New TOEFL vocabulary tests


dear Torsten,
I can’t open some of the TOEFL listening items, sometimes i can see the message “file not found”. What is the problem?


Hi Raraavis,
There are many listening exercises in this site and most of them have no problem.
So, it is important if you paste the link of those exercises that have the problem of “file not found”.


Hi, everyone!
After taking this vocabulary tests for a long time, I find it useful and that I build my confidence now!


Dear Sir
Thanks you so mich for your great free lessons. I’m from Mongolia and I’m planning to take TOEFL IBT exam in August. But my english is not good especially lsitening and speaking. So please help me.


Hi Dolgoon, you are welcome to this forum.

This is a good site to help you prepare for your TOEFL test especially in the Listening, Speaking and Writing sections.

For Listening,

Speaking, … _toefl_ibt

Writing, you can write essays and post in the below forum for correction. There is a great man in the name of Kitos who has help a lot of people including me to improve on their writing.

To improve on your vocabulary, practice the exercises under the below link. … l-test.php

Hope this helps.


this site is very useful for the students to learn english and speak it.i personally felt the difference after working out the tests over here.
the tests not only makes me to learn english but also helps me in preparing for toefl exam.
the toefl material provided was prodigious.
i never forget the encouragement and confidence i got from doing exercises mentioned in this site.
thank u


Is TOEFL test is Fair??? for a person whose mother language is not English.


toefl is all about testing how you can understand english language and basic essential things required to study abroad like how well you understand the conversations and how you respond to them.
toefl can be easily scored with a good practise


hello everyone.
I took a TOEFL test a months ago. My problem is listening and reading section. I need to improve my score but I dont know how? I hope This website is help me. And I`m enjoying this forum that contains a lot of people all around the world.


I think my vocabulary is not to bad but this vocabulary test change my opinion. Some words are very hard. Thank you for the free tests.



TOEFL is the abbreviation of “Test Of English as a Foreign Language”, a test which holds by ETS through the world (ETS is the abbreviation of Educational Testing System). I took this test. I think this test is really standard method to evaluate students’ fluency in English. If you want to pursue your education at an English language university, and English is not your main language, you must present a document to the university which shows that you know English. TOEL is one of that tests which is valid through the world.


Hi friends
I have alittle bit problems on listening part, in toefl disscution number 1,I couldn’t find out the meaning of this sentence
“you’ve got almost a year under your belt here,now at central you will starting from scratch”
what does it mean exactly?actully i cant guess the meaning of the 2 these words"belt and scratch".
would you please help me?

thank you


You’ve got almost a year under your belt here, - you have almost a year’s experience here. If you have something under your belt, you have already achieved it or done it.

Now at Central you will be starting from scratch - at Central, you will be starting without being able to make use of any prior experience (in this case, because you haven’t experienced that sort of work before). If you do something from scratch, you do it without making use of anything that has been done before.


We don’t need to do vocabulary in personal for IBT toefl?? i mean they don’t give any structure or grammar in IBT TOEFL


Dear Friend,

You are right, there isn’t any structural or grammar question in the TOEFL iBT test. But the more you boost your vocabulary, the high score you will get.


“I’ve been having too good a time at it”.
can you tell me what it really means?does is it mean " I SPEND TIME AT IT."


I’m enjoying it so much that I’m spending too much time at it.


Hi Everybody!
My name is Luong. I wan’t learning English good. I am verry fun meet them, i hope we are with exchange, learn,…and learn English better. Thank soo much!



I couldnt figure out the exact meaning of this part of listening," I’ve learned a lot here, and one thing I’ve learnt is that most fields don’t hold out a lot of promise for gainful employment".
I think it means" I’ve learned here ,most majors can’t give a guaranty for guys who want to have beneficial occupation ".am i right?would you please correct me, if I dont figure it out exactly?

I’m grateful for your kindness


I think using flash cards is good method to improve vocabulary. I could get some words before I could not get it by using the flash cards. It is funny and effective method. Try it with your friends.