor the same from the big cd.


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this vocabulary tests are very helpful to us. i took toefl-ibt last month and i found that ets has make reading extremely hard. if someone can suggest me how to improve my reading. if someine can provide reading comprehensions :lol: just like we have in exam, i would really appreciate it.

thank you again.

Does anyone has any idea how to help me. I will be taking the NEW IBT TOEFL on next Saturday. Please help me, if you have any suggestion. I really want to do well on it. What kind of essay are topic will be?

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I have posted an essay. Please do make necessary correction. I am always waiting for your valuable suggestion. Please help me.

I guess the only way to tackle the hardness of the vocabulary part is to have a lot of “TOEFL-RELATED-VOCABULARY” in mind at the time of the EXAM. You can find lots of lists of this kind of vocabulary by searching google. If you cannot find them, write to me on private; I’ve summarized some of them for my personal usage. cheers.

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i know TOEFL is very important, but i do not know why in many university in US they only accept TOEFL

Hi Lanchi,

That’s because the TOEFL is probably the most reliable and accurate measure instrument when it comes to assess a person’s level of English in an academic environment.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, talks: Informing city residents about an Independence Day parade[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi! l’m hassna. Can you send some of them to me plz

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it is really a pretty good forum

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Welcome to! To take your first TOEFL vocabulary test, please click here.

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TOEIC listening, photographs: A designer loft[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Ukaegbu
There are lots of pairs of words in the English language that look or sound the same and yet mean something completely different!
Here’s an example:

Confusing Words: DEFACE (to spoil or disfigure appearance) and EFFACE (to wipe out)

Many words have more than one meaning. The context in which a word is used can have a huge impact on its interpretation and the effect it has during communication.
For instance, the simple word FRY has two completely different meanings - “to cook in oil”, or “baby fish”! (Reference:

If you can try to master the above kinds of words, I think you will be successful.
Best of luck!

You will find many tips on Reading/Comprehension here

thanks for helping me sir.

i love this website .because it s helping me to improve my english skills.i love you have had brought to me this course

I don’t think so. It only tells how strong is the ETS in the US. I had a lot of friends who speak, write, and read in English hardly but scored well above 100 in the new iBT while others who don’t have any problem in their ``English in an academic environment’’ can’t even dream of that score at the test time. It’s simply because the TOEFL tests patterns which can be mastered and not everybody is capable of mastering them.