Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


Hi there,

A really awesome feature of the forums here - and one I don’t think members are taking nearly as much advantage of as they should - is the “record voice message” utility.

Listen to my own recording attached to this post to hear how I think this can help you combine your writing AND speaking preparation.

You can also see an example of how I’ve put this into effect myself here:

Example essay in response to this topic

All the best,

~ Jason

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your comments and for spreading the word about our site. It is greatly appreciated. Let’s hope that loads of people listen to you.

Best wishes,



That’s a really good idea)
But first of all I need to buy the new microphone)


Hi Jason
Yeah, your correct. I will agree with you.
Thanks for your advice.


Hi Jason,

Hey, Tom Kane checking in from the States. Thanks so much for your kind words about our site. I couldn’t agree with you more!

The on-line forum and voice recorder is a wonderful tool. Hopefully, as more and more people around the world discover it, will become the most popular ESL wesbite in the world.

Thanks again, Jason!



Wow, Tom your accent and rhythm in talking is really warm and smooth.


Hello Mixmixi,

What a nice message! Thank you very much for your post! I appreciate it a great deal.

So tell me, where are you located?



Actually Tom, I am a new learner, I am Iranian (a harmless one) and living in Tehran.



Hey Mixmixi,

You’re also funny! I’m certain that most Iranians are harmless, and probably very nice. So where did you learn to write English so well? Do you have a mic to post a recorded message on the forum?

So tell me about yourself. What do you do in Iran? Do you work, go to school?



Thank you Tom, yes I have a microphone and I usually use it to record my voice on the forum. Ok, If I want to introduce myself to you, I can tell you that I have graduated in civil engineering a few days ago! and I am preparing myself for the TOEFL iBT exam, I am planning to leave my country, you know, because the situations here are not stable for people and especially the students in the last few months and everyone knows that it could be even worst.



Hello Tom and everyone else, My name is Akshath, I am an Indian student studying in Saudi Arabia. I’m in lat few months of grade 12 and i’m planning to do my TOELF exams. i have registered for March 27th. Well’s its great to be here, a lot practice test, and i hope to get some revision and a brush up in my Speaking. anyways, hoping for a positive reply


Hi Akshath,

How are you? Thanks so much for your note! Well, based on your written message and your recorded message, I bet that you will pass the TOEFL exam with ease! Where did you learn to speak so well and how long have you been studying English?

So, what are you studying in Saudi Arabia? Write back when you have time.

Take care,



will u please see my progress and disiede wether i can pass the Toefl or not as i applied in one of universities in K.S.A for master degree where they ask for Toefl certificate…


I need your help.
I take my TOEFL tomorrow and I’ve just seen that I have to sign a “photo-file form” but I don’t know what it is. Help me please !!!


I need help I’m studing for the TKT and phonics is my headache What should I do ?


Hello everyone. My name is Teodor and I’m studying in a school of Economics and Management in my town. I’m at 11th grade. I want to study abroad,for instance in Denmark - Copenhagen Business School , because the education there is free of charge for students from Europa. Two weeks ago I have finished my TOEFL course which was 3 months. I think I made good progress but I feel like I’m not yet prepared for it. The recording tool is an awesome advantage. I’m really going to take advantage of it and with your help I will make it. This is a great forum.


Hello, everyone.myself Meghagan, I am indian staying in United State.Just prepareing for TOEFL.I have started prepareing since last month yet not prepared.But trying hard for it.I liked the forum.I wanted to study in US,so I have to give the exam.


hello Tom
wow you speak english fluently and in a nice pronounciation
please Tom I hope you my friend


need help I’m studing for the TKT and phonics is my headache What should I do ?


Dear Mr Alan
Even though I lived in America, I did not improve my listening and speaking. I do not know why? Could you help me out to slove this problem. Thank you so much.