Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


This essay reminds me to a movie, I can not remmember its name but there was Kevin Spacy and Helen Hunt on that film. For anyone who do not know this film, it talks about a boy who believe in this law that if you get a help from someone then as a consequancy of that you have to help three other people. I really liked that film and thought a lot about it even now I can not remmember accurately details of the film
Regarding learning English and typing skill, I think it is just the same as in other area, you will definitely benefit from what you invest. The more you invest, the more you get. “You’ll get what you give”.


Hi Muin,

You can only start ‘writing creatively’ if you are willing to learn the basics of the English language. Since much of your writing is done on a computer you also need to learn how to type properly. It’s a fact that the vast majority of all people never learn this basic skill and as a result they won’t become ‘creative writers’ because they can’t exchange their thoughts with other people effectively.

A person who is not capable of mastering the basics in any field can never be ‘creative’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I fully agree with the ‘Law of Increasing Returns’. ie. when you do or pay something wholeheartedly god will give return that or much beyond that in an increasing rate.
I don’t know how many of you, but I can tell you all from my own experience that I have the habit of giving everything which I have to someone in need, and never ever I had been in a difficulty to go on with my habit. Likewise it was really a tough time for me while I was studying, but by God’s grace I could manage that, and today God has made me sit at a place from where I can give much more service to the society, and I feel that this is nothing but an increased return.



Of course there is a link between both of them as when somebody exerts extra efforts and does more training and practicing, he will get more experience and skills which consequently gives him more benefits not only in typing but in each aspect of life.

That is what I understood from this expression, I hope it is close to the correct meaning.



I am aware of ‘the law of increased returns’. for years.
From 1979 until 1980 I passed the following exams:

  • Speedwriting in the Dutch and Spanish language;
  • Correspondence in the Dutch and English language and;
  • Blind typing.
    Up till now I am making use of all the above. I am using my blind typing everyday. I also make use of my knowledge of languages everyday (private life, work and study).
    Since scholar year 1999-2000, when I became a preparatory school teacher,
    I am helping my students as far as I can.
    What did I gain? I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in the English language.
    Finally my dream became true.



I think that the two ideas have a connection with each other because as what you have mentioned every efforts you exert you will harvest it.Practicing proper typing will eventually results to be a better writer and help you to be competitive with others in terms of looking a better job.


I haven’t surfed this website for a long time, but tonight I checked my mail and I read your lesson “The law of increased returns”. I can learn many things from this topic and I experienced many things in my life. I agree with you that there is the law of increased returns in our life and proper typing is an example for this law, I think this law is similar to law of the cause and effect. If we put effort into doing something, we’ll get much more than we do.
I can type without seeing the keyboard, and I see that’s my advantage. When I was a student, I spent much time training to type by myself. I downloaded a typing software and I trained by myself everyday when I was free. After little time I could type fast without seeing the keyboard. That’s the effect of trying to do something. But I also didn’t put effort into something else, so now I have to get bad effect. So I think we should always put much effort into doing everything in our life, we’ll get all best things, and we won’t never regret that we tried our best to do that thing.


Hi Torsten,

The first, I want to thanks for your letter about “law of increasing returns”. It’s very good and useful for me.

Now, I want to talk my typing skill. I learnt typing in seven years ago. My brother had a soft ware about learning to type. It help learner to practise typing without see the keyboard. The first, I practised typing letters. When I remembered the letters’ position in the keyboard, I practised typing the words. I tried to not see the keyboard, I only saw the monitor computer.
After that, I didn’t use that soft ware. But I still practised. I typed my exercises, my essays by myself. Then, I can see the document and type quickly without see keyboard and without see the monitor. But I only type by Vietnamese, my mother tongue.

Now, I’m practising typing by English. It’s easy for me when I remembered the letters’ position in the keyboard. But I usually type mistake. Because of typing by English is different typing by Vietnamese. And sometimes I type a word, but I don’t sure it’s right or wrong. I have to write it in the paper and type it right. So I type by English slowly. But I try to practise typing by English.

Torsten, I want to practise writing skill and typing skill. So I’m writing the essays and send you. I hope you see and correct them for me. Thank you for your help.


Hi Orchid,

You can use this thread to improve your writing skills: How to improve my writing skills?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thank you, Torsten, for this idea. I’ll try to learn and practise typing properly.


I think you are right. When we write well most people understand better what we want to say, and of course when we work hard on something we can get much more than we would expect.


Hello dear friends

There is a persian proverb that is said:
You do goodness & give it to the river, The Lord give it back to you in a Wildniss.


I am totaly agree with you concerning “the law of increased returns”. And you`re absolutely right for focusing our attention on how we type, as I think the writting is an art, and we should and at the same time we must dedicate some hours more for improving it or simply learning it. I thank you so important topic.
Best regards

P. S. I`d like to know where I make mistakes.


Hello everybody Ireaally admire the concept of the law of increased returns and Iwould like to apply it in many sides of my life. Thanks alot to torsten for showing this important idea.


Hi Mr Torsen

I am very great to learn one more terms about the law of increased returns, that means what is no pay no gain equality.



Hello dear Torsten, all teachers and learners.
Yes, I agree with you that there is a link between (the law of increasing returns) and others abilities to use the date machine, because I did that since many years ago. Now I can type many languages without looking at the keyboard, allthought I am still practicing in order to improve my speed in typing.

Best regards.


Dear Torsten Daerr,
Thank you for you e-mail!
Yes, I have heard something common about this low but a little different.
The information is very useful. I will do your advices about typing properly.
I think that I need to learn more.

Best regards,


No more to say. I can just say that’s the basis for whom want to go ahead.
Wa S.



It may be true, you can share your thoughts still more effective if you type properly without typo.

Being worked as a purchaser, I know what are the challenges i am facing while communicating… so I need to learn more. Please help me.



Dear All,

Let me share what I am thinking about the thread with you in a frank manner. I believe that, the law of increasing returns is easily applied to many aspect of the life as Torsten has stated in his last mail.

Judging from my life experience including preparing a master thesis recently ended, I can easily agree with the idea of having ability of writing messages or a document without looking at keyboard can produce some good results including saving times and giving enthusiasm to writing or creating some written documents.

Having touched on such a delicate issue, I would also say that having this sort of ability is not something that could be obtained by just a few minutes; it could take more than a month study. So, it could be better for us to learn how to improve this ability and maybe the onus would be on Torsten to show the best way.

By the way, as I have done at every return, I would like to send my best wishes to my greatest friend Kitos.

Best regards,