How good is your English?


I made two attampts for testing my English level. I used My level is B2.


Dear Torsten,

I am not sure on which level I am? But as I m solving the tests, I think it is the time to get on to advanced category. I am eager to go there and I want to solve the tests in advanced category.

Thank you.


The course is flexible enough that you can visit any of the lessons and exercises in any order at any time.
You will find the lessons here:
And here are some other starting points: … -test.html … obahn.html


Thanks for the plug.


Hello Torsten,

I want to ask you about language at message. Do we have to concern too much for grammar on message like this? because sometimes I don’t feel confident to write message or chat in English worried that my grammar is wrong. And I also think that the way we write a paragraph is different with a message,isn’t it?Sorry if my English is not too good enough.

thank you,


Hello Ayu_Putri,

Welcome to the forums and well done for taking the brave step to post your message, even though you don’t feel it might be very good English. The important thing is that you are trying and you should be very happy with your attempts. There are many learners on these forums, all at different stages of learning. We’re happy to answer questions and offer corrections to all of them.
You don’t need to apologise for your grammar or feel worried about making mistakes when you post.


My English is really very good to nothing.

kind regards.


Good afternoon Torsten Learning Coach,

My concerned about the students who claimed advanced materials I understood in a way that there is no classifications so far of the level. We are all doing the very same things on the very same level. It is well know that we are through in this Forum for to improve our English by expressing our communications, listening as well grammatically. But among ourselves as students I do not think we have all the very same level of English that we are learning here. In this case I will suggest you if you may start to give some test of evaluation after been admitted as a student in this Forum, which may put everyone on the right level or position of understanding in accordance of his/her competency otherwise I do not know, what is prepared for us at the end of this courses. As I did ask this question in one of my previous intervention, Will we graduated with a symbolic at the end of our studies? Yes or not, how and when.

Kind regards,



I too agree with your opinion that you want forum to conduct test for testing the
learners proficiency after joined as learner. What I feel that it can be done by the
forum before joining as learners. So that they can easily attend test and their
learning level also will be good. Moreover they should know basic computer knowledge
so that they can attend test/feedback without difficulties.

I never ask anyone my English is good or not, because, I cannot bear when say
my English is not upto the level. I will try my best to write as good as possible.
But I love to make more mistakes than corrections, as I am not an English Literature.

Thank you



Thank you for your feedback.

The course is flexible enough that you can visit any of the lessons and exercises in any order at any time.

ou will find the lessons here:
And here are some other starting points: … -test.html … obahn.html


Good afternoon Beeesneees Language Coach,

I like your expression. A spoonful of sugar helps medicine go down. The medicine in our case is “grammar” and what is the “sugar”?

Best regards,


Good afternoon Beeesneees Language Coach(breeder),

In order to learn English grammar. In my previous post was word article, then today I would like to explain MODALS as again define of the word modal and related words of may/must/can/would/will and so on. The use may to indicate that something will possibly happen or be true in the future, but you cannot be certain. The use must to indicate an obligation or you think it is very important for something to happen. And so on.

Best regards,


Good afternoon Torsten Learning Coach,

The point of the day is PASSIVE in order of learning English grammar as definition of passive and related words, use of the passive with examples. The audiences are watching breaking news on TV. All passengers on board of a train have no right to drive except the train drive. I usually listen Mrs Sue Darville on audio, MP3.

Kind regards,


I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are asking.


Good morning Beeesneees,

I was studying on articles and modals words so, the essay that I made were post to you in order to see whether I am right or wrong in a way that can help me to adjust my grammar.

Kind regards,



Hello torsten.
I can’t measure my level,because I don’t know whether I am good at English or not.
I practise writing, reading,and learning new materials every day. But my problem is, I don’t practise speaking the most important thing. I haven’t got anybody to speak English with him. And Iam still at the begining of the road toward English.There is a long way ahead of me.But I will do my best to make this road the shortest of all with the help of you and your team.
In my opinon.
An advanced learner isn’t just a word to be mentioned,but it means a great deal of knowlage.
And I lack this knowlage,so Iam only a beginer.
It is very important to speak English fluently nowadays.Beacuse it is the language of business and tourism, and almost everything around us is written in English.
Iam looking forward to becoming an advanced learner,who knows may be I will be one of them.
with my best wishes,


Hi, Torsten.

How are you doing?

I consider my English, nearer the intermediate level. I miss a chat with a native speaker. So, I can not Improve my talking and my listening.
Anyway, I’m here trying to get some proficiency with you all, my teachers and friends, and I feel that I have managed to greatly improve my English, even without chatting!..:slight_smile:



Hello Torsten,

First of all I want to apologize for my last messages to you. I was dissapointed when I sow that my last lesson about Ramon got lost. I know that it should be some where, but it’s OK!
I can write it again, I have some notes that I took. However, you have seen many messages that I have post and you have a good idea how is my English. I do understand and I can have a
conversation with no problem even that I have an accent, but I have no problem communicating with American people. I feel that my writing could or should improve, but I would like to hear
from you.




I think , English learning is continues process and none of the exam can judge your English perfectly . Even in your mother tongue , you can not be absolute .At one stage you will find a better person . I will tell you my last 7years experience with English exams and my English proficiency. In 2005 I attended academic Ilets for my immigration purpose and I scored 7 band in each module .Like speaking , writing reading and listening . I moved to Toronto in same year and entirely different atmosphere . All the bit and bees are to be done in English.In 2009, My professional body asked me to write again Ilets test because, the one I was having was valid only for two years . Surprisingly , I scored 6 in all modules except 7 in writing According to this test my English was deteriorating in English speaking environment .Since I needed better results so I decided to go for Cantest .In Cantest I scored good except writing .According to this exam my writing was not good enough( though Ilets gave me Good score) . Next time I decided to go for for Toefl IBT , which gave me 100% in all but speaking I scored so low and according this score I am dumb in speaking . Interestingly , Cantest and Ilets gave me perfect score in Speaking , while they failed me in writing . So I attended all these exams about 15 times and every time i got different scores . So I wanted to that these exams do not judge your English , but they judge how good you are with exam structure . These test have nothing to do with English .In Summary All four Major English Exams gave absolutely different opinion about my English proficiency . Just I can laugh on these tests