How good is your English?


So how would you define your level of English? I’m asking because I often receive emails from our email English course students saying they need more advanced materials. What is your level of English and how did you measure it?

Many thanks,

TOEIC listening, question-response: Won’t you at least read the proposal?[YSaerTTEW443543]



I just read your letter and i want to answer to this question.
I agree with the idea that if someone wants to learn is good to find lots of new information, but it is difficult at first to understand all of them.

Really i don’t measure my English myself, because i had the opportunity others to do this for me. I learned English a year at an organized course hold by Hungarian and Native American teachers from Virginia. It was a wonderful experience for me to speak with native speakers.
After a year of studies i received a thesis for intermediate English. But you know what was fun?
The American teacher told us after the exam that now we know a little bit of English…:).

Can I ask you what is your opinion about my English?




Hello everybody,
Learning is unlimited. I think that the best student is the one who always asks for more and more to support his learning. The learner who stops asking for supporting himself saying: “I don’t need any more, I think I’m perfect enough to lead my own way…”, this one is not going to achieve any progress in his learning. We have to learn from the first breath to the last one.


Hi Torsten,

It is very difficult to define my English level. I guess it is quite good because I’m able to read your letters and some English books and even though I don’t understand every words, I understand the main idea. I can understand English people and I can have a conversation with them if it is a simple one. I mean I couldn’t follow a political or historical lecture…but talking about holidays, daily routine, weather and so on is all right for me. Nonetheless, I think I still have a lot to learn and I wish I spoke English as well as I speak French which is my mother tongue. So, wish me good luck for of the work I’ll have to do before I’m fluent.


Hello Regine,

Nice to meet a french native speaker :slight_smile: I’ve learnt french in my school days. It’s a very interesting language, though many people think that it’s more difficult than English. I have been learning English since I was very young, but I can use some phrases in French too. Could you support me with some websites for learning French? and your help will be appreciated.


Hello Nola,

Nice to meet you too. I don’t know any websites to learn French but I think you could find some on google. If you’re interested in French life you could try This is an English magazine all about France, it’s in English, but maybe if you join the forum you could ask some English people if they know a website to learn French. Of course if you have a question about French language, I’ll be happy to help you. I’ve started to learn English at school for 6 years, then I stopped and I decided to come back to English courses 3 years ago.
Where are you from?
See you,


Hello Regine,
I am from Egypt, and Arabic is my mother tongue. But I use English most of the time beacuse I’m a teacher of English, and I deal with many American teachers and trainees working in the school where I work in. I think that you don’t know Arabic and I am not very good at French so that English is a wonderful language that gave me the chance to contact with you. Anyway, thank you for your help and nice to meet you again.



Hello Nola,
First of all I want to apologise for my delay to answer. I’ve been very busy and 2 days ago I had problems with my computer.
I don’t speak Arabic at all and it must be very difficult to learn. Like you, I think English is a wonderful language. I like it very much and I like everything in connection with the UK expect the weather!!! English is spoken all around the world nowadays which is a good thing when people go abroad and to meet friends from every country.
I saw these 2 addresses for you: and
I didn’t try them so I don’t know whether they’re good or not.


hello to everybody
I read with interest your replies.
The problem is mine too: it is easier to write and to read in english - and french, in my case - because I have time for thinking the right word, the right verb and so on and you can also go back to amend…but, when you are speaking and listening, you cannot you have to to it , at once.
In fact, when you read a newspaper or a book, the pronounciation of the new words is “yours” and it may be completely wrong…
Therefore, I try to follow english movies, undertitled so to miss less possible words…
ciao from Italy


Hi Regine,
Many great thanks for your help. I’ve just tried the two web sites and I found them wonderful. Now I’m gonna learn some French through English, and it’s ok!
There are many countries in the world where the English language is the native one, and that’s the same with Arabic, German and many other languages. I know well that French is the native language in Paris, but are there any other countries where French is the native language? I will be pleased to know many things about your country, people, weather, culture and Education there. Let me know what you think.

Many thanks,


Hi Ginevra,

Have you ever tried to learn English phonetics?



Hi Nola,
Surely I tried to learn English phonetics: besides having attended the “Oxford Institute” here in Italy - english mothertongue teachers, I have been in touch with american people, because of my job.
I used to work in the italian branch of an american company, for about ten years.
Then I joined another company, and I have to speak with Chinese people… in english, of course…
Now I have no more chance to get in touch with foreign people, since my job changed again.
I like to follow tv movies, such as CSI, Detective Monk, Afterlife, 2.5 children… and so on, but there are many words or way to speak that I don’t remember or I don’t know.
Not to speak of english songs: I can understand the 20 %: only after having read the tests of the lyric I say: oh, sure, it is that .
But this is not very important because sometimes I do not understand the italian songs, even…


Hello, Ginevra,
That’s great. What a wonderful life! I think the symboles that you learnt in the English phonetics helps you a lot to pronounce most of the new English words. The songs are always difficult to be understood even if they were in your mother tongue, may be because of the rhyme of the song so that the singers say the words in a different way. I face this problem too whether with the songs of my mother language or of a target one.



Hi Nola,
I live in the south east of the country, in a little village situated between Marseille and Nice. It’s in the sea side. Here, the weather is always very nice. Summers are hot and winters are not very cold. We miss rain and we suffer from drought. It’s a very touristic place and in summer the polulation is more than doubled. We use to have a wonderful Indian summer.
French is also spoken in Corsica and in French overseas departements and territories.
School is compulsory until 16. Students whose parents aren’t rich and who like to go to university usually get a grant. Nonetheless, some school are very expensive but everything in France is expensive. Have you even been to France? Which foreign countries did you visit?
I hope I’ve given you the answers you were expecting.
I wish you a nice Sunday,


Dear best Mr Torsten
I hope you feel very well . I saw your last email about my English lessons . It contained asking or question which level am I ?
I can concider myself with the students that who told you are advanced category.
However , you are able to test me that will sow you my level .
Your sincerely
The regards
Many thanks :lol:


Hi I am your new friend from wst Africa . My name is Moahmed Lamine sylla .
I am 28 years old . I graduated I will do my master as soon as posible . I am very happy when I joined withe this website that why because I met with many people from difference countries . So I can say nice meet you . Before I forget can you introduce yourself please ?
I hope you correct my mistakes .
Many thanks
The best regards :lol:


I can say now I am advanced gategory . But you can test me that will sow my level .
Many thanks :lol:


Learning i believe is continous, English language like any other languages is unique and can best be understood if someone gives adequate attention to learning and understanding it.
It will be biased for an individual to assess his level of English language but more appropriately if sanctioned by a linguist or someone very vast in spoken and written of the language.
I will appreciate a reply by the moderator on my level of understanding of English language based on this short contribution.

Thank you.


I will never put my level into advance , learning language has no ending . it grows and develops along with the culture .it is part of it .am I right ? the question is not how advance my English is , but how up to date it is ? and I am working on it … 8)


Hi Torsten
Thank you very much to help me with my english. I appreciate your efforts in this thing.
I can’t say that my english level is intemediate but i try to emprove it with your help.
I only have 1 desire…
Would you send me more difficult and a little longer listening materials? my speaking and istening skills are a little poor.
Thank you beforehand
Best regards