Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Hi Torsten,

Thankyou for your email.I really liked the concept of ‘‘the law of increasing returns’’ and i am either not good at typing without watching.Well this is the first time i am posting this message and i don’t know where you are going to reply me.If possible do send me a mail where i can see your reply.



Hi Torsten,

Thank you so much for all your e-mails. They are so helpful in my every day language practice! And I like so much all the themes of your essays they are so real and useful for our everyday life.

I have never written at any english speaking frums so that is my first attempt! It is rather hard for me to express my thoughts in the language that is not native for me. But after reading your e-mail I have understood that I should start making efforts cause if I want to have some “fruits” I have “to nurture the soil” as you have mentioned in the example about growing plants.

As for the law of increasing return I absolutely agree with you. I have experienced that law on myself lots of times. The more you give the more you are returned. And this law works in all aspects of our life - education, work, sport… But there is another axiom of our life that is connected to the law - if you helped someone never think that this person has to help you in return because he owes you. Help people without thinking about the returns without interest. And if you will do so then all good things will certainly return to you. It can happen that the man you’ve helped once will never help you in return but if you analyze later you will see that your help was returned in other way or by other person!

Huuuh! I have made it! You can congratulate me on my first post! I should go and get drunk! LOL



Dear Sir,

I can type at a speed of 50 to 60 words per minute without seeking the key board. The thing is I am afraid to speed good English spontaneously. Basically I am English Literature graduate. I request your goodself how to speak good English without any problem. Because I am naturally very much fond of speaking good English. Also I used to refer dictionary always whenever I come across a new word. I also try to use the word in my writing.
I can write well before start writing I used to search for words in dictionary and make use of them in my writing.

I trust you will understand my difficulties and help me.

Thanks and I remain,




Thank you Torsten for this topic.

I think learning how to type in proper way is main thing in learning english.

I like this law because its encourage me to practice more in typing to be a profissional.So, i will get the benifite in the future doubled .


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hi guays, thank you four this important tip. for me it is aconfirmation for what we as muslims have been brought up with.

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I thought that the metaphor is between typing and writing english and don’t ability don’t look the keyboard is when people unable to writing a message in english without grammar books.




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Torsten, I thank you for give me your advice, it is very interest to me and it help me lerning English.
“The law of increasing return” is a reality in my life. I now how much I write, read and listening english
more I will learn .
Thank you very much with all my heart.



Hello Torsten,

Thanks for sending me lesson n. 28. Well I have just read your mail and I agree with you.
what you invest today will returned to you many times more.

I think I’m lucky, because when I was a teenager I studied to become a bilingual secreary spanish-english and I took a course of typing in both languages, so what I have learned many years ago still help me today, and I never forget how to type without looking the keyboard. Maybe my speed is not as it was before, because I’m not working now,but it helps me everyday with the computer.

Best regards,




Hi everybody,

Well, I think the mentioned law is very interesting, because if we work hard on learning, simply for the pleasure of learning, we will sure receive a reward.

By my side, I always try to do my best when I write something because I think that the writing things that somebody share with others is a kind of presentation.

Sure I make mistakes because I am not an English native speaker, but I try to explain what I mean in the best way I can and with the best orthography.

So, let’s get cracking to take advantage of the “law of increasing returns”




It was so great to see just as a tool to learn English language till this topic appeared.
Because it’s rather philosophical or biblical law that in real life. The tough competition in many poor places in the world or even in your country or town , home if lucky to have one where people gave away their live for survival or just saving working hard were robed in returns and finished ill or died.
So The law of increasing returns works only in one direction if one have a mind to trap many others for his/hers objectives. Mainly a good quality of life at others expense life. He/she or community will get those increasing returns only if they are not giving to much away without having increasing returns…
After all we all mortal and like to be surrounded by love , comfort and healthy environment. But the natural resources of this planet will never produce enough food or water in the places were climate is too hot or too cold.
What people learned to do for ever is to look for better places where climate allowed sustainable quality of life and where communities developed quality.
The law of increasing returns is grabbing others natural resources including talents or intellect and not believing or wish into the The law of increasing returns but calculating all in a cold mind that served only one goal how to sustain better and get higher returns to their communities or individuals.
Example: collectedly millions of people are giving and only few enjoy.
Please take all this biblical and philosophical topics away from and leave it just as a tool to learn English language



Hello dear friends and teachers,

This law “of increase returns” isn’t new for me! The old people in my country say:" Make a good and throw it into the sea. The sea will return your goodness hundred times stronger." So, I’m trying to follow it! I hope successfully!

Best regards,



As Salam O Allikum
i am also agreed with this Law of increasing returns, and i have experience it many times in my live .
anyways i am now studying in India and i have Functional English which we are studying phonetics and creative writing .Sir i kindly request u to help me in my creative writting , i really need u .

Freshta karim



Hi dear coaches and fellow students,
Along my life I have experimented this infallible Law of Increased Returns. Many words of Jesus Christ teach about it, as in following sample: “Give, and it shall be given unto you: good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.” (Luke 6.38). About properly typing, I got very good training because along 20 years (pensioned off on 2002) I worked at the Bank of Brazil . Besides, I always like to check up my writings before sending it out.



I believe that if I do a good thing to someone I will get the return of that in double. Why I cannot apply the same thing in My English study? Of course I can and the benefits will be great. For instance, if I study hard I will learn much more . Dear fellow I am retired from Banco do Brasil, as well and I type very good too.
One question to you: I only use “shall” with the pronoun “I and We” in questions like the followings: Shall I open the windows? Where shall we go this evening? Could we use it with another pronoun in afirmative sentence? Please, give me a feedback about it, if possible. Thanks.



Dear friend Cristovam,
I don’t think that use of “shall” is restrict to first person pronouns. But is better our English coaches give an answer about this question.



You can find answers about use of “shall” here in the forum. See link bellow:



Dear Mr. Toersten,
I think there’s no affiliation between ‘the law of increasing returns’ with good typing skill. Maybe what you mean is ‘practice make perfect’. Sometimes i feel it’s very difficullt to do good thing for someone you don’t really know. In my country, many people are lazy and expect you to help and support them all the times. They don’t really want to change to be a good or better person. They want to be your friends because they expecting something benefit from you. But what you do for many people is good Mr. Toersten. I salute you. I’ve been busy writing my first novel, so I couldn’t join your forum very often. But do keep sending me your newsletter.



hello everybody dose anybody knows how i can efficiently and fast improve my writting skil??!!! thanks in advance!



I don’t have any comments about the lesson but, however, I have huge problem with my report and I don’t know have I mentioned that I’m 18-year student of TBW ( technical business report writing) and now I’m working on my report Thanks for thinking and helping me a lot!!!.