Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


The law of increased returns wants you to be patient as much as you can in order not to lose what you already invested. Time is required to achieve your goals.


Hi Torsten

I don’t agree with you. Sorry for that.

I used to study typing without glance for 6 months. I was typing every day not less than 1,5 hour.
My speed is only 18-20 words a minute. In everyday life I don’t need to type.Why do I need to spend my time for that? In my opinion, it is better for me to improve oral communication.

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Hi Rubina,

it is very simple, you have to type and time to time try to looking on your screan and continue with that with so less looking on keyboard!

In every case you will make some mistakes but it is ok, I am very sure over some period you will be making less and less mistakes!

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Hi, I’m trying to speed my typeing, I do need it for my college as well. Thanks for the e-mail.
The law of increasing it is working, I was impreased about the e-mail.
I did learn lots of new words from the forum.
I will try my best


Hi my co-learners,

I absolutely agree about the topic the
law of increasing returns. I do practicing and improving my typing skill because i’m not as expert like others who can type fast without looking their keyboard. Learning to type is an important thing because when you are good in typing you can easily increase your ability on making a neat paper works , you can response fast to the forum like this and most especially where ever you go this skill of yours really help you. Thats what we call the
law of increasing returns. When you really want to learn something it will increase your knoweledge in return. When you learn new things you get something more in return.
Another i believe about the
law of increasing returns is doing things for the good of others without expecting something in return from them. Also when you voluntarily help others.
Without expecting someday your good deeds to your fellowman you will be blessed and it will be doubled in return…

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Hello everybody, I am sorry if I write my comment about “the law of increasing returns” with grammatically incorrect. In my opinion, this phrase is useful for us as language learner especially foreign language learner like me. We share ideas through this forum and unconsciously we get more than me expects for examples friends, free teachers, and authentic materials.

Hope for your attention to check my writing above

many thanks


Dear Torsten,

I actually learned typing course before. I agreed with you whatever we had learned, that skill is never wasted instead we can use it through life as long as we live. Thank you for encouraging me to persevere in learning English. Never give up.

Catherine Tan


Hi Alan,

The month of May story is very significant to people of those days. These days less people are observing ancient practices and lost touch of history. I enjoyed reading and learning about it.

I like Spring where flowers bloom everywhere with their beauty and colors beyond description.

Thank you.

Catherine Tan


Hello Torsten. It was good that I knew typing before you sent that newsletter or else I would have become too anxious. Speaking of the speed I can type about 70 - 80 wpm though sometimes it goes to 65 but not below that.


That is really great, that “law increasing return” works, but if you made a mistakes, you could get nothing, losing a lot. For example, about the same harvest: sometimes there is no rain, so all the plants will die. Or a farmer didn’t buy a special herbicide, and some bugs ate all the crops.
So, as for me, I understand, that “law increasing return” it is only a myth for some people to teach them to be honest and generous.
Concerning typing and studying at all, I must note, that it is really important for everyone and will be useful in the most unbelieveable situations.
So let’s study all of us!


First, thank you Torsten for opening this topic for discussion here. I looked for the same topic but they were all about business. In fact, most religions have this concept may in another name. I’m sure anyone spends few minutes thinking of his life will find himself got big ammount of increased returns even he’ve never heard or learnt about this universal law.

Typing properly is liked to increasing returns without any doubt. It’s your key to save time and gain more at home, in your job, to entertain, etc, especially for ESL learners, we feel disappointment if we wrote even one letter wrongly. Typing properly should be self-learning, it doesn’t need school or coach and internet is full of different kind of free applications help to schedule your training. The problem is with our brains, we are suffering of many problems and trying to coexist with them the rest of our life instead of spending a little bit of our days to solve these problem and increase our returns which are our achievements and more. I’m one of those who can’t type without looking at keyboard, it’s shame and we have to work on it. I hope to start right now but lack of time is our huge problem.

Finally, the main issue making people don’t have time or suffering any problem for a long time is that we don’t have the art of prioritization. Honest eye for our past, good plans and strong well will make successful and reproducer generation able to face challenges whatever they were. :slight_smile:


I completely agree to the topic “The Law of Increasing Returns”. It can be experienced in many ways in our day today life be it be personal or profesional.
By profession I am software engg. I can remeber by school days when I was not able to type properly.I have to search fo rthe keys before typing a word & now just by seeing at the monitor I can type with a good speed.
Your posts are always good & worth reading.
Thanks for sharing you valuable thoughts.



I love Torsten’s newsletters, they are very interesting. about recent case i must say that i believe increasing returns certainly, cause it can be seen every day and every’s a wonderful law.


I don’t have a clear idea wether there is a close connection between the so-called “law of increased returns” and “skills of typing on the key bord” , but all what i know is that to reach to the peak of succes you are not in a dire need of perfect typing skills , you can ask for some one’s assisstance ,like office assisstant to do the whole tiring work.


Hi Torsten !
I am enjoyed reading you E-mails and you are write about typing in English I 'll do my best to that better thank you very much , I would say that I Have faild many times to record my voice in our forum I don’t know why …Have a good day


it was good to receive the new lesson early,it is very true that the more you give,the more you will get in return.I think that when i write i am able to express clearly than when i speak.i don’t have a good command over this language that’s why i don’t have a good fluency when i speak but with your lessons i hope to be able to speak more fluently. thankyou .


Thank you Torsten!

It is very interesting topic about speeding-up of the work on a computer by acceleration of typing. I learnt this secret out about three years ago and I thought then that my speed of typing is sufficient for my work.

At that time I’ve noticed that my eyes became tired soon as I needed to see on the buttons of a keyboard but considered that they are not so tired to the end of the working day for learning touch-typing. Moreover, I considered my speed as comparable with the one of others who could typing without looking at the keyboard and who used all ten fingers. (of course, I’ve used only two fingers for typing - one forefinger on each hand)

The way of learning typing by all fingers is the another funny story.

So, I support you in your intention to give such a useful skill!!!



i think this law is surely will happen in our daily live, and this is one of my experience of the law of increasing returns is really works
a week ago my friend owed my money, he would pay a bill by transfer bank but he has no credit left in his bank account, without thinking any more I just borrowed him my money via bank transfer, and then 3 days passed he had sick at a hospital so I just willing to not billed him to repay his debt to me, surprisingly in the next 4 days my boss in office set me to go in next town for deputized him in business relationship n give my a lot number of extra wages to me

thanks god


Thank you for your message. I have been thinking about it and you are absolutely right. There is a law of incresaing returns during your life. What you do is extremely important and you should be aware of your acts, every single moment. Behave properly and help other people without expecting anything. Easy or difficult? I don’t know, it depends on the situation and circumstances. Anyway, typing is a very neccesary skill, I did not learn it at school, unfortunately because nowadays, you must be very skillful if you want to be successful. Have a nice day!


Hi torsten !
I do believe in the ‘law of increasing return’.And the mail had really opened my eyes .Now I have decided to invest my time for harvesting more and to belong to the small minority of people who have learned how to set and achieve their goals.
In fact, once i had given up after i made an attempt for 2 days.
So i can completely relate to your saying that changing habits and investing time for future is a challenge.
Now, to make me cut above the others and to bag my carreer goals.I will do it sure!