Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


This newsletter is so simple and very interesting. Thanks a lot…I liked this lesson the most.!
And thank you so much for the BBC typing lessons link…
that is so funny and interesting. Can’t believe but it helped me to type correctly without looking at the keyboard very easily within just one hour!
thanks again



I agree with this law, it’s too important to know type correctly, I am happy because I am a professional typer, in Spanish we say “MECANOGRAFA” I really don’t know how to say it in English. Obviously I make mistakes when I’m typing but it’s normal, “I’m a human being” I can write 80 to 90 words per minute and it helps me a lot in the university. So what Toersten said is absolutely true.


Hi everybody ,

Yeah , I think there`s a link between ‘law of increasing returns’ and everything in our life, how?

this a very important sentence says :whatever you do to or for another individual comes back to you multiplied several times. this mean when We do one hour for example We can gain 2 hours in front of this hour.

thank You very much.


Hi Torsten:
I had typing course in highschool ,my problem is that is very difficult for me writing in english ,I writing fast en espanish. but my english grammar it is too bad.
and I know soon or later I can do it well.


Hi Alan

Can I take it that ‘the law of increased returns’ could also mean ‘you harvest what you sow’ and ‘what goes round comes round’?

I was a secretary before I started teaching English and I used to type 52 wpm. Now you must understand that a computer keyboard is slightly different from a normal typewriter in a sense that there are more keys including function keys. My fingers placement on the computer keyboards need to be adjusted.



Hi everyone, i am thaw.
I think the law of increased returns like that, this title is depend on the skill of writing. According to an example that desribed by Thorsten, if you type or use your keyboard for a long time, you will get the more typing efforts, that mean you can type the keyboard faster and less errors.
I said the title ‘the law of increasing returns’ is relative with your writing skill, So if you type more words they are coming from your thinking, your experience or your job and lifestyle, just write these on this forum or your own paper, text file in computer, absolutely, you will got your own best writings in English as a lot of success returns,.
How do you think about this title,.
:slight_smile: thaw,.


According to me, “law of increasing returns” it’s always right, the more efforts you have, the bigger successes you receive.
This law is true with my situation, 1 year ago I was one of the worst students in my English class, my listening skill was always zero. Fortunately, my English teacher found out my weaknesses and gave me a lots of useful advice. Everyday I spent about 20 minutes for listening, I usually listened the news at VOA or ELLLO. The first time, the second time and… I thought that I would give up soon because I couldn’t understand anything, but I was still patient, I tried more, more and more… up to now.
Can you guess how I am now ? Unbelievable what I get. My listening skill is improved so fast and I’m so satisfied. Now I’m confident enough to try myself with TOEIC test and I hope to get a high result. Good luck to me! (^^)
And how about you? Can you share with me your own experience in " law of increasing returns " ?


Nice to hear about your success,
I wish you will get high marks on your exam.
According to your opinion and me, In general, Law of Increasing Returns means all of the job that we did, will return Big Success in our future,.
Try on, and good luck Xuanthao
As for me, I am learning Japanese and English. I’m also improving myself like your way, but not yet reach to satisfy level :frowning:


You will be successful if you are patient. Thanks for your share !


Hi, could you tell me what’s the best way to learn and teach phrasal verbs ?


hi ,I am sawsan .Thanks for sending me these great topics I rearly injoy reading them.Typing without looking to the keyboard is little hard but I will try my best


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.


Greetings fellow-learners!

The “law of increasing returns” is a real fact. I’ve experienced it in my own life. I realised this when I started to practise guitar. I spent 2 hours a day practising during 3 months. My skills increased in an amazing way! That was just thanks to the law of increasing returns. The same happens when it comes to learning English and I’m getting a lot of profit from that. Fast-typing is not so difficult to me, but writing without look at the keyboard while doing it it’s still difficult, but it’s worth all the effort to keep on training those kinds of proficiencies.



Hi !
I’ve just read your last email.It’s a good ideas. I have learnt typing for ages. Although I can type without looking at the keyboard, I cannot type very fast. And from now on I’ll try again.


Yes, I fully agree with the importance of proper typing. In another words, from these small things can reflect your degree of carefulness. And in the end you will be paid off for your great consistence to infallibility. Thanks for the encourage and demand from teacher Torsten, let’s start from now on to avoid any typing errors.


Hi Friends
This is certainly a very interesting topic that touch us all emotionally, physically and educationally. Furnished below is my two-cents worth on this very interesting topic:

  1. I came into contact with this philosophy after reading a motivational book
    by Napoleon Hill entitled “Think And Grow Rich”.

  2. The philosophy repeated many times that “the more you give, the more you
    will get in return…”

As you can see, this is the Law of Nature and it applies to every human being. Our
efforts will not go to waste. Take the case of learning to type properly, the efforts
we put in trying to present on paper with the help of the computer comes back to us
in leaps and bounds. The efforts we give initially return to us many folds. This is the Law of Increasing Returns which has gone through the test of time and I certainly believe in it 100 per cent…The more you give, the more you get in return…Enjoy!.. Abdul-Wahab from Malaysia



There is a link between the law of increasing returns and proper typing due to the following reasons-

  • It is increasing typing speed, know the mistake, enable me to formulate sentence correctly even though there are some mistakes because I’m English learner.
  • Without looking to the keyboard the speed will increase,
  • Encourage the typing and participate in forum,
  • The investment for future because the more I do many exercise in a short time the more I improve my English Language,
  • Speed typing enable me to be accurate in my work,
  • The law of increasing returns will appear in a short time after proper typing,
  • Without proper typing I cannot tackle the challenges which appear in the world due to the globalization,

I appreciate that there is a link between between the law of increasing returns and proper typing.

Thank you very much for your Advise.


Hello Torsten & Alan,

Sometimes I post something in the forum. I am sure that I made some mistakes. Please correct me accordingly.



Hello everyone,
It’s the first time I’ve heard about ‘the law of increasing return’. However, I do agree that there’s a link between it and the ability of typing without looking at the keyboard. I used to type very slow and always have to look at the keyboard but after my friend suggested me to use a program to improve this, now I can type faster and no need to look at the keyboard anymore. I find it very useful since I can post more things I want to share and to be shared on the forum. So the ‘law of increasing return’ is great!


Hi everybody,
Thank you again and again Mr. Torsten for every important topic you send.
Realy, learning how to type correctly, and eventually the faster way of typing, these things are very essential matters for everyone of us, not only the SSL ( Second Language Learners ), but also for English native speakers, ( How?).
It reflects the ability of acquisitioning the language properly and correctly. Moreover, it reflects the motivational attitude, in order to convey the massage in a right way, because if you can’t punctuate( using the punctuation marks) in a coheson sentences, you won’t send your point of view correctly, and it may be interpreted wrongly.


I think that there is a link, because like you say, if you do the things right, make an effort, you’ll harvest a lot of benefits, and learning to type is a begining, I know that is to difficult change habits, but when you realize about your surroundings, when the people start to asking themselves about the activities they do and why do they do, and all that stuffs, that’s the moment when, well in my opinion, you make the difference, and start to live in a very good way.

Thanks Torsten, this questions are very good, because they make ourselves to reflect.