Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


hii…safwat khan
I don’t have any comments about the lesson but, however, I have huge problem with my report and I don’t know have I mentioned that I’m 18-year student of TBW ( technical business report writing) and now I’m working on my report Thanks for thinking and helping me a lot!!!.


Hi everybody
I think the law of increasing applies on learning, because simply for the pleasure of learning, we will sure receive a reward. In our community, we all try for the same aim which is learning. But I think dose not apply 100% in other scientific field which is pertaining to economics or techology.
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hi,thank you i like it and i beleive in what you say cause typing will increase the return , but some time you make an affort and you get nothing so you will be very sad any way i like your personality cause you learn me english just to help me improve my launguage thank you alot , i know i am bad in typing i will try to make it good and i hope from you to help me THANK YOU


I have gone through your e-mail regarding the law of increasing return. I think that this is very much an universal law or purely it is a godly law. As a Muslim, I belive 100% in it and it is proclaimed in the Holy Quran in so many occasions. If you teach me something good, I followed it, I taught to others and they continued the same thing and whoever became in the right path through you, there is a godly reward for all especially to you also, but that would be in multiples, as the starting point is from you only. I always pray for my good teachers. Likewise, there would be a set back for those who taught any bad deeds. Multiple punishment will get from God to the beginner also. This is increasing return as well as increasing loss.

There is no connection between law of increasing return and typing. Typing is a different topic for improving and learning English Language easily.

I have noted your comments regarding the typing erros. Although, I know the rules of typing, I am unaware the fact of shouting (using capital letters only). I was using the same in a very few occasions and now I came to understand that this is not good. I never do it in future.

Now, please let me know the mistakes made by me in the above sentences either in typing or grammer.


Your quote is excellent. You have described in a short manner and the example is excellent.


In fact ,i cant understand the"law of increasing returns" clearly,can you explain for me?


thank you very much Torsten for all thing you are doing to improve english of people like me. God bless


Hi every
dear teacher be fore i read the lesson i understand the law of increasing return’ as econimics which says when ever you decrease the cost of production the return earn will increase,but it’s a firest time i heard other great important of increasing law of return, this is a very important idea to increase my level of typing speed i will adapt this law. thank you torsten for your continue support and your great important advice.


hello every one,
i am happy to contact with any one through the forum to exchange ideas all the time.and i like mr torsten elaboration about law of increasing returns and proper typing.


law of increased returns is true , and definitely works when we help to those who are in need.


In fact, I don’t know much about the law. But I believe it. When we make an effort to do something, it will give me out much more in return! I think to myself that since I know to type, I havent noticed the way to type it fast and properly. Because I usually watch several American films. And actually there’s so many people ( maybe many of them are very young) typing so fast without looking at the keyboard. And I thank you for this topic, it really makes me want to start to improve my skill again!


I partially agree with the “law of increasing returns”. When I started learning typing, I have to constantly see the keyboard and it took me long time even searching the words but as I had to prepare my report, I had no option apart from writing on my own. So gradually my mind became accustomed to where the letters are. However, I am not that good typer who types without watching keyboards as I have not gone for typing classes but I can type fast because I know where the letters are. So It takes not much time as of earlier. I hope this really help me in exam such as TOEFL where I have to type the essay of around more than 300 words in a half an hour time.
However, what I mentioned above is only related to typing. In fact, I believe that in a country like mine you have to work equally hard to get the congruent reward in terms of money or any other. So I would like to say rather “law of equally returns” when I am talking about the environment around mine. I might be wrong as I have not contemplated for it much.
Hope the law that you mentions is true…


Hi all,
According to me typing without looking at the keyboards is really helpful I mean it is not only affective way to write but especially efficient way to save time. I’ve mastered it when I was preparing my engineering degree at the University it was on 2007 in that time my brother and me had the same goal “typing without looking at the keyboard” we used one software called “tap touch” and we took about 20 days to practice and follow the guide of this software…after all and from that time we both know how to type proprely.
As far as " the law of increased returns" concerned I’m totally agree with all of you.
Thank you indeed.


Hi all,
Just go to this link
may be this can help those who don’t know yet how to type correctly.


ok, i understand the meaning of the the law of increasing return. i like this idea of writing and hope it will help me.


It’s reasonable and useful. Thanks


Hi Torsten!

How are you?
I agree totally with you. I could see in my own life that this law works. You have just give the first step and keep yourself firmly in your objective without giving up. The results come soon.
I am very happy because I could achieve a job and it was because of my persistence in studying English.
Thank you very much!
Sandra - Brasil


I would like to contribute more. English is a legacy for the people all over the world.


I agree with our teacher Torsen regarding about law of increasing and also typing without looking keyboard. I tried to do this, but I don’t get speed. So, I started again typing by looking keyboard. I really need to get fast typing since I am studying Medical transcription course. Accent problem makes me very slow typing. Dear teacher, give me reports about accuracy in this typing.
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I am not able to start recording my voice since it shows Java is out of date.

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