The advantages of document sharing via the cloud



There are many instances when you need to create a document such as a product description, a school essay, a project proposal, a contract draft, a lesson plan, a presentation… Actually, the list is endless and I think you get the idea. In most cases, you want to share this document with others such as your colleagues, co-workers, fellow students, supervisors, subordinates, friends, etc.

The old fashioned way is to use Microsoft Office, create a new Word document on your local PC or laptop and then send it via email to the person you want to share it with. This is a difficult process because every person who has a copy of the document makes changes to the document thereby creating a multitude of different versions of the same document. In other words: You are creating a huge mess.

The solution is to use a document sharing system that works in the cloud such as Google Drive. All you need is a free Gmail account. Once you have created a new Google doc, you have a number of options for sharing it with other people. If you want to invite other people as contributors, those people need a free Gmail account too. You can give other Gmail users access to your document with the following three options:

  1. You allow the other person to just view your document.
  2. You allow the other person to view your document and make comments using the ‘comments’ function in Google Drive.
  3. You allow the other person the rights listed in 1 and 2 plus the right to make changes to your document.

The changes you and other contributors make in your document are automatically saved every two seconds so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your work due to a technical failure. You can also undo any of the changes you make if you are not happy with them. The Google Drive interface is very intuitive and most of the functions and features are self-explanatory. The files you create an Google Drive are compatible with and convertible to MS Office and you can also download and save them as PDF files.

New level of technological convergence?

Hi Torsten,

thanks for sharing your interesting experience about the Cloud. It seems a useful tool for teamworks. Plus it seems the cloud account is available from every site worldwide, which can provide with useful options in international business. Hence it is a good option for solving problems for instance in on-site plant erections and such. Here it could help with sharing sketches to and fro the designer and the on-site builder. They might send (or store) handmade sketches without making hardware copies, add some changes and discuss problems that usually come up.

Though some questions come to mind. Lol first of all the first niggard question is: How much is such a cloud account per month? :blush: Secondly how save is it against espionage and spysoftware or would another cloud provider be saver? Third, if I got you right the google cloud provides the user with a text-writer-programme? also with a calculation programme like Excel and other Office-apps? And is a gmail-account required in Google Drive or would other e-mail-progammes -like outlook- be accepted, too?


A basic Gmail account with full access to all Business apps is free.

Google uses the highest level of security. If it were not secure, the entire Alphabet ecosystem would have long collapsed. I’ve been using Gmail and Google Business Suite since 2007 and have never encountered any problems.

Yes, that’s the entire idea of this system: to replace MS Office and become independent. Google Drive gives you full access to an entire suite of office applications including Google Docs which can be compared to MS Excel and is compatible with it, Google Sheets (which is the counterpart to MS Excel), Google Sildes (MS Powerpoint), etc. You don’t need any MS Office programs any longer when you use Google Drive.

To create files (text documents spread sheets, etc.) you need a Gmail or Google Business Suite account, to view them any email account works.


Thanks for clarification, Torsten. I mysef am using outlook for ages now. They provide user with a cloud, too. Just I haven´t tried it out yet.
Actually it is amazing what fortunes the internet provides people with. I think the problem is that people need to know which of them is reliable. But one has to find out oneselfs, I assume, or get good advice from trustworthy people.


Hello sir, what is “oneselfs”?


Hello Mona, oneself means to do something on your own. In the above case. I meant one had to research the reliability of internet facilities by checking it out. Maybe the spelling should read onesel"ves" rather than onesel"fs"
I hope this explanation helps.


Hello sir, Thank you. Forgive me, but, sir, with all due respect and gratitude for you, lately, I have found this:- [ Hisself, theirselves, theirself, ourself, and oneselves are not legitimate words; they are, rather, what you would call grammar errors. You can also call them substandard grammar. Actually, you can call them anything you want; just don’t use them in either speech or writing, casual or formal, with friends or at work, in your thesis or in your office memo, when you’re at dinner or at the roller derby, at a hockey game or at the opera…. Aforementioned had been quoted from the following sit: Rid Yourself of Hisself | Everything Language and Grammar].
N.B:- [But, sir, with all due respect and gratitude for you…Aforementioned had been quoted from the following sit: with all due respect and gratitude - Translation into Arabic - examples English | Reverso Context]


Hello Mona, and thanks for your correction. Should read oneself rather than oneselves.
Lol, I put my foot in mouth using an illegitimate idefinite pronoun. :blush:


No problem, sir. Always, I have many mistakes in my English writing.


:relaxed: Mrs. Mona, as you pointed out we are in the same boat.

When, oh when will we ever be close to perfect? Anyway, every step we do brings us closer.