Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


I’m not so sure about i understand true or not, I think whoever working with the plan and follow the plan successful will coming soon. Is it “the law of increasing returns”?


lovely torsten thanks for all


Well, “the law of increased returns” sounds very interesting to me since I’ve understood it better by reading the example and I also can say that I have used it many times in my language. The more you give, the more you get, which means not only do you get material things but also things that make you feel great and especial in certain situations. Also, I may say that practicing, I mean, by doing things more than once make us masters. So let’s keep on doing things better and better in order to achieve our goals. We can start by learning the basics which is the foundation of anything in terms of physical or mental terms.



Typing is not a problem to me anymore because I’ve learned to type properly, not with a teacher but through chatting with my friends on the internet. They usually ask me a lot and if I’m not typing fast enough, I cannot reply to all of their question. That would be a real defeat to any of us to lose track with the others.

At first, I just used a software, typing master as far as I can remember, and learned the basic rules of typing - the position and task of every finger on the keyboard. But practicing with the software was really really boring so I tried to concentrate on the rules every time I touch the keyboard and practiced with my friends, when we chatted or when we worked together. My skill improved naturally and I did not realize since when have I been able to type this fast.^^! All thanks to those stupids nonsense questions of my friends!


Hi Dear Torsten,
I really thank you for making me think about all my weaknesses and strengths as a human being.
I also appreciate all the help you always give me so as to encourage me to find out how to change.
From now on,I’ll do my best to cover my weaknesses and increase my strengths to benefit from the law of increasing returns in the near future.
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Thanks Mr. Torson, this is very useful reminder and really it’s some thing which many people are still forgetting when it comes to “what you invest, yields what you wouldn’t have expected or high out put”. This law of increase returns really applies many situations of our daily life, for instance, every business investor initiates his/her business with small or medium capital and in turn the investor reckons at the end of that year sums of packs so this person applied the principle of “law of increased returns” and many of us feel but I think the highest percentage of people diverged to the group who didn’t detect that treasure.

Besides the typing or the good typing is really very crucial though we dwell in a world which the electronic communication affected our daily life, like no other. And it’s all bout giving time and tool to your self, and after sum of days you will see the “real amendment of life and work”.

Please Mr.torsen pay much attenstion to our typings becouse of we human we always come across when we are told or reminded.

Thanks guys and ladies. I am very happy to have thoughts and notions with you on how we can improve or amend our English.
Guys lest make our dreams come true by deduting a little time from your rush-hours or rest-hours and joining that deduted minutes to our studing time-table.



Here are more about The law of increasing returns.

5 The Law of Increasing Returns

Make virtuous circles

The prime law of networking is known as the law of increasing returns. Value explodes with membership, and the value explosion sucks in more members, compounding the result. An old saying puts it more succinctly: Them that’s got shall get.


Yes, for sure there is a connection. If we can type without watching the keyboard it is because we have practiced a lot. Then if we practice and practice, we can type faster than a person that watches all the time each letter typed. If you practice and practice, then you will save time in the future because you won’t have to watch the keyboard all the time.


I really liked the article ‘The Law of Increasing Returns’. We often hear about the ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ in Economics. But the way you have elaborated the principle of abundance in life and the universe is remarkable. It would serve to change the midset of many a people to positive thinking and motivate them to contribute to life.
There is definitely a direct link between this Law and the typing skills. We can certainly communicate to a lot of people easily through the Internet if we can transfer our thoughts on to the computer swiftly. And typing, as you said, can be acquired without much effort. A small beginning - a few strokes on the keyboard in the first attempt - may lead to many many a dividend.
Of course, I do love all your articles. Your website has been truly instrumental in making me learn the language well.


Thank you for your mail, Torsten.

That is really the great essay. Actually, Im also learning writting skill via your essays. But this essay really brings to me much good thought and make me excited to write this reply. Im working in the export company so I only work with computer and as a good habit, I seem to be able to type faster than write something down in paper. I feel that doing that is more professional than using hand paper and pen. However, I haven’t still get the skill not to see into the keyboard. But I always pratice and pratice and I believe in my ability in the future.

Once again, thanks for your essay and really happy to take part in your program.

Hope to get many good essays from you, Torsten.

Sincerly yours,
Thanh Thuy


Dear friends,

“First the farmer cultivates the soil, plants the seeds, waters and nurtures the ground and then Mother Nature pays them back for their efforts and intelligence”. I agree to some extent specially the efforts but not the intellignce. It is the efforts carried out from the beginning to the end ( cultivates the soil, plants the seeds,waters and nurtures the ground ) is a requisite for the multiplication of the seeds and all these activities would be useless without the existence of the herediratal genes inside the seeds and that multiplacation is not man made. What a farmer does is similar to what happens between a man and a women, again the sperms are planted into the woom and the multiplication of the fertilled egg is continued throuh the code inhereted genes . As far typing is concerned and the link between “law of increasing returns” and typing, I would say that the acquired skill varies from individual to another and it exists only in the human being race.

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First time i heard " the law of increased return" when i’m learning economy at college
Just know that the idea can works in nature, science and learning English
Thanks for the topic, and yes i’ll try to practise typing properly



Does law of increasing returns have to do with the success of anything we are to do in life? As i read it, it sounds strange to me because i have never heared of it and a lot had been achieved and learnt from reading it. I’m very appreciating your efforfs to improve my writting and speaking English. Thanks, from kenny4fans (Nigeria)


Good evening,

Luckily I had studied how to use key boards and it is easy for me to type without looking at the key board. I do agree that the law of increasing returns is a fact as if somebody doesn’t interest and work hard also to search for the new he will be unable to continue and to get increasing returns.

I am so happy with you as I like to be a professional english language learner. I like this Language as it is a part of our life such as in studying and working. I hope to speak and write accurately without any mistakes. I do my efforts for this purpose.




Dear Torsten,

Fortunately, I learned to type properly without looking at the keyboard when was 17 years old. There were times I used to hate to go the type institute every afternoon to learn typing. As time pass by I learned the skill with a good typing speed. Then the topic ‘The law of increased returns’ came into reality. I got my first job as a secretary and got moved on with several good jobs. Till today I can type every single word without looking at the computer keyboard. It is really an amazing skill one should seriously think especially with modern day’s communication channels are concern.

We should also teach our children to type properly when they are young. I am glad that you thought us how to make use of free Internet type trainers by googling the phrase “dance mat typing”. I will certainly let my children learn from this site.

Moreover, I never heard of ‘The law of increased returns’ before and the meaning of it. Thanks for providing me the opportunity to learn something new for the day.



Perhaps, I don’t say that is ever true because I know about people who ever persevere, they are patient but they don’t achieve their expectations.
I think we have to know what we are able to do before we try something.


“The law of increasing returns”
The connection is certain. The efforts you do whithout paying attention for being paid back are your strength to run forward. In daily life this law is real and sure.
It can be translated on keyboards using field. I would say even more: this rule is for life. When you keep it your mind you can improve many things fairly and the harvest will be huge.

So try typing and get this rule as your scoreboard you will master the use of your keyboard.

Thanks once again



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I would like to share a record on above by reading “The law of increasing returns”. I want you to correct this poor record.




Hi Kevinzos,

Thank you for recording your message. That was certainly a marathon! I have to admit that I found the recording a little feint but you have a good strong voice and you clearly put a lot of effort into the reading. Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing more.

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Hi Alan!

By this record I am an ice breaker, to tell true, it was not so easy. French countries english learners are suffering from their pronunciation skills. As you told it before we have not to be ashamed, but to
Your remarks goes straight to my heart, and I will take it in count
for the following that is above.

Lets think you for all things you have done for me on this site before, curently and the coming days.

Re-think a lot.