How good is your English?


I totaly agree with you Nola.Learning is not limited and it will never be so. I spent 5 years learning English language at university but now i still feel as a biginner because there are still thousnad things i have not yet learnt .What makes the situation worse is that i have no opportunity to use my english except Internet.ooh an other important thing Nola.You remind me of what a university teacher said one day in the class “Though I have been teaching English for about 20 years I believe that i still learn from my students” the teacher said. of course that is the case, I too taught English for about 3 years and now I still remember those many things that i ve learnt from my students,for example the difrence between non-formal education and informal education.
whenever i get the opportunity to use English i feel like a plant when it gets water after a long time of drought.
My dear readers(Nola,Juliafekete,lamine,Genevra,Rgine83…) what is your opinion about my English?Which level do I have?And what are the mistakesn that I still make.


Hello Dear Sir
I want to give IELTS exame to study but I dont have material to practice everyday if you coukd help me to sent some materials.
It also mentionable to thank you for your tried with us.


Dear Mr Torsten
How are you? I want to reply on your question about my level.I dont think that i have got knowleges for advanced category,but i consider that i knew for intermidiate level,because i have got certificate for him.My speech is not very well,but i am trying to improve her with your records.The exercises too help me very much,i hope that with more listening i am going to improve my english skills and consequently
i haven’t to embarrass speaking in alive conversation.
Best regards


i am very happy or delight so what’s the difference between happy and delight


hi kaur,

You mean ‘happy’ and ‘delighted’.
Have you tried looking them up in a dictionary?
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … nary/happy
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … /delighted


Hi my name is helen i am 26 yers old. i stedid high school nice too meet you. i hope you understand my writting so naw i live in Canada .


hi my name’s helen my probleme is wirting and spiking i how cam improve thise things i ride a lot , but i don’t understand


I am good at reading which is normal such as text-book reading but It is difficult to understand the articles which requires huge vocabulary and particularly knowledge of idioms. I can listen and understand the english effectively but it is sometimes difficult to understand the us and british accent especially in movie if they speak very fast. I am also at the moderate level when it comes to writing. I need a huge amount of time for editing and correcting the typos which I often make.


Hi all!

How are you all doing? I hope that you folks’ English get much better day by day

ever. In fact, I try to settle down here with you all and want to be happy to be here

to learn English with you all. I try not to be shy because I heard it’s not good not to

be confident in front of others. Actually, I don’t know where I should start, who

I am supposed to talk to, what I should learn first of all. Today, I’d like to simply say

hello to anybody here. I’d like to learn English and have a friend to talk to or write to

in English.

have a nice one



hi everybody
nice to meet you, i am Quangbac, i am from Vietnam, a beautiful country. now, i am a student of an university in my country. when i was young, i don’t think english is so impotant, so i don’t study it by heart. but now, when my country is in development, eng lish become more and more important, it seem like an other mother tounge. a good english base is the unique way for us to earn lot of money, so i am now trying to improve my english as well as possible to ready for my future. it’ll be very kind to me if some of you can help me, so both of us can be better together. please reply me, i am waiting you!
best regard



I’m from Madagascar. I’ve been learning English for years but still, I sometimes find it hard to understand some words in a text. I hope to get much more vocabularies trough your lessons.




I’m new to this website and taken up online audio clips and also did English test.
Still, unable to guess my current English level.

In past, i think that English is very tough language, but in real found it very interesting and easy to learn.

I’ll continue my journey to learn English and upgrade my level every day.



Hello Torsten,

I think it is very good question. The moment I read the question, it just came to my mind that may be the defination of ‘advanced english learner’ is kind of subjective. For me learning spellings of difficult English words is advanced. Besides, forgeting full stops, capitalizing the first word of a sentence or punctuation marks, appropriate use of tenses and the like should not categorize one as unfit to be called as an advanced english learner. Because, in most cases one may know when and why a pancutuation mark and capital letters should be used, or what a simple present tense is…the difficulty comes, taking myself as an example, when taking the knowledge into practice…e.g. sometimes I fail to use the appropriate tenses during casual dialogs, or when I exchange instant messages, but I immediately know that I’ve made a mistake, without someone’s notification. May be this sorts of things just need practicing. And, I therefore think that an English learner trying to perfect himself through practice, can be an advanced English learner, even if he/she makes mistakes on usage of basic English. I don’t know if I am communicating what I want to say very well. Oh, may be this degrades my English to the lower level.
So…,Torsten, could you tell me the level of my English from what I just tried to write here in this forum?




Hi Torsten,
this question is also always on my mind. For instance, I get sometimes the level tests from internet or english courses and always the result is same: advanced! I, on the other hand, dont feel like so. Maybe because of my vocabulary I feel I am not enough. And from which angle can we sure about our english level? I mean, I can read complex texts and understand though I don’t know all words in the text but when I want to speak I use all the time very simple words. After my speech I remember the complex words that I could use. By the way, if you are not in the country, where the English is native language, you can have the danger to forget English easily, indeed.



Hello Sir,
I can’t hear the audio,
Please How to play the Audio lessons.


Dear Mr Torsten
I read some opinions of everybody above and i feel they are useful to me. They are good ideal. To me who is a economic student, i feel English is necessary. But it is very difficult, special is listening and speaking. Maybe because i rarely use it in fact,so i am not familiar. Otherwise, i am not also confident to say everybody by English. Now, i am trying learning English but really i don’t have a effective learning method. I hope you will give me some advises to learn English better.
Many thanks.


My native language is polish and I have been learnig english for last six years. I leave in USA and I give private english lessons to polish people. So my english is really advanced. I think your e-mails are very helpful and I would love to receive a little bit more complicated e-mail lessons from you.




Hello Izabela,

You can select a level appropriate to you from any of the tests on this website. You don’t have to wait until you get an e-mail with more complicated letters. You can complete exercises in any order.
Here are some starting points: … -test.html … obahn.html


Dear Tosten
Merry Christmas . Have a good vacation!
Thank you so much about the words appointment and date .
I realized now about the borrowed word " rendezvous" . I would like to say
goodbye because I have appointment on the 25th December.


Dear Sir ,

I always read your English lessons in the inernet and i am reall happy to say that i could not speak or write English well but now i have taken some knowledge form your lessons as well as i think i can manage my knowledge but i can not say which level am i ? how ever i realy thanks to you and have any one in the world pls help me to leran English


Ranga Bandara