Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Hello Mr. Torsten,

it is very interesting theme that makes me to decide that from now on I’ll spend more time to success my intention to improve English speaking. that is true that from nothing comes nothing. The law of increasing returns it’s for me a rule that means for me i get what I’ve given.
As well I believe this essay has a multiple meanings and affects to every situation in my life like: the way I am teaching my children I’ll get it back.

best regards


hi this is me phalgun khadka from nepal they are really amazing really help full whom can not type without lookin at keyboard i alo cant but now a days tritd it


Hi Torsten
Yes, I agree with you. The rule of Increasing returns is correct in everything in our life. If some one gives or supports anyone whether he knows him or not, he will feel happily, and this aid don’t lose, but will return to him in the correct time. God not forget anyone, and always let people help each other. In our country we always say you do the good things and throw it in the sea. Thanks for you & your team.



I agree 100% for the law of increased return. I have been felt many similar situations that i get more than i give or invest. But i am not sure how can i apply this in typing fast lesson, and learn english learning. i can understand i need to pay time to do practices in both fields. Practise! practise! practise! right?

Anyein San



yes, I think there is a link between ‘law of increasing returns’ and the ability to type without looking at the keyboard. The only thing you have to do is spend some time by learning how to type properly and in return you will type properly for all your life. This offers you more job opportunities for instance…and of course, your satisfaction. I hope, there are no typing mistakes in my message :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,
learning how to type without looking at the keyboard in my opinion is a very good example for “the law of increasing returns”. I personally experienced the process of changing habits of typing. It was really tough but after some time of practising I realized that all my fingers became very skillful and I started to type much, much faster. So, after all I think putting an effort in practising is payed back. This experience helped me to understand how to set and achieve goals.


I thoroughly agree with you about law of increasing returns but I haven’t realized that connection with ability to type without looking at the keyboard.


Dear Teacher,

First of all, I would like to thank for your comments about how to grow my knowledge, not only English, but also other fields. However, I am still numb in using compuer and also typing. Until now I still type my assigments with looking at keyboard. I try to practise typing, but there is no good result to receive.

Beside of this, I still don’t understand about the meaning of the phrase “The law of increasing returns”. I try to think many times, unfortunatly I ca not find it.

Therefore, I would like to take this interrupt you to give the meaning of this phrase.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

With my best wish.



Hi, I think You are right.


Dear Torsten,

I have to confess bravely that till now I never heard about the law of increasing returns. That’s why I typed it into the searching of Google and I read and read for hours. It was more and more incomprehensible. From the Malthus law… about diminishing returns, when the food won’t be enough for the popularity of the world and the people will die of starvation.

What I read in Software Times made clear the whole. I would like to share with my fellow-student who- than me -never heard about it.
Diminishing returns is an economic law than the increasing returns one is opposite of the other. The explanation with a good example: Let’s suppose that you are a coffee grower. You first plant the best lands and that produces a certain yield per acre. As the demand for coffee grows, you are forced to use additional land which is not as good as your original lot so the yield per acre or the yield per dollar of input will be less.

Increasing returns is also an economic law that governs modern knowledge based businesses such as software. The user has to invest a large amount of effort to learn to use a technology and then does not want to change for the shake of change. Take automobiles.When you learn to drive a car you learn to drive all cars. Now suppose that someone figure out something and changes the whole order. You have to forget your reflexes, would you want it? Highly likely you say: No. In modern lingo, don’t mess with the user interface.
Increasing returns means that “The More You Sell, the More you Sell.” but the winner of software, the more they become enslaved to the software and all its upgrades.

I found in the Free dictionary a good definition:" increasing returns in network effect"
“The resulting increased value of a product because more and more people use it. Telephones, fax machines and computer operating system for example. A product’s success is due to compatibility and conformity issues, not that product or technology may be superior or inferior to the competition.”

Come to what you were asking about typing. I wrote to you that I learned to write on typewriter when I was five year-old. As my father was a lawyer and there were three different typewriters in his bureau.I was very interested in them. Due to this I can type fairly quickly, but I learn lot of rules from you.

Thank you !
Best regards:
Kati Svaby

P.S: Unfortunately I saw lot of typos in this part:chiefly: i instead of I; no space; no capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.


Dear Torsten Sir,
Yes exactly its commn;y attached with habit of thinking and adjust with words.
Here , in india we are saying that “you have to pay for Even sand of Earth”. means dont be mean minded.
Really i have to say for ur gooswishes for myself in this Forum and psrsonal progress.
i have no microphone so icant record however i will try to attached my headphoned with computer and …
Which philosophy apply for these mankind services from forum people? and you all faculty who are really help us without any personal gain!!!

Read My heart
when i see braches laid down at the earth!!,
my heart beats with your feeling of greens,
i give you my existance in your hands like God,
dont be desparated when i ask for my gift of life,
Please read my heart like nobel prized poetry and,
gift me your ever smiled face and lovely/emotion,
when i withered in pinky and lucid weather with crowd of strangers!!!

Tor sir please give answer for my above words.


hello everyone!
I’m Trung Hieu Nguyen, from Vietnam!
Honestly, I really want to learn English but whenever I do, I think that English is very wide and my knowledge in it is very low. I don’t know how can I learn learn English and when I finish? And, I feel fear!
However,in this moment, when I reading “the law of increasing returns”. It’s so true,isn’t it? I understand that I must try more, don’t fear anything. I remind a quote: “Rome wasn’t build in a day”,so Why I am good at English if I don’t learn the basics!
I really hope you who are reading this message will help me improve my English!
May be this message has many mistakes. Could you help me edit those?
Thank you so much!
If you have free time, can you write for me some e-mail? I will try reply with least mistake!:slight_smile: my e-mail is

best regard!
Trung Hieu Nguyen


Hello everybody,
As Torsten said in his Letter #38, I’d like add something from my experience. My mother-tongue is Russian. I’ve never studied how to type or write words properly. It came to me from my reading a lot. And I have to notice, I can write (type) practically without mistakes in my native language. But when I began to learn English, I discovered, that I could write (or type) without mistakes too in the vast majority of situations. Though I 've not read a lot of books, but this is maybe the attitude, that I can see a word once, and it imprints in my mind. This is the explanation I can guess…
Thank you very much.


Hi Torsten, I do agree about ‘law of increasing returns’ but, in my opinion, this law is not only for typing ability it’s also for all thing we learn or we do. To be perfect in all aspect is great, as for me, this time I want to be perfect in Writing and Speaking English Language.


Hellow Torsten,
i am purchase headphone but icant attatched so ask to my friend for day after tomorrow ,mostly i will try next week to record my voice and then i apply Free
Teacher,s section o.k.
Thanks for all in real need.

Hey thoughts has no end but feelings has border of social rules,
way which you apply, apply by mind ot by heart?
see you are in happiness or shouting for livelihood!!!

Thanks by all mean.


Hi the law of increasing return…
I’m sure i’ve typed without looking the key board…do you believe?
You know, im a talent typer…heee…i’ve havent studied in any computer school…but i can type without looking key board, because i started to type as a person who really don’t know much about internet in 3years ago.
As i know, many people started to type without learning how to type, that why they cann’t change their habbit…keke
So the most important thing here that: With any thing you have to start as a basic station before you think to be come a expert in this case…
With me, the law of increasing return is very exactly…
On me, after along time hard fworking for english and practising it until now, i can speak with a foreigner…i’m working with foreigner company…that’s is the crictical point in this LAW…increasing return…
Please don’t think what we have before we investing some thing…because you may not got it…but let it suddenly come
But remember…don’t think to much the revenue…but should be planned what you will do…
Have a nice day


Hi Torsten,

Thank you so much for your e-mail. You asked me if I know to type properly. Yes, Torsten, I can type very fast and without looking at keyboard. However, I have a different reason not to look at the keyboard. It is that I used F keyboard, but my computer has Q keyboard. I probably made you smile at my reason, didn’t I? But believe me that I am so used to type on F keyboard since I was a little child that it is not difficult for me to type without looking at it and being so fast.
I also agree with the law of increased returns. Every year in Ramadan month, I try to help people with food as possible as I can do. But believe me that whenever I give away food to people, I receive more from another people than I give away. During the Ramadan month, I happen to have plenty of food in my kitchen.

Thanks again for your nice e-mail. Take care, Torsten.


Dear Torsten, Good morning. Torsten I want to write very much, but some time I think that I am not able yet. I have problem, is translation, I think that I don´t know to make a several words withow to comete erros. I am sorry to disapoint you but really I need very much yours help, for that improve better my english skills. I am thank you. best regard.


Hi. I think this law shows us how to behave in our world. The only thing we do every day is abuse somebody and it’s really bad. With this law we can do more good things to people in all situations and places, and people will appreciate us. We have to remember that the world is becoming more and more evil. The law is the solution to change our minds and take care of people which are very neccessary to us.


Hi dear Trsten,

I think so.That’s a fact.We can see it in our life.In my native language ,there’re lots of proverbs about this.Although everybody knowsit but I don’t know why they do bad things.

You ask about the link between “the law of increasing return” and the “ability to type whithout looking at the keyboard” that’s true.
I’m not good at typing so I waste lots of my time.