New TOEFL vocabulary tests


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I have a clarification on the writing section.In TOEFL IBT is the essay written on the paper or should it be typed in the computer? Pls clarify.Thanks


It should be typed in the computer.


Thanks for your response.I’m not very good at typing do you think that would be a big disadvantage?


Yes, definitely. Being able to type fast is an essential skill. Master it.




hi. thanks. u r a real coach !
i always had a problem with new words. i think my brain is getting lazy after graduating in college. i really need an easy way to remember new words. thanks again. good luck


Dear Sir…

I want to submit ads scholarship but I never pass toefl, please help me to increase my toefl value.




Hello everyone.
i want to take toefl IBT next week
can anyone explain to me about writing summary, and writing about knowledge?
thank you


well if you want to pass toefl or increase your score, it needs constant study and also i advise you to but barron’s sat preparatory book. There is 3500 basic word list, i am sure its gonna help you out. Moreover I want to mention that vocabulary is not the only thing for improving your writing skills, you must read newspapers and novels or plays by good and famous authors…Thats how its gonnal work i hope


Hi Torsten,

Thank you very much. Finally, I found some preparation material for TOEFL. I need it for my exam next week.
Wish me luck…I do hope I can continue my study.



Dear Torsten,

I would like to prepare for TOEFL test. What should I begin from. what do you advice?




Sorry for the interruption.
I hope this would help…to some extent –

Need advice on TOEFL



The fact is that most universities in the US want to know whether you will understand english as it is spoken and written in North America.However some other schools accept an A or B in the english language in your Upper secondary school certificate examinations.
I think its better they try and know your proficiency in english before they accept you so that you can excel in your studies, since it will be conducted in english.
Hope you found this information useful.


vocabulary is so boring…aww i used to spend a month cracking a vocabulary book,that was a really dark time…After that i throw the book away and now i’ve forgotten most of the new words TAT i’m picking it up again, for my ibt test in September!!!


does anybody know how to improve on speaking skills? the problem is none of my friends can speak english…



TOEFL is very important for who want to go to english universities.
I took TOEFL test one month ago.


Thank you Gray


I would like to appreciate your help towards those who are keen intrested in TOEFL. I am the one who is keen intrested in TOEFl . My problem :-I feel that toefl is little bit difficult to those who only wants to give this specific test ,I mean no GRE . I asked this to many people around me -They answered that it’s more difficult to deal with Toefl all alone,because a person who is preparing GRE,he will be having strong word power and ofcourse toefl would be easier for him… So I need to improve my english as soon as possible so that i can get good university in US.Please help me…


Surprisingly, most Americans have a vocabulary base of 25,000 words. However, they only USE about 3,000 of those words in writing and speaking situations.

Michael Buckhoff,