Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


hi, everybody.
In my opinion, the law of increasing returns is very simply. That means when you give something to anyone, anytime, and you will get other things in the future. But i’d to ask all of you that, whan you hurt somebody, will you get somethings in another time?


Hello. I have to thank you once again for the new lesson, interesting, useful. I will pay attention on your advice, some of the rules I had to learn while typing my essays or thesis. But repetition is the mother of knowledge, hope the translation from Latin is right.
Nowadays I love more to register voice messages, maybe because I have less opportunity to exercise my talking than to write. But I must do both things, talking and writing are both important. All the best wishes,


Dear All,

This is the second time I write in this forum ( I should have done it more often). I have to say thank you to our teacher who keep reminding and encouraging me to practice writing. When I start to write, I find that i make a lots of spelling mistakes (of course i am sure I make grammar mistakes too).

It is very interesting to know the new concept “the law of increased returns”. I do agree that practice will help you to do better in certain thing and give you more choices in life. But our life and our time is limited, we have to ask ourselves what is important to us and based on that we can decide where we want to invest our time. We all want to be master in everything but we all know it is impossible. Therefore we should accept that we can be better than other people in certain things but worse in other things. Most important in life is to know how you want to live your life and to appreciate the moment you can spend with your loved ones. My point is we do not have to be perfect in everything but we should try to be better in something which is important to us and if we can. I find that some people want to be very successful in their career and work very hard to learn a lots of things so that they can be very competitive in work, but is that worth? unfortunately, sometimes it is not worth because with all the pressure to be better and work very hard, these people have no time for their family. In that case “the law of increased returns” does not apply as we get the better job but at the same time we may loose our family. We have to remind ourselves that we should keep a good balance in importance things of our life. In order to do so, we have to specify what is importance to us: family, career, friends, money, etc… and we have to know in which order we want to place these. Actually, these priorities change at certain part of our life. For example, when i was young I did think that career is the most important and now that i grew older and after the loss of my loved one, family is the most important to me.

I hope to receive your comments on my written English, spoken English and on my view. I appreciate it very much. Thank you!




Hi. I am Alexandra, and I guess in my former message I wasnt replying to the question.
I am sorry. So here it is my opinion, I think is the way you presented the things, we will receive back many times what we were offering before, even if the reward will arrive after a period. And I guess people appreciate a lot something that arrives after waiting a bit. I use to be generous, and I like people being the same. After all I am optimistic, and I do believe in each of us lies something good.
Wish everybody a nice time


Hey, everybody.
I have taken part in this forum since last year. But i rarely aply to there. Eventhough my English is too bad. Howere, consequenty, the letter from Torsten is sent to me, thank you very much. Im a student, and English is very important for me, but im very lazy. So my English skill doesnt improve anymore. So i think it is the “law of increasing returns”.


I have watched this movie, and indeed such a good inspirational movie.

I have been a programmer for 5 years but I still look at keyboard while typing. Not that I am not able to do so, but I think my ability to type with looking is faster if compare to the one without. All I need is more practice to sharpen my skills.


Yeah, there is! It’s like when you’re a wise investor. Before you invest on something you have to consider a lot before you come up with a decision. There are so many considerations to make; the risk and returns. After weighing your considerations, it’s when you make final decision. You sacrifice for a while, later you’ll start reaping the fruit of your well-thought-of decision until it grows and grows bigger, hence increasing returns.

The same thing with proper typing. At first, you don’t know how to use the keyboard properly. But when you undergo lengthy process of studying it’s proper use, you will start to learn until you become expert on it. When you become expert on typing, you’ll be able to use this knowledge in a lot of ways that can benefit you. When you have that knowledge, it stays and all it will do is to provide you convenience and, thus, give you increasing returns.


Yes! because returns can either be good or bad. If you study poorly, then you’ll get poor results on your exams. It’s like a machine, when one part is damaged, you would not expect it to function properly.

To overcome laziness you have to be active.

this is a reply to LONGWAY’S MESSAGE


hi all my friends
It was a good subject .I learned typing when Iwas 18 .I wanted to got a job in a bank and went to a typecenter and Iwas traind in persian (naitive language) and english typing and i can type in both of them. it is easy you can memoraize and match the fhngers with words in keyboard at first the middle row after days that related to you the practice must be with up words in keyboard and then with the down row words in keyboard…


Yes, I think that we all know this law but we might not know the “name of the law”… it’s just like a common sense to me, I think it would be same for others…

I do agree that proper typing saves us a lot of time, just keep looking the screen to check for what we’ve keyed in… wow… we can review and correct it as well… it’s a huge return on investment. My speed (as check though the website) is around 55… I think it’s enough since I can not think faster… hehe…

By the way, I used to take some fun exercises and races though this website: You can check it out yourself…

Also, thanks a lot, Torsten for sharing the law.


As you said that " if you invest a few hours first, you will be paid back for your efforts many times", and “the amount of effort you put in, always much smaller than what you get out”. These sentences really helpful…Thanks so much

Lome da Silva


Yes, that low is true. It is mentioned in the Bible, too. There is a day in people’s life when they’ll pick the friuts of their hard working or helpping others. If you work hard or study effectively, you will be the one who enjoys the results. Like Fonseca was saying, I thought I would never understand native speakers. I still not understand 100% but I keep studying.
This site is like a beautiful dream of whoever likes English. I wish I could study more. I love that site.


Hi everybody,
my understanding of that question is the more effort you put typing or learn how to type is actually result you will get because you will write faster without looking keyboard so this principle say good efforts have better results


Hi Torsten and everybody,

The law of increased returns?

Yes, I do think that people are divided into mere consumers and people who “plant” there deeds into the “soil” of human existence. And I think that “consumers” are not to be blamed for their habits to enjoy their lives without making contribution into the common wealth. As far as their existence is within the limits of law.

Who wants to be a farmer or a teacher or a doctor nowadays? Who wants to plant seeds and wait patiently for results, knowing that sometimes you are not going to be rewarded for your labour properly? Not everybody.

But there are people whose reward is measured not only in money and things but in results of their labour. The best reward for such people is feeling of satisfaction about their deeds. And there are many such people and I see many of them every day and increased returns for them are not only material things.

Best regards,



Hi Alexandranow
You mentioned in your post that you are registering voice messages.
Only two days ago I found out myself, that one can communicate in spoken English on the plattform by using a headset.
Do you like that? How does it work? Is it not always too loud or too low?
I guess must be a bit of a challenge.
When I reply by writing I can take my time, look up some words, check the text once again and finally push the send button. In spoken English there is no such time. I have not very much opportunities to speak to native speakers. When I try to form spoken sentences myself I often come to a sudden stop because I can’t remember the English word I would like to use next.
I still have to buy a headset and I hope my computer will do for the purpose.
But I’m keen on trying that out as soon as I’m able to.
Where can I find voice messages on the platform? Could you tell me?
Yours Urs


Hi everyone
I’m glad that I attended typing classes at the age of 12. It was during my first year of college and almost everyone joined in and so I didn’t want to stay away. Maybe I would have forgotten all about my typing if there hadn’t been our Boy-Scouts-magazine! It was just a bunch of papers, no gloss of course but self-written, self-typed and pressed, stapled and handed-out, where we would write reviews of our camps, invite to the next and so on.
There was one difficulty: it was quite tricky to correct type-errors on the stencils. So we had to try our best and avoid mistakes. That was how I really learnt typing.
But who of us then knew how crucial it would become later? Nowadays everyone sends and receives sheer heaps of posts and has to reply to them whithin minutes…
But unfortunately, I have to confess, the numbers of my typing-errors have increased since the time of our magazine. You can guess why - because it has become so easy to go back and correct miss-spellings. And I’m bedeviled, the less time I take to write a message down the more errors appear on the screen!
So there is no way out of it, I have to improve my typing skills again!


Hi Alexandra
Sorry, but I have to blame myself for two reasons:

  1. I mixed up your first name and your family name, stupid me, of course I know that it’s Alexandra.
  2. Even more embarrassing, I didn’t look closely enough on your first message. Otherwise I would have found out how one can listen to a registered voice message on the forum!
    And I know now that it wasn’t too loud nor too low and on top of that I had no problems to understand your message. You speak in a very clear voice and with a good accent, congratulations!
    Yesterday I wrote that I haven’t got many opportunities to speak to native English speakers. And what happened today? I took my seat in the evening train and found myself right opposite to a Canadian citizien! I can’t believe it! That’s the first time after half a year at least- no cheat! And it went quite well except that I almost gave him a wrong information about how to get to the airport because I mixed up two trains. Mixing up things seems to be a speciality of mine!
    So I wish you a good evening and I’m looking forward to register a voice message for you too. Merry christmas! Urs


I liked the formula the law of increased returns that’s right.we spend less period of time for to learn typing and we get benefit whole entire our life.I really like it I am willing to follow ,encouraging to follow.let’s see how much I can do.thank you


Hi Alexandra
As I wrote you I still had to buy a headset, and here it is! This is my first attempt to record a voice message. The only problem: my message is not very loud although I try to keep speaking as near as possible to the microphone. Can you understand it nevertheless?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi everyone, Hi Torsten,
My name is Libia. First of all, I want to thank you for this wonderful essay “The law of increasing returns”. I believe it´s true. Even though, till this moment I haven´t realized the importance of typing properly in the process of learning English. Thank you, for remanding me it.
From now on, I will do my best to type in the right way.