New TOEFL vocabulary tests


You can download free samples from the net with explaination


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Thank you…
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thanks alot to give these web sit


I enjoyed taking the tests… They’re tricky (sometimes), but very helpful.

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I’m not so good with vocabulary too and I want to do the test in the end of this year. I’d like to thank lionking friend for the site to improve vocabulary. Thank’s a lot


I’m learning a lot with english-test. Thanks a lot to Torsten and everyone here for this wonderful work


they accept TOEFL only cause TOEFL is an american test,and americans derive from us taking their tests(about 115 quid every test!). id rather take IELTS which assesments are more impartial n correct in my opinion, but the university im going to doesnt accept IELTS :(the reason is obvious )


Hi Torsten…I’m Tem@naf, I am preparing my self to take a TOEFL on March

How do you think about “TOEFL Secrets Study Guide-eBook”, Mometrix Media, can help me effectively? or do you have other optional way to get good score?

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Hello Dear Sir,
I am Mohammed from Sudan, it’s an Afro-Arab country located in Africa, nowaday’s I am preparing my self to enroll in Toefl PBT. Hence, it was the only option we have in our country.
Could you please help me in this type of exam, however, this is my first time to sit for this type of examination in English.
My plan is to further my post-graduate studies in Marketing Management at one of the American University. This is my dream.
Thank you


It´s the first time I´m here at this forum, and let me tell you that I´m impressed about all good material you have to practice and improve our grammar skills!



Thank you Torsten…


Dear Sir,
It’s been a pleasure to join such a wonderful forum, thank you for all the information about toefl.


Iam planning to have toefl ibt after one month.this is the third time,and i must get 45 scor ,it is too defecult to me
please help,my problem is listning section ,i can not understand it


Does anybody know where can I find complete prep tests?




hallo everybody! I am new here and I like this web-site. I am from Tajikistan. Thank you, my learning coach, Torsten!


I liked this vocabulary tests but I have a problem. I can’t keep in my mind all these new words. How can I keep all these new words in my mind?


Practice using the words in your speaking and writing tasks. I’m sure this is one of the best methods to retain these new words.


These Voca are difficult to me!!
I am just a F.5 students in HK!


[color=brown]What is TOEFL mean? can anyone tell me!?


Test Of English as a Foreign Language.