How good is your English?


Dear Torsten,
My level of English is different. I am able to read and write English and I understand English very well. But I can’t speak. I am speechless when someone starts conversation in English. I dont know how to use this "would,could,had been , some phrases and lots of simple construction in English. I fail to speak in English. It will be better If people like me get a chance to talk with you, your team. This will reduce our diffidence,shyness etc

with regards


'Please correct me , If I make any mistakes in above sentences.



My level of English is different. There is a problem with this vocabulary choice. ‘Different’ is the wrong word here. I suspect you mean that you have an unusual problem when using English, because of your inability to speak it. This is not unusual at all. It simply means you haven’t had enough practise in doing so.

I am speechless when someone starts a conversation in English.

I dont know how to use this "would, could, had been ", some phrases and lots of simple constructions in English.

It would be better if people like me had a chance to talk with you and your team. This would reduce our diffidence, shyness, etc.


Hello ma’am,

Thank you so much for correcting my mistakes. I have a doubt about this “will and would” . Why do we use “would” and “had” in the above sentence? Had,would,could and did, Are n’t these words showing past tense?
please tell me.

with regards
Yours lovely student.


‘Would’ is a modal verb. Although it is used as the past form of ‘will’ it has a number of other uses.
Here it is used for talking about the result of an imagined event.
More info:
oxfordadvancedlearnersdictio … nary/would


Hello, dear Mr Torsten!
My name is Elena. I’m from Moscow. And as I can remember I’m studying English all of my life. Now I’m 27 years old. I graduated university, faculty of filology (Rassian language). I began to learn English from 5 grade. But my level is not advanced. Because I need to tighten up the grammar. I can support a conversation with a foreigner and I can to read books on English. But it is not enought. I know that I have to work. I hope this year and this course help me :).


hi torsten
in the lesson n*15 i think there is a large difference betwen the two (appointment and date…)
cheers passo


Hello Paso,

If you want us to comment on your statement you will need to provide a direct link to the lesson, so that we know what you are talking about.


Hi everybody!

I just did a free English level test at and the computer calculated it. Simple and short.



i’ m very well
let’s me to thanks you, so i am very proud to call you my english teacher, when i had seen this email and i was so happy.
But i did not stop long to learn this foreign.
I don’t know what to give you, but to do may god bless you all what made.
Thank you for you had giving me the taste of this longs speaks.

That’s god bless us for that!


thanks a lot for your help.I really appreciate for that.Indeed, your materials are helpful.


hello all,
about this question of Torsten, i have a few ideas:
_how to know one’English level?
_each person has an opinion about measure and i haven’t just had measure to know my english level
and i want torsten to help me


hello all,
about this question of Torsten, i have a few ideas:
_how to know one’English level?
_each person has an opinion about measure and i haven’t just had measure to know my english level
and i want torsten to help me


Hello Ms. Torsten,

I’m more than happy to answer your question about my English. Honestly I can say very proudly that I used to be almost a perfect English writer, speaker and so on. I have work as a bilingual secretary for quite a long time. I used to translate from Spanish to English without a problem. My spelling was perfect, I’m not trying to brag about myself. But, it’s the truth.
Unfortunately I left the States to go back to my country for about 10 years. When I returned I realized that my English was not the same. That is the reason that I’m taking this English class to improve and hopefully to reach to the lever I was.

Now it is you the one to tell me how do you feel about my English. Is it to simple, should I used fancy words similar to the French? I always have to check my spelling because I know which words are not right, because I forgot how to spell some words. However, I do realized that the more I read and write the better I get.

I hope to hear from you. I’ll be very gratefully if you can correct this message with a better English.

Thanks you sincerely,


I agree to what you have stated in your last email. Almost everything about grammar an advanced english learner should know.
I think that there is a diference between speaking a language and mastering a language .For instance, a native speaker could sometimes speak english without rules and using slang words (informal speech) . But when you master a language,it means you know all dictionary’s words ( law ,economy,chemistry…)
Let’s be indulgent and say it’s enough for foreign learners to speak english as fluent as native speakers using a good spelling and a good grammar


hi i say a need advancedgrammer because i study in a language lab for6 years and i study english grammer in use is written by murphy


hi, I am really so happy to keep in touch with u.When I recieve ur e-mail I feel happy .I want to thank you a lot .I know my problem in learning English,I want to practice English language.Really I 'll be happy if u add me as a friend to chat together.


Can I add my experience in Learning German in Germany when I lived and worked there.

Of course there is a steep learning curve trying to make yourself understood from scratch - but over coming ones own self consciousness can be an obstacle too. Humor is very useful when learning.

Once you know your way around and have learnt some fundamental building blocks you then normally start looking for and studying parts of the language you feel are more relevant to you.

To me the biggest mark of improvement is when you know you are not losing an argument because of your language or when you can explain to a native speaker( Shop assistant) that there is no misunderstanding with the language and that it was clear they were trying to rip you off[b].

To me thats when you know you have more or less cracked it.[/b]


Dear Ms. Torsten,

I’m eager to fund out about my English level. I don’t think I got a reply from you. I would appreciate very much if you can honesty tell me how do you feel about my English.

In my emails to you. I’m sure you can see more or less where I stand regarding my English.
I have read some notes from other students. Theirs are better than mine, because I can see how they explain and the words they used, they are much more advanced than me. That is how I feel.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Torsten! I’ve been studying English for years, I work with this language and I can say I’m good at it because I’ve got a degree and I am able to speak English to communicate with people from all over the world. Yet, I always try to keep pushing myself a little more every day and it’s not true that your “basic” exercises are too elementary. No one can really claim to know everything: there’s always something new to learn, be it a nuance, an idiomatic expression (who knows all of them???) or a new technical term, etc.

I’m enjoying the exercises. Although some of them might seem easy, there is always a sentence with something worth learning or reviewing. For example, after I took the say/tell test, I read all the sentences again and stop to memorize a few of them which were of interest to me, in spite of the score (10 out of 10). I didn’t know that we can say “Now that would be telling but my lips are sealed”. Although I got it right, I had to think it over.

Reviewing is essential. Anyone can forget anything. Besides, different skills need to be assessed. A good writing score doesn’t necessarily mean that the same advanced level is achieved in a spoken interaction, so it’s advisable not to overrate oneself!

What I try to do is to vary the exercises I’m doing, by practicing each skill. I congratulate myself on completing a test in a short time but I attach more importance to being able to speak fluently, without having to think too long to utter a sentence. Anyway, even a mother tongue has to consider and look up a word or two, there are so many subjects to talk about. I know people who are experts at, say, mechanics and they talk about it at an advanced level. Yet, they can be not so good at talking about anything else!