Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Do you think that there is a link between the ‘law of increasing returns’ and the ability to type without looking at the keyboard?

TOEIC listening, question-response: You couldn’t finish the report by tomorrow, could you?

Perhaps I’m a bit dense. I have no idea what you mean with ‘law of increasing returns’.

Could you please elaborate?

Andrea, I am so surprised to find you didn’t know about this. You of all people, who gives of herself and her time so very willingly and freely to help others in need, no matter their colour or nationality.

He who gives of himself freely, will be rewarded many times in return.

I’ve been rewarded on this Forum with so many private messages praising me , and making friendships which I never had previously. Me of all people, whose only apparent ability it to string a few sentences together, but in such a way that they somehow just compel some folk to write me and tell me about it. Lucky old me.

So there you go Andrea. The law of increasing returns was always before your very own eyes, and you were too busy helping others to see it.


LOL, that’s NOT what the law of increasing returns is. :lol:

The law of increasing returns is a newer economic theory, centered on the impact of technology on our economies. Roughly put, it’s stating that the more of your technology on the market, the more people use it, and your returns increase. The more you sell, the more you sell, is the catchphrase.

The prime example of this is Microsoft and Windows. Sure, there are other operating systems out there, but because so many people use Windows, the majority of software is written for Windows, so more people continue to use Windows when starting out, instead of picking Linux, or Macs, etc. Not necessarily because it’s better, but because it’s more widely used. You learn to use Windows on one computer, and you can use it on 20 billion other computers, plus you can go to your local store and readily get software for it.

Consequently, price isn’t a factor to the consumer, because familiarity trumps cost, unless it’s substantially cheaper, cheap enough to convince enough people to switch to it that there will be a market for new related product development.

For example, say a company develops a car that’s driven by punching keys with your fingers. It’s more efficient, safer, cheaper, blah blah blah. But nobody wants to drive it, because the first time they need to stop, reflexively they’ll try and pump a now non-existent brake pedal instead of pushing a ‘stop’ button, and they’ll crash.

Torsten, to address your question, the theory of increasing returns is primarily based on repetition. That’s why the majority of keyboards all over the world are of the QWERTY layout. There are of course minor variations for different languages, but they’re all based on the QWERTY layout. Even keyboards for non-Latin based scripts (Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, Russian, etc.) place the equivalent phonetic sound with its corresponding Latin based letter (as far as possible), on the QWERTY layout.

Of course there are a number of other alternatives, designed to be more efficient in terms of reducing the amount of finger movements needed, such as the Dvorak and Colemak layouts. Nobody wants to use them because a) it requires a significant amount of time to retrain your brain and reflexes to use the new layout and b)you can only use it at your keyboard, or a limited number of keyboards. Try going into another office, or internet cafe, and finding a non-QWERTY layout. The efficiency factor is severely offset by the practicality aspect.

So yes, the law of increasing returns is linked directly to typing. The very reason one can type without looking at the keyboard (after some training), is because you can sit down at nearly any keyboard and it’s the same.

Skrej, LOL, yours may be the factual version, but mine translates so much nicer.

You can repair a broken keyboard, or even throw it away, but it isn’t as worthwhile as mending a broken person. Wouldn’t you agree ?


I really shouldn’t try to understand something when I’m under the influence (painkillers + valium), I was really dense, wasn’t I?

Though I agree with Skrei’s explanation as the right one, I do like the one of Bill much, much better.

Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Darline Celestin I am writing you to say how thankful in am for your topics, they are really amazing , they really helpful, for the one i just received to day about the law of increasing returns, i really can’t type fast without looking at the keyboard but i will try every day to improve my typing skills. i know i can do it but sometimes to start doing something is not that easy, i will forcing myself to improve that skills i got inside of me.

thanks again
Darline celestin

absolutely there is a link between law of increasing return and typing well. I am good in typing. these days I am dong PhD…I know its really very helpful… in short time I can complete alot of my tasks…there is great saving of time…
I am realy happy by reading your article on this issue. thanks for bring upfront such kind of information. I learned typing after my matriculation. by the help a software.
I will ask everyone on this forum to go for learning typing. it is of great use.

Hi, Yes i agree and believe on the law of increasing returns, since I was 13 when I was learning typing I used to look at the keyboard and my teacher put a newspaper on so I could not see the keyboard. after two months I guess I could do it without looking the keyboard. after six months I could type fast. and later on once I started studying English my teacher told me somehting. first I said I’ll never learn Englsih. it like talking to a wall, he replied, that’s right, keep listening, studying and one day in the near future you’ll start understanding. and so on. so guess what? that’s what happened. I could listen and understant as if it were my own language. Today I can type without looking the keyboard and listen to and speak english withouth thinking like in the begining. the law of inceasin returns really helped and our brains works like this. what also helps us a lot which did to me is just enjoying reading, of course english to help you a lot and get tired of listening to english audios.

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it’s never a good idea to post your personal email on a public website; it’s like an invitation to spammers and scammers.

People can contact you through the mail on this site and that should be sufficient.

This law is a great true, I can see every single day the “law of increasing returns” in my life, not only with the English lenguaje and my effort for improving, I can see it in many order of my life.Thanks for thinking and helping me a lot!!!.

Hello everybody,

I do agree with those words, as more, as you learn the opportunities will nurture or pop up in front of you. Most of those things happens at once, so we should not let go…like the trains…our excuses is always the same…lack of time…
Deboni - Brazil

its great. the law of ‘increasing return’ is magnificent. its so common that we tend ro loose it amidst the rationalism of 21st century.

mansoor alam

the connection is there! give sometime to learning the basics of typing. the reap the rich harvest for your life. i love torsten for this idea!

The law of increasing returns applies in every area of human life. practise makes perfect, One doesn’t seem to understand without knowing the basics. The law makes an impact, a food for thought for everyone.

Hello all,
All you need is a course in typing . Do not give the topic more than its size. But I can tell you that the real issue is :How to write creatively!!

Hi everybody. Its good idea for me.
I think that we should learn how to type fast. Its very neccessary.

Hello Gentelman,
I have some problem when I write but I have a good oportunity when I read my e-mail I try to answer all question.
Now I take some mistake but thing it must be change.

i m so excited to join your fourm because i really want to improve my englisg skills like speaking and writing …