New level of technological convergence?



It seems to me that we are facing a completely new level of technological convergence with the following technologies and business models emerging together and compounding each other’s growth:

  • AI and machine learning
  • autonomous driving and robotaxis
  • new forms of transportation such as Hyperloop and The Chicago Express Loop
  • shared or rather ‘sharing’ economy
  • crowdworking
  • chatbots
  • sensing and smart cities
  • 5G and the internet of things
  • 3D printing
  • graphene batteries
  • wireless charging
  • hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles such as the Toyota Mirai, the Hundai ix35 or the Nikola One
  • flying cars such as Terrafugia’s TF-X
  • cloud computing
  • SAS (software as a service) such as Google Business Suite.
  • serverless apps
  • blockchain, Dapps and decentralized systems
  • crypotocurrencies and tokenization of services
  • off-grid renewable energy
  • vertical farming
  • crowdfunding
  • UBI (universal basic income)

I’m sure I’m missing a couple of tendencies? It’s very important to understand that new technologies are the reason for any part of life such as society, economy, politics, science, culture and arts, etc. It’s never politicians who change the way we live and work but always people who invent and promote new technologies. The


Why you are son involve in the way how the civilization is evolving?It is inevitable. The technological progress for me is not bringing so much to the society.Think a little bit.It is a system of demanding and presenting.For me as normal human being i don’t see big difference in windows for the last 10 years.I don’t see any difference in mobile phones also for the last 6 years.It is only numbers!!!Now we all are users.Before there were socialist countries where people were different.Now we all are the same which is illogical. The resources are going to be exhausted and after that nothing.We can not even transport 100000 tons to Mars!!It means that so called planet colonization is ridiculous.Sad but true.People were living watching funny films as Star Wars.And now what?


Kolev, why are you incredulous? Wouldn´t exploring the universe be a better option than genociding each other? And why carrying owls to Athens or 100,000 tons to mars? Scientists found out that the universe provides all materials needed for its exploration. All what is missing are the abilities to use what big bang is offering us. Who knows? first we conquer the sun system and later the milky way.