How good is your English?


Dear Torsten !
Hi everybody Yes I agree that one of subjects in learning English how to define our level in English and this level is not the same in difference skills it may be different
In this case the question is Have we takeoff form the low level ? I mean if learner has different levels in different skills ( listening…reading …writing … speaking …
that mean he has to start from lowest level My score with say and tell was 8/10
Thank you for you and to Ms Sue and all your team Dear Torsten
Best Regards Bassam


Dear Sir,
Good afternoon.
I think I am still at elementary level only.
When will I improve?
See you,


Hello sir,

It is difficult to define my level of English but it is good. I am improving my English language by your lessons and test. Thank you for all your lessons hope to get more lessons from you.

Thank you.


Dear Torsten !
I have tested tested my self in English test the score was 5.5 or 70
I hope to make best
warms regards Bassam



When i want to read the passage that type on forum i have no problem and I read it

I prepare myself for TOEFL exam for september and for this reason today i went to an institution for Toefl class registeration there they got an exam that its questions were similar to TOEFL questions i couldn’t answer to those questions(I mean the listening and speaking part) they were difficult for me and i couldn’t understand the speaker what say.
In particular the integrated part on speaking and writting section are difficult.
And at the end of exam i find that i couldn’t prepare myself for that real TOEFL exam.
So by that exam i find that my english skill is not at a good level and i need more practice on my weakness.

I hope that do it efficiently.




you need to do more conversation with other people until to improve yourself in english
good luck


Dear Torsten !
Hello thank for your beautiful words please help us to speak English Gently
as you
thank you looking forward to hearing you
sincerely yours Bassam1


I don’t know, i can do English test quite well, and i think the questions I’ve received from the forum is pretty easy, but i haven’t tested by any international test at all, but if it’s possible, i want to try some more difficult materials. Haha! that 's all


The course is flexible enough that you can visit any of the lessons and exercises in any order at any time.

You will find the lessons here:
And here are some other starting points: … -test.html … obahn.html


Actually I am also not aware of my English level right now. I am from Philippines although we used to study English language in our country from kindergarten ,I still found out that it’s very difficult for me to communicate with the native English speaker.Therefore I keep learning English through this site and it helps me improve my English little by little. I am very grateful to the founder of this site and to all the admin :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

How proficient do we are in English? Is a good question? In my opinion, I cannot give an exact answer, but I can measure my proficiency (how much is possible to measure it) by my ability to understand an english conversation with native speakers. Of course is impossible to catch all the words one by one but at least I can get into the meaning of the topic, and also am able to give a understandable review of what we heard if someone ask us (mostly one of family member). Also, another point is if we are able to write something down, an essay, an interest request, an email ect (you know that ect is end of capability thinking…just for joke :P). And at last but not at least is the capability to be a good Spokesman when it is required. If you find the right words, using a rich vocabulary (am I right using this idiom? correct me please), and a fluent english I think you are at top…and now am I an advance student? My Toefl score will show it.

Important also is to be a competitive and persistent student because persistent and determination pays off!

Best to all,




The answer of the above question is that:

1.I studied it with periods of interruption.I studied language for a couples of years then stopped it and again after some while tried it again!!!

2.English was and is an ocean.More I went forward less I found it out I knew nothing!!
This made me depressed and I decided to go abroad and live in an English language place!!
!Or otherwise I should give it away(leave it!!!)

3.At last I found this site and I am now interested!But when until?I don"t know!!!



Hello Nola and Regine;

I also come from Egypt, North Africa. My first foreign language is French, second foreign Language is English and Mother tongue is Arabic. I learned French and English in a French school, that means I have got all subjects in French, except few classes in Arabic and fewer classes in English.

I Love French Language but I find Englis is much more easy because of the grammer and “La conjugaison, l’accord du verb et l’accord du participe etc…”.

I believe that any language if you practice it you improve your level more and more. They say in English “If you don’t use it you loose it” that is very correct.

I immigrate to Canada about seventeen years ago. I love it.
Although I am speaking with almost everyone around in English, I still don’t feel I am advanced.

I express myself, orally, in writing, and I understand my readings.

I noticed that the perfect channels on TV you can learn and get the correct English and articulation is the “News like; CNN, BBC, CBC”.

Nice meeting you both,


Hello, dear Torsten, It is very difficult to define your level because there are many opyions ( or something). I mean it can be measured by many things (options). Firstly your vocabulary. knowing not only many words , each form of them, except of vocabulary by reading and writing there is vocabulary by listening. There is more idioms, flexible expressions. There are grammar rules as well and many other things.
For example I took a test to difine lrvel on the “” and that is my score:
writing - 70%, grammar - 70%, listening - 50%. So that what level do I have? I think about B2 (upper intermediate)


about the native speakers


Hello to everybody! I have learnt English for 10 years .But my level is not good .I’ve learnt french in my school days.But I forgot this language .I just remember few words. And I can speak Arabic .Just little. And I can speak Russian very well .I am a teacher of Russian .


I am very very grateful to the founder of this site and to all the admin. Bless you God !


The answer of the above question is that:

I studied English for 10 years maybe then stopped it and again after some while tried it again

Now I found that I knew nothing!!
This fact made me depressed
At last I have found this site and I believe that I can improve my English