How good is your English?



I would consider myself an advanced learner.I do enjoy the basic lessons too as I feel a language only get better with unforgotten knowledge. The basics of a language can be easily forgotten or misused if you don’t use it often and that is why I am doing these lessons. You and your friends are doing a good job. Thank you.


Bad. I can read but still lack in Speaking… that because I don’t have many friend to practice with.


hello everybody
i live in south city of iran in bandar abbas.our acce to english resorce is i dont venture for assessment .however i think you could help me for inforce my learning english.I’m in basic category .I HOPE YOU HELP ME.
Thanks whit best regard


Hm… something about upper-intermediate =)


Hello Torsten,
I received your e-mail and i decided to answer, like other did.
It’s not easy to learn a language, and I don’t know how can I define the level of English.
From the lessons that I’m receiving every week I am learning a lot. Thank you!
However some of the rules I remember I have read them long time ago but I was not using in that time, and now I find them very useful, especially in writing.
When I decide to learn something I would like to do it in the very correct way, and for English since there are a lot of idiomatic phrases, synonyms etc it’s not very easy to use the correct word/phrase in the correct place. It could be that the sentence it’s understand from the others but the question is if its written/said correctly??!!
So in my opinion there is no limit in learning, not only for language but for everything.

Personally i need to improve my writing skills,
Hope I will succeed!

Hope you will sent me next lesson :slight_smile:


Dear best mr Torsten
I hope the best.I have recieved your email and I am saying thank you
my level is advanced
you are able to test me so that will see my level
your cencirely
The regards
Thanks a lot


I don’t know…I have poor memory I forget how to spell…


I just want to learn,learn learn.Please Torsten, more grammar verbs and punctuation.



Hi Torsten,

would you please explain to me how to use the Progress Resolts,where it says "not completed"How do I complete them??

thank you


Dear Mr Torsten,

Firstly, i wanna thank your column for helping me improve my English. Honestly, i cannot determine what level of English do i have now but English is our medium of communication especially dealing with our clients. I hope with your help i can communicate better and be more confident in dealing with English-speakers. Im from the Philippines and we have varied dialects depending on our place of origin. What i know is i’m a bit poor in using the right preposition but im trying hard to improve such. I cannot always post to give my comments as im always out for official business. I am, however, continually sending my answers to the quizzes posted. I would really appreciate if you would send me your comment on my sharing.

thank you so much


Dear Sir Torstan,
Hopfuly u ll be fine very well.Im student of Domino English luearning center since 3 months.well its is very difficalt to define my English level. I think it is quite good becuase of Im able to do red easily your letters and english books including my children`s school books.I feel that now i can understand and enjoy English move songs and so on, in my idea English reding to esay as for as English Speaking,but i wont mor advanced english make sure i can do it with the help your hole team thanks.
best regards,



PLEAS teach me . how to warite profistional letterand how to improve spealing and difficult word whil use in talking.



PLEAS teach me . how to warite profistional letterand how to improve spealing and difficult word whil use in talking.


Hi, guys!
I usually estimate my English knowledge with help of different tests. According to the results of the last test, my level is CAE Advanced.
I’m not quite sure whether it is good or not, but I always feel lack of knowledge. I think that the educational process never stops, and
there will be something that I don’t know.
Regards, valeraphil.


Hi Torsten,

sorry for the long delay, I haven’t checked my e-mails for ages.
How would I define the level of my English? Hm. I think I am an advanced student of the English language, and I’m afraid I will stay so for the rest of my life. I’ve been learning and studying English for over forty years and now I’ve decided to become an English teacher myself. I hope it will help my progress in English. You know, “teach what you want to learn”. I also want to get rid of my accent (fossilized), because language schools all over the world are looking for native speakers only (which I am not). But I will show them… (or open my own language school, damn it!).



Dear Mr. Torsten,
I hope you are having a good day.
Thank you very much for your kind continous support to improve our language.
I am interesting by your english lessons. I am following up all the english lessons which sent for me on my email.

Your sincerely
The regards


hi i’m your english course student and i’m happy for that,but i wonder how i realize my level.i do a lot of test everyday.but my level i dont know.i m very pleased to be your student.its a better way to study english.and i promise i share with my friends aboute your course. thank you for teaching…maka.


I have been learning English for almost 20 years and I still feel the need to learn new aspects of the language. I want to be able to express my thoughts in a more impressionable way. I don’t mean more formal - just different from my usual way of saying things in English. Unfortunately, at present I do not use the language in its spoken form as nobody around me speaks it, but I am an optimist. I do SAT test for pleasure. I would appreciate it if you send me some really challenging materials.


Dear sir Torsten,
Nice to meet you.well im happy to say that i can impove my English with the help of you i m able to do read many English books, yours letter, and offcourse my childrens school books those are all books in English lunage and i can also undersatnd and enjoy english songs and english movies as well as. but speaking in english fluently its a too hard job as for as english luraning and reading too thats why its quite difficult to me that is the define my english level becouse of i need more advanced english for the improvment of my speaking skills.Hopefully i `ll be able to do speaking in english fluently with the helpe of you .
many thanks with the best regards,Zoha khan