How good is your English?


Hi Torsten,

I always read carefully your english lessons on the internet and it helps me to refresh basic English knowledge. I consider that my English level it’s medium to high. I can read and speak quite easily but I have got some difficulties when it comes about listening (understanding spoken English) and sometimes writing. And of course, another problem is my vocabulary that is stil “under-sized”, probably the situation of many other non-native English speakers.
Greetings to you, the teachers on this forum, and to all studens!
Merry Christmas to you all !!!



Hello Torsten,
Thank you for being such a nice kind teacher.
You asked me about the level of my English, the answer is; I do not exactly know which level, though i think that am fairly ok.
Best regards,


Absolutely not, money can not happiness.
Money can buy a house not a home.
Money can buy a bed not sleep.
Money can buy a book not knowledge.
So money is not everything.


It’s a great opportunity for me to meet you at this forum. I like very much to learn foreign languages, especially English. I believe that is compulsory, first of all, to be excellent in mother tongue before to try achieving the advanced level in a foreign language. I know, I am a beginner but I do my best to improve my English, despite the daily routine and other unpredictable events that makes me to slow down.
Dear Torstein, thank you for the lessons you sent me. Thanks, also to all members of English-Test team.
And finally I wish you all Happy New Year!


Dear Torsten,
I have a BA degree in English language. Since I have never been to an English speaking country I am not able to speak or write like a native speaker. I like very much to speak and write natural English and I know this would not be achieved without constant practice and access to good materials. You are so sensitive to the needs of your students. I really appreciate it.
Best regards and many thanks.


I’m from Viet Nam. My English is not good. May be, i never learn it by heart. Although i know my country is more and more development and English is become important…in the company, someone talk each other by E, use E to wirite Email…Only me…very, very bad


hi everybody
its really good to share my experience with you all…
well i regularly keep my self updates with the update from this sites…kand i daily read the english newspapers and magazine…its really helping me a lot…
thanks for your support…
must share your experience…
it helps someone to bolster,…



hey you think you are good that is the bright side keep it on and on
but Never say ‘‘every words’’ but ‘‘every word’’


hello berry you are not bad you better say"Keep myself updated or update"



I am my level is very weak, I can not speak nor understand, can hardly understand
Please help me
Save hardly
Thank you, You are truly wonderful


Hi Torsten,
My level of English is the Beginner. I can read books and magazines in English.I can speak and write in this language.
Best regards,



I don’t know which level could I study in English. So If it is possible from you side to do any offer english level it is fine to me. I need more study in this site in order to improve my conversation likewise my writing.
That what I need from you side.

Thank you.

Hope to hear from you sooner or later

many thanks to you

Katarooti Bwauro


Mr. Torsten
Thank you for your letter
I’m from Libya I am an electrical engineer and an employee
And my native language Arabic and I am having the problem of the conversation or pronunciation of the word in English
Amcklp and the other is when I use the verbs the past and the present perfect and past and present perfect continuous
Thank you very much for your interest in Us
Thank you … …


Hello to everybody,
I live in south of India in a town named Kazipet.Here the summers are not very hot and winters are not very cold.Yours English lessons are very interesting and helpful to me.Now I can speak English very well.My Annual exams are approaching.I wish i will do my best with the help of your English lessons.So please send me tough lessons and tests.
Sai Shandilia


I am VietNammese, I want to study english. I want to make friend with everybodys…my mail is
I hope everybody send mail for me…thanks!


Abandoné los buenos habitos de redacción influenciada por lo que se usa en internet.Comparto con mi hija que está mucho más avanzada que yo en el idioma y no podría estar viendo lo elemental ,no sería posible compartir I lost the good habits to write because people say me that it’s not important in web the right write .In other way I share with my daugther the news letter so I can’t review the first lessons, .I had been studed 20 years ago .I made three levels and I had just repet again the elementary cours for remember that.It’s very difficult to my brain .I’m 62 ;,but it’s funny; I go on ahead Thanks for your advices. At soon


Hi, Torsten
Thank-you for this lesson. My problem in school was that I would never ask questions, I couldnt whait to go in reces and never mind the school.
Now I want to go to college and I need to ask o lot of questions.
The last test I did not do too much because I was very bussy .
On Sunday I heart my knee at ski.


Hmm. My English is not good. At least I don’t feel confident to speak to a native speaker.


Hi good night
ayaou ask me a question whats my english level , i think my level is intermediate.
what you think a bout me?


Hi Torsten
I myself cannot evaluate my level…