Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Hello Mary Louis,
If that is the case then you need to upgrade to a newer version of Java.
The steps you need to take to record your voice (and update Java) can be found here.

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Many thanks Mr Torsten
you are really right and i am the one who really wants to change her self .


oh, that is really interesting! Increased return can sum up many cases that we have met with in dailylife. We give and take, …


Dear Trosten,
By this idea you push us to work hard, and ignore our fears,to respect punctuation’s rules, even when we are making freindly message! it’s respectable, who loves bad appearance ? THANK YOU


i think this is really good information and meaningful, i really like it. i think we should apply this rule in life. we can have better life if we can apply it in life successfully


Hello, I’m sifael asukile. I’m writing this to say thank you very much for this topic about the law of increaseng. To day I’m going to start to learn how to type without looking on keyboard.


Hi Torsten and learners,
I totally agree with you about “The Law of increasing returns”, it’s so natural and applies to everyone no matter what colour you are, but it’s easier said than done. Obviously I had started learning typing, after one month I was bored and stopped it, then put off many times. It’s possible that I invested my time too much in reading magazines and Alan’s essays which were enjoyable and also got many returns. Anyhow I’ll try it again, even if it’s my third attempt, because I believe in you. everything seems to be so difficult when you get a start at the entire of life. I remember when I learned Thai Typing at age 20, it wasn’t difficult like this, although Thai language has a 44 letter alphabet. I type supper fast in Thai.
In my mind it’s never too old to learn, isn’t it?

I would like to share my experience about “The law of increasing returns”. Last year I invested my time planting a papaya tree in my backyard, which I got from seedling which cost me nothing. Guess what! after 18 months I’ve got about 60 papayas on the tree. I had to give to my intimate friends and my neighbours. Beside, my neighbours gave me some banana cake and my friends gave me some vegetables which they produced from their garden next day. I’m pretty sure that “the law of increasing returns” is working for me.


Pleased to join this forum.


I, appreciate this article because of beautiful written and in an easy language to understand. Absolutely there is a link between law of increasing return and typing well. I am good a good typist.
I am realy happy by reading your article on this issue. Thanks for bring upfront such kind of information.
I will ask everyone on this forum to go for learning typing. It is of great use and time saving.
Wtih great regards,
Jain Nirmal Parkash


This article is very nice.I came to know where i am lacking and what i need to improve.To be frank,i too can’t type messages in fast.But,i am trying hard to improve my English.I am typing this as this is one way to improve my typing skills.Please let me know if any mistakes were there.


this problem for what you mentioned is really great. I hope that all of us will meditate it carefully and derive benefits from it. Thank so much!


if you meant by icreasing returns ,that the intensive practicing in typing training to put in your mind locations of keys,l may say yes


Good morning!

“increasing reurn” will be correct all age. I hope that we will read more and more essay in near future. if we help another and we do not expect to get back. we will receive several time we give. " give will be never lost"



Dear Torsten Daerr.sir

i am fully agree with you sir. i am start the English study now thanks for your supporting.



May be, could you let me know more about the ‘law of increasing returns’, should it be done harder on your goal, and then it will be returned to you for a little ?

Best regards,



Hi all,

I think the “law” is right, but in our life, many people thougnt their effort don’t return enough. Real lie is not as happy as people imagine.


Hi everybady just for the pleasure not only to be in an english area but to also said thanks to all our collaborators.
teachers specially and those who want to exchange with other foreign lerners.
Boukari Niamey-Niger


I invite all of you to join for sharing or the language practice.


Hi everyone! Yes, I see the link between the law of increasing return and the ability to type without looking to keyboard! As a schoolchild I had a subject " Information" in my school it mean the subject witch learn us how to use the computer. In that time we had a very old computer, I remember there was a Windows 86 or something like that, in this computer we learned “basic”, how to type and typing exercises and of course we played games. I really loved typed and at the end of course we had an exam, we had to type for a time. During this course I really learned how to type quickly without errors and by all finger and I pass the exam without problem. But it was only a start of typing without looking to the keyboard, I used to type every single time I had to access to the computer (in that time just a couple of person had a computer) and for some period I learned up type without looking to the keyboard, now my speed is very high and I think the law of increasingly return really exist. The people who are thinking that they could accomplish without making contribution in their personal or professional life are really mistaken!
God bless Your contribution!

Be careful,



nice message…plz elaborate how to type without looking at keyboard…i can type speedily but by looking on keyboard…plz hep me out of this difficulty…will u?