Connection between the law of increasing returns and proper typing?


Hi Torsten!
Here in Brazil we have the a similar expression: “A Lei do Eterno Retorno”, which means exactly the same thing described on your e-mail.
I belive in it. So, I always try doing good things and I really feel good because of this!
Best regards from Brazil,


I think there is such a connection.
In other words, who learns proper typing spends some time (some people say 20 hours, others 40 hours) but he/she learns it for a life time and gets a lot of benefit from it. I agree. It’s similar to learning how to swim or how to ride a bicycle.
I don’t know proper typing :((
The truth is that I tried to type faster and without looking to the keyboard, two times, 10 minutes each time, and then I quit.
The typing program asked me to type different words over and over again and I know that this is a matter of routine and there’s no other way, so I guess I wasn’t determined enough.
I find learning English easier than typing properly. But I’d like to type fast. Maybe I should try again, possibly using a different program, less boring :))


I will try to type whitout looging to the heyboard and I will look for a program to help me.
I don’t know to spell in english, instead understand very well what I read and I listen.
I want to learn english for an international test, I want to go at master study in Germany but in english language.
Thanks for interesting topics, that you sent via email.
PS: Please corect my mistakes.


I will try to type without looking at the keyboard and I will look for a program to help me.
I can’t spell well in English, but I understand very well what I read and hear.
I want to learn English for an international test, as I want to follow a Master Degree course in Germany, but in the English language.
Thanks for the interesting topics that you sent via email.
PS: Please correct my mistakes.


Wonderful reply. Thanks.