Combine your writing and speaking preparation for TOEFL iBT


My level is upper-intermidiate and I want to find somebody who prepares for TOEFL too.I think it will be helpful for both. We can speak by Skype. It is my Email


Hi! Could you tell me how you plan to co-practice? I’m kindly the same level as you. I’m preparing to retake TOEFL iBT. In my opinion, learning speaking course books & speaking after VOA speakers are enough. I want to study with you, but I don’t see a point in your suggestion.
Please let me know your point of view. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, everyone I am Jimmy Wang from China, I am going to have my TOEFL test this Sat, I’ve only been here for almost one week. That’s pretty short isn’t it. I’ve never used the RECORD function before. Kitosdad helps me revise my essay a lot, I really appreciate his help.


I am sorry I cannot record my voice maybe because of the Internet limitation in China, but I can hear everybody~


ya i larn writing speaking please give me information



sir please guide me as am not good at essay writing , and have no one to check and corrct me so please check my essay sir…than you so much ,
yes i definitely agree with the fact that parents are the best teachers ,Well it is said that home is child’s first school and parents his first teacher infact the best ones the reason behind this are many which a child realise as moves on with his life and meet new people learn new things then he realise that truly and definitely parents are the best teachers, from the very first day a child opens his eyes the first one to hold him is mother and then may be till the age of 20 a mother and father protects and prevents the child from all odds and teach him all the very minute to very major things of life including how to talk ,? how to walk ? how to eat ? how to read ? how to behave infront of a stranger what to say what not to say …whats right and whats wrong these are few small and basic things which a child learn from his family or rather say parents .
school,s /colleges focus only on academic and intellectual growth of child , they are not concerned with other aspects which are also important and also they just fulfill there duty by telling the child, but they are least concerned about how much he has learned whereas in case of parents they make sure that whatever there child is learning is proper and perfect for this they wont mind explaining this even for thousnd times because they are that concerned whereas teachers outside will never do this.
mother will never express her dissapointment or grief if child is not grasping something still she will keep showering her love and will keep telling him how to improve,father also they might seem to be little hard from outside but wheen it comes to his child he can do anything just for the sake of his happiness and he just want the best for his child and hence at times he even scold his child for not doing anything correcly, there is always lot of concern behind every scolding / resentment of parents because they want there child to be perfect on the contrary any other teacher will and can never take such pains.hence parents are considered as the best teach


Hi, Hienoncemore. Thank you for your advise. Can you tell more precise about method which can help us more efficiency.

Best wishes for you


hi, I also have same situation with you. We will contact, and to speak by internet someday. Also it will help us to improve our strategy of test. That is nice idea. I have an yahoo ID. Please give me Yahoo ID. Also I will get Skype ID and will give you as soon as possible.


Hello Nehak,

I am also going to take TOEFL test after a month.

I have read your essay, you have very good ideas but you need to structure them. I wrote an essay on the same topic you can read it here ARE PARENTS BEST TEACHERS?


Hello Slava, I have added you to my skype contacts list. I hope that we will have chance to meet and speak online by skype.


Hi Slava,
I prepare for the TOEFL, too. I have to improve my writing and speaking skills therefore your suggestion sounds very well!! When will you take the TOEFL?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!!
Cyra Aimee


Hello everyone… I am giving my toefl on 14th of august I would be thankful if u can give me some guidance in the writing section and also the speaking section…


please check my essay and let me know. Actually I am preparing for my test where I have to write why am I choosing this course?

Why do you want to study Nutrition?
The word Nutrition means the nutrients from the food we get in our daily bases . We all human beings need nutrition for our long livity. As we know that healthy body lives in healthy mind. The baseline of the Nutrition is respectively we all require nutrient from a food which we intake in good amount of quality or quantity. The nutrients we get from our food for our trillions of cells in our body to function well. Each of the cells has to work and need a balance nutrients so that we are healthy by our body and soul. If we are not getting a limited amount or balanced nutrients for our body then we are suffering from insomnia, headache ,irritability ,poor concentration,bodyache,tiredness and etc.
I am personally very bad in taking a healthy diet so I suffer more than anyone here in this earth. Let me tell you that I mostly suffer from headache, stomachache, bloating, body ache, toothache, gums bleeding, brittle nails, dry skin, and finger pain so my husband often says me that you have every pain of this world. I know that I am having all these because of my unhealthy diet. I love eating junk food and I am survive on eating all those processed and packaged food with loads of sugars. I love eating cakes, pasteries, chocolates, coffee and carbonated drink.
I have choosen Nutrition as my career because I really need to get rid of these habit and be healthy by mind and body. By studying Nutrition I’ll apply practically the principles of Nutrition on me so that I live healthy. Secondly, I’ll love to help those people who are just suffering like me. I’lll give them awareness of Nutrition how can Nutrition can affect on each life and it can change there life by just following the principle of Nutrition. I am soo excited for a change which I am taking in my life. I have a full faith that I’ll love this change and would love to pursue this change forever and ever.


Hi can anyone check my speaking here if I post my record here ?
please inform me.


Sure, just post your recording and we’ll give you our feedback on it.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Country scene[YSaerTTEW443543]


Hello Mohamed Mire

Absolutely, I’m Very Happy To Be Member Of This helpful site ,and I’m willing to improve my English very fast in few days

Thanks Your Overwhelming Support

in Mogadishu-somalia


dear all,

Really i need help to improve my writting skills.


goal you have pursuit in your life


what is the goal of your life,

would you please check this out for me? thank you


i need help. i wwant to study english so well. and iwant to study on abroad,could you help me .