Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Hello Torsten ,
I am so greatful to you for your back up . In fact , I totally agree with you about the lesson of typing errors . I have one idea : I’d like to write some text in which I endeaver not to make typing mistakes and then I will send it to you so as to check it .

I am looking to hear from you soon ,
many thanks ,
Assya .


I think that i heard about “the law of increased returns” but i didn’t have idea about its universal application. In this way, i think we can use that law for everything we do in our life and do it we can not just learning something new as proper typing but we make a better world. If we start think worry about the people around us instead think only ourself we can reach a better life for us…for all of us.



That’s amazing, Torsten ,thanks a lot. the law of increasing returns, we must absorb and apply it.

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Dear Sir
In this connection I would like to inform you that my typing speed has increased
after joining this forum. Thanks to the forum. Since the computer and laptop are
feather touch so mistake will take place often when we type fast. I hope
I can improve my typing speed in due course. I have not taken any special
interest for typing fast. Anyway, I will try my level best to increase my typing

Thanks for your lessson connection between the law of increasing returns and proper



I had never tryed typing without look at the keyboard before. I must admit that by doing that here, right now, shows me how much I was missing on my writing abilities. I can see the result of the ´law of increasing resulst´ at this very moment, when I don not have to back many times to fix typos, well not even once. Even though a final review is always recommended, typing and looking at the screen instead of the keyboard helps me saving a lot of time since there is no need to repeat words or interrupt my line of thinking while writing. There is still a lot of work that I believe is necessary to increase my abilities in writing and speaking, but this tip is really effective in any language, even on my native language.
Thank you for your advice and see you soon!


Yeah, absolutely.
When you set up a target and achieve it by hard working.


Hello everybody I do believe in this great law. due to the great God mercy we´re always reward for evrey single effort we do, that´s why people that woks a lot have alot so simple, and the most important thing is, when you do somthing without specting any thing, the reward will be many times more, this is the real love.


Hello Mr. Torsten,
I still reading all your valuable (beneficial, useful) tips(advices).
thank you sir.
Mona Ramzi


Hi Mona, that’s great to hear. Please note that the noun ‘advice’ doesn’t have a plural form so the word ‘advices’ does not exist.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between two students at their university cafeteria[YSaerTTEW443543]


Hello Mr. Torsten
Thank you very much sir . Im grateful for your advice.
Mona Ramzi


Excuse me sir, Is that is an American conversation because of the presence of some words like gonna (is it mean “going to” or what?). Actually they are speaking too rapid that I can not follow them . I think that I must repeat it again and again.
Thank you very much.
Mona Ramzi


When I was in the school I learned how to type, when I began it was so difficult, I made a lot of mistakes, even there were times I wanted to give up, but working hard was the only way I could improve my skills on typing, now I have to learn how to type in english, and currently I’m working on it and I hope I’ll improve soon.


Hi Torsten

you are right regarding the “law of increasing returns” and about the " law…" and proper typing.
Everything is connected in one way or another , we could say " domino effect".It’s useful to know " blind typing method " , you can became more efficient and of course to type proper.
During our lessons you have taught us many things, we became more dynamics and ambitions.

thanks for everything



Hello Torsten,

That is a great article. I am really happy to read it. I have heard about it since I was young. In our country, our parent and teachers teach about it and we all believe that whatever we do to or for another individual comes back to us multiplied several times. In your letter, you gave farmer example to explain about that. Our parent also gave the same example that you gave me. But I don’t know the law of increased returns also works when it comes to learning English. As for me, I think I can type properly. If I make any typing error, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Maw Maw Win.


Hello Torsten,
A good idea and that’s really, really challenging! As usual people don’t follow this law of increasing returns, because they simply don’t believe it can works.
Regards, Chana


Hi Torsten…
I agree with you.
Pretty good message and I think it is useful to all.

Thanks & Regards,


[color=indigo]Dear Torsten,
Lesson 38 was so rich and wonderful. I think there is a proverb about this title’ The law of increasing returns’, I think it is 'What goes around comes all the way back around '.If it is correct please confirm me. I guess the most problem of many people about typing is, chatting on the internet, which thing you, dear teacher, explained in this lesson. When I started to improve my English in this powerful site, sometimes some sentences were typed in capital words completely but Dear teacher, Alex, said me it is impolite way and seems you are shouting. I would try to open this link’ Dance mat typing’ but unfortunately it was filtered.
With regard
P.s: I hope there is any typos in my writing.


I wonder that I won’t surpass my current english level. Perhaps it will demand a long time to improve it a bit more. I can easily read writings although many words are out of my poor vocabulary that I imagine has no more than six thousand words. I agree entirely with the Law of increasing returns, but the returning may not be infinite. The point is to get it balanced… By answering more than 1,3 thousand questions on a Q&A website, I believe having improved my skill on structuring english sentences and full texts, but I suppose that there is lot to learn yet, however, my knack for foreign languages certainly is an obstacle to become fluent on english in the future. But if I can to chat, to answer questions, to post blogs, I am satisfied, mainly if the reader can at least understand my message. For instance, this writing I have compiled in a short time, although I am sure that there is a lot of grammar mistakes. But, have you understood me ? Yes ?, then I am happy.


Dear Torsten Daerr,

When I saw ‘the law of increased returns’ in the last letter, I thought about “boomerang law”. People says that every aggression and destructive behaviour will return.
Nature is very kind for us, in example about the farmer cultivating the soil, but when we pollute Earth, water, and atmosphere the effect is the same - we are facing with global catastrophes.
Concerning typing errors, I am trying to type correctly, because I now that if I type short word or some short form like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ few times I, certainly, will remember that form and can make such mistake in a crucial letter too. I was writing shortly during my university study, but it was my native language, and it was OK.

Thank you,


Hello everyone, yea of course there is a big relation between the law of increasing returns’ and proper typing.
There is a law governs the whole world, it’s called the law of attraction. Your thoughts, your feelings, your works return all to you. Positives attract positives, negatives attract negatives, love attracts love, hate attracts hate, tender attracts tender. So we are somehow the general managers of the universe. What we do or think or feel will return multiple to us.
I will tell you something about me, I have a dream I want to be a novel translator. Last year my English language wasn’t as good as now, but I wrote some words to be the introduction of my first translated novel when my dream comes true. My friends laughed at me and said learn english, firstly, afterwards think of your dreams. However, I told them my dream will come soon, and it is coming now, I’m working with a publishing house, and I will add my words to my first novel.
So work hard, type fast, your English is getting better.