Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


Dera collegues,
hope you are fine and living with peace.
Kindly i want to learn english but very past if you can help me abut in this process and i want to learn conversation and writing and lesoning
i am weaiting to your help.
have you full attantion and cooperation


Managing a group of people who have different personalities and abilities is not an easy task. As humanS we ARE used to judgING others at first sight. Once people start to be suspicious about your personality and behavior they are no longer following you. Therefore, in my perspective, for someone to be successful as a group leader he/she must have a cretin CERTAIN qualities and skills.

One of them is excellent communication skill. Leaders must learn how to listen to their employees. By doing so, they will ensure that they do understand the instructions very well. One good way to insure that someone had understood what you HAVE said is by letting ASKING them TO repeat everything in their own words.
For example, you can tell them simply (so what you are saying is…). This method will help you to avoid many misunderstandingS.

In addition, a good leader must learn how to inspire others. Inspiring others is a great way to get their support and GET them TO fOllow you in any direction you may take. Besides, a good organizational skill is essential for a leader. They must learn and teach other group memberS how to organize their time. Also, being fair to whomever you are dealing with will help in making otherS respect you. For example, if you delegate work to others you must ensure that you are scrupulous in allocating pleasant and unpleasant tasks evenly.

Democracy, of course, is one of the most IMPORTANT characteristics of an effective leader. Opening up to people and sharing with them the problems that you are facing, and listening to their RESPONSES and advice will help you to overcome any difficulties in a short time.

In summAry, it may seem hard to take the responsibility of leading groups of people in our modern world. Yet, it’s not impossible. thing. Good communicationAL skillS, being an inspiration to others, organizational skill and democracy is all THAT it takeS for someone to be a perfect leader.


still confuse how to do, how to starting


Hi Tom your accent is very good,smooth and warm
take care-bonga


HI My name abdulahi I from Somalia but I live in USA when I see this web. I like very much and I would like to say tome

thank you and everey students.have nice day


i am kenny studying in russia but desire to have a change of school to finland and i will be taking my toefl exams on 30-01-2011.i think the listening and speaking section will be a challenge to me because of the differences in British and American english and all my life i have been used o british english because of the colonisation of my country(NIGERIA) by the British…i need lot of assistance because time is no longer on my side.i will appreciate every assistance rendered by any kind hearted individual.



guy pls i’m preparing for toefl test where can i get all the things i need for the test and also sat


subscribe to the last comment…


i am studenet of adult literacy skills .so i have problem in writing articles how can i improve?


i am a mature student and i wont to go back to school! I have to take TOEFL test on march but i am writing this and i am recording my voice bc i think is funny listening to your voice and of course it gives me the opportunity to practice


thank you for email


hi m new, can i ask some question?


Of course you can, Soleimani.


Hi there, this Dima.
I have to take TOEFL ibt very soon and I have failed passing the 26 speaking score 8 times now. The highest one I’ve get was 23 :frowning:
I am so depressed because I have no clue about how to pass it. By the way, I am not speaking english most of the time. Is anyone interesred in practicing toefl speaking questions with me. I will be more than happy, we can practice via skypee. Please let me know.


Hi this is Atul from Rapiur, India .I am planning to give Toefl after 15 days. I really need a friend who can assist me in Speaking section for scoring good marks. If anyone is planning toefl exam, we can prepare speaking section together, consequently more chance for good marks.I am affixing my Email ID any body are interested, please inform me by mail.

We can prepare it by Gtalk. please mail me if anyone like my suggestion.

I am waiting for your reply.


Hello Dima

I am atul From Raipur, India. I read your post and wants to help you in Toefl ibt.I am also planning for Toefl within 15 days. By gtalk we can prepare for speaking section in a better way.

Please contact me


I need a practice partner if you’re interested please email me at


hello, everyone , I am a Chinese, junior students on physics, and I am gonna take the toefl test in June, anyone interested in physics? (OK, I want to improve my spoken English, but, anyway, I like physics, and hope to find friends here^_^ )


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

There are quite a lot of qualities that ideal marriage partner should have. One of the most important is an ability to communicate. When you are getting married you choose the partner for life. And you should be really happy with your time together.

The next vital thing is an ability and desire to make a compromise. All people are very different and individual so you can’t agree with each other all the time. However if you are ready to make a compromise it is not a problem.

Though the most important quality is love. If the partners love each other they will be happy in spite of all other good or bad qualities.

Thank you.